10 helpful apps for entrepreneurs to grow their business

As a busy entrepreneur, I’m sure you’re willing to implement new tools, strategies and apps that can help save you time, energy, money and effort!

In this blog post, I’m going to share with you ten apps I have on my phone and use the most for growing my business online!

I genuinely don’t know what I would do if I didn’t utilize these apps! I would highly recommend you download the ones that stand out as a potential asset for your business!


– I’m super loyal to this creative platform. This is where you can design graphics of every shape, size & style! Even if you’re a beginner to design & branding, you’ll be able to utilize the platform with ease.


– I design both Facebook & Instagram stories with this app. They have pre-made templates that make it quick & easy to create content for your stories that look professional & consistent with your brand.


– This is a video editing app that I prefer over the iMOVIE mobile app. I use it to quickly trim my content to a shorter duration, to add music, text or logos. I film most of my video content on my phone anyway, so having an editor readily available that I can upload to straight from my camera roll saves a good deal of time.


– This is the platform I use to edit my social media photos. I store my purchased presets in the app which allows me to keep my social media content consistent. If you want to adjust lighting, fix shadows, raise color tones (ex..) this is a reliable platform to utilize!


– This is a booking software perfect for service based businesses. You can send people your calendar link to easily set up appointments, calls, interviews (ex…). No more going back & forth trying to pick the best date & time for you both to talk. They can choose based on your visible calendar availability and it’s automatically put onto your work schedule.


– This is a second photo editing software I would recommend. You can upload pictures directly from your camera roll & and make your necessary background, facial or lighting changes. It’s definitely more basic than the light room app, but still good to have.


– I use this app to create podcast previews for both social media feeds & stories! You can trim your audio content into smaller clips to promote a full episode. The preview can be designed in multiple ways with colors and fonts that match your branding.


– You can create a second phone number for free that people can reach out to you at. Then using this app, any call information or left voicemails from callers will be added here for easy access.


– You can use Google Calendar to easily plug in your upcoming deadlines, events, calls (ex…) & get regular reminders about your schedule! As you get into a workflow, it’s nice to hear the notification chime & be reminded of what you have planned. If you purchase the Calendly software as mentioned above, it will connect with your Google Calendar to keep things efficient. It’s like having a personal receptionist to keep you on track!


– I use this app to record podcast episodes away from an official setup. If there’s a message I want to share and save for later or I need to create content before a deadline, I can quickly & effectively use this built-in microphone & simply save the recording to my phone.

What is one of your favorite apps for professional use?

Will you be adding any of these to your phone? Let me know in the comments below!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene