3 content categories for your social media posts

When you break it down, the reason we post on social media is so we can connect with potential clients or customers and of course, to continue building a relationship with the friends already in our communities.

Knowing that social media content is vital to our business’ impact & income, we need to be consistent with creating posts that focus on both credibility & connection.

In this blog post, I am going to share with you three content categories you can turn to when you are lacking creativity or feeling overwhelmed with what to post.

Category 1: Entertain

– You want to make your reader feel a certain way. Entertaining content could have the goal of making your people smile, laugh or even cry! When you tell personal stories like how you started your business or what your family did over the weekend, that falls under this category. Creating entertaining content helps to build connection & relatability with your audience.

Category 2: Empower

– Make your people feel extra special! An easy example of empowering content is motivational quotes because they push the reader to think differently or take action in their life. Client testimonials or customer reviews will also empower other members in your community to work with or buy from you.

Category 3: Educate

– You are the teacher and your readers are here to learn from you! What do you know how to do that could benefit your ideal customers or clients? Can you film a tutorial video? Is there a step-by-step process you follow? Can you respond to a frequently asked question?

Next time you are feeling uncertain about that to post on social media, turn to one of these categories for inspiration.

Encourage your readers to ENGAGE with your content regardless of what category the theme of your post falls under. (There’s an example below actually!) This could be reminding them to leave a comment, share with their friends, click the link in your bio (ex…)

I would love if you leave a comment below sharing your biggest takeaway from this blog post.

Your friend,
Madyson Greene