2020 Business Marketing Trends

Hey friends!

Are you ready for the new decade? We are days away from 2020 and I don’t know about you, but I have a strong feeling that this is going to be the year that our brands & businesses rock n’ roll! Of course, that’ll only happen if we are willing to put our heads down & do the work!

In this blog post, I am sharing with you the 2020 marketing trends you need to be aware of. You don’t want to be left in the dust, so take something I share here & run full-steam ahead with it going into 2020.

Trend 1.) Voice & Video

– People are listening to 85-90% of a single podcast episode. You have thirty minute episode? Chances are your listeners will be tuning in for over twenty minutes! That’s pretty cool. There is plenty of room for you to join in on this trend! People need to hear your message and who doesn’t love being able to multi-task while learning & growing at the same time? That’s what your listeners are going to be doing, multi-tasking while listening in to your content. You can read more about podcasting here.

As for video, if you truly want to establish the know, like & trust factor, you need to decide what video platforms (YouTube, IGTV, Tik-Tok, IG Stories ex…) you are going to post on multiple times a week. Record value for your audience to establish an authentic friendship with them. You can read more about video here.

Trend 2.) Higher Value Opt-Ins

– Checklists & one-pagers are becoming a thing of the past. They have their time & place, they can still get you a few email addresses, but have you noticed that many, many leaders are giving away courses that they originally sold for hundreds of dollars? Masterminds, courses and books are being used as higher value opt-ins because the value, scaleability & potential profit of having an email list for your brand or business is HUGE.

Trend 3.) Conversational Marketing

– Gary Vee has been hyping up text message marketing & text bots for awhile. It’s first big boom has already happened, but it’s only going to keep growing! The open rates and click-through rates for this type of marketing is even higher than email marketing! Think of it this way, everyone has their phone on hand. People are so much more likely to read a message and click on a link once a notification pops up on their home screen. Plus, it has that personal factor of “hey look, so-and-so just texted me! How cool! I wonder what’s up.” You can find different third-party platforms/apps that can help get you started. You can even start with simply setting up your automatic replies on your Facebook Business Page!

Trend 4.) Influencer Marketing

– You know how Instagram has been removing vanity metrics such as likes and comments? Well, in 2020 there will continue to be a major shift away from perfectly curated feeds and vanity metrics for influencers, brands & business alike. People want to know you, the real human you. They want you to be an authentic friend with them and be willing to share your every day real life.

We’ll also have to share more consistently with our audience. Specifically, when it comes to selling & campaigns. Long go the days of sharing about a product or service three or four times and completely selling out. With how much content people are consuming these days, we’ll need to share about what we offer or what we’re promoting over ten times before a potential client or customer’s lightbulb switch will even go off in their head to slap down their money for it.

Trend 5.) Multi-channel Approach

– If you are a solopreneur, the more your content is being seen, shared or saved, the more you are building a brand or business that is known, liked & trusted. Even Gary Vee is saying that the people who will win are the ones who are putting out the most valuable, consistent content. If you stick to a content plan, you will be able to be successful on multiple different platforms in ways that will help you to grow. You can read more about creating a content strategy here.

I hope this blog post was inspiring & insightful for you!

What’s your marketing game-plan for 2020? Let me know in the comments below!

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Madyson Greene

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