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Follow us on our blog and discover the work that goes on behind the scenes as we continue to develop and improve our flagship product, DropMock. With DropMock, we do all the work so you don’t have to when creating your professional, high-quality mockups for your marketing. Read on to discover more.

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How to turn your IG Reel into six other pieces of contentRecently, I have been creating IG reel content and repurposing it across my social media profiles. Repurposing content is taking something you've already posted and diversifying it into other versions of the content, with the same message. For example... Turning Video into Audio. Turning Audio into Video. Turning Video into a Post. Turning a Post… Continue Reading
What to do if an ideal client says “no”Let's say you recently got on a strategy/complimentary/introductory call with a potential client. (read this blog post to learn about those types of calls) The potential client showed a genuine interest in you & your coaching offer/package. They were prompt at showing up for your scheduled call and got all of their relevant questions answered.… Continue Reading
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How to turn your LIVE stream into a podcast episodeRepurposing your social media content is a wise decision to make for your marketing strategy. Repurposing content allows you to... - Save Time & Energy - Create Less, Share More - Reach Ideal Clients/Customers Across Different Platforms If you've created & shared a fantastic piece of content, why not share it in as many different… Continue Reading
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