3 Apps to Grow Your Business on Social Media - DropMock Blog

3 Apps To Grow Your Business

3 Apps to Grow Your Business on Social Media - DropMock Blog


Thanks to our smartphone – we’re able to grow our business & create content wherever, whenever! 👏 I have several apps on my phone specific for building my personal brand/business. Here are three of my favorites and why I believe you should have them downloaded too. ️

1.) WhenToPost

I have this app connected to my Instagram account and it calculates when my followers are most active! This allows me to have an advantage on posting when my audience is most engaged and consuming content. It’ll give you the best days of the week to post and even better – the exact times for each individual day of the week!

2.) Canva

Literally a no brainer download for anyone trying to grow online. To this day, I am still shocked that this is a free app because it provides so much VALUE! You can create content in just minutes with the app on your phone and instantly download your design to your camera roll to share on social media. Awesome!

3.) YT Studio

This stand for “YouTube Studio,” and allows you to add your custom thumbnails, reply to comments, check out analytics and work on your channel without having to pull out your laptop! I just recently downloaded this app as I’m about to use YouTube for my business more and it’s been super convenient!

Download one, two or even all three of these apps to see the tremendous value that I’m talking about!

Your Friend,
Madyson Greene