3 reasons people will buy from or work with you

As business owners & the CEO of our brands, our top priority should be to reach more people.

When we reach more people, our brand grows.

When our brand grows, we have more ideal customers or clients hearing about our products or services.

When ideal customers or clients hear about our offers, they could become a paying customer or client.

When we have a paying customer or client, our business grows.

In this blog post, we will cover a list of three reasons why people will decide to buy from or work with you.

Reason One: You make it easy

– The less steps & stress the better. You want an ideal customer or client to have an easy path from point A to point B. They shouldn’t have to ask questions or get frustrated just trying to buy your product or book your service. How can you make it easier for them? How can you save them some time and effort? You don’t want them clicking out of your site because it was too complicated for them to figure out what they should buy or how to even buy it. How can you make it easier on them so it’s better for you?

Reason Two: They’re experiences with you

– You want an ideal customer or client to be a big fan of who you are & what you do. The experiences they have with you, whether that’s by watching your video, reading your blog, listening to your podcast or heck, even having a conversation with you in a DM – all matter to the ideal customer or client’s decision to buy from or work with you. You want them to have real good, positive experiences when they interact with your brand! The more personal you are, the more connected they will feel to you. If they feel connected to you, they’ll trust you. If they trust you, they’ll pay you.

Reason Three: The value you offer

– People will buy products or book services that will make their life better. What will make them choose you over your competition is the value they get from purchasing from or working with you and not them. When people can see the benefit of your product or service & why other customers or clients have loved buying from or working with you, it motivates them to want to follow the crowd and have a similar experience with the feelings to match. What are the benefits of your product or service? What makes it different? Why does it matter? Why should they have it? Tell them about the benefits and then show them the value.

Why else do you think someone who would choose to buy from or work with one person over another?

What have your clients/customers said about what helped them decide to buy from or work with you?

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