3 things to do when you are looking for a business coach

Are you considering hiring a business coach? Perhaps for the first time?

This is an exciting next step in your professional growth as an entrepreneur. It’s also a big decision!

Hiring a business coach will be a financial, time & energetic commitment from you.

You’ll want to make the best, responsible decision for your growth and hire the coach that can actually help you, not just think they can help you.

In this blog post, we’ll be sharing 3 things to do when you are looking for a business coach.

1.) Create & present a list of wanted results & coach expectations

– Why do you want to hire a coach? What results do you want to achieve in your business?

Example: I want to hire a business coach to challenge my work ethic.
Example: I want to achieve booking two new clients.

Write a list of what you are looking for so that you are able to find the best coach for the role. This will also be a helpful asset to have on your side when you contact/get on a call with your potential coach because you are able to navigate the conversation and ask questions to him/her to figure out if they can help you achieve what is on your list. It gives you more control & confidence during the conversation!

2.) Only get on a discovery call with a potential coach you are already interested in working with

– Why waste your time and his/her time? Just because a coach suggests getting on a call for farther conversation and to pitch their official offer, doesn’t mean you have to yes. I wouldn’t leave people hoping or hanging if you’ve already made up your mind about them. I think it is better to be direct about if you do or don’t see potential in a coach/client relationship. Only get on that video call together if you are genuinely interested in working with the coach and want to hear more them & how they can help your business grow.

3.) Don’t say yes right away

– You don’t have to say yes during the written conversation (like text or email) just like you don’t have to say yes during the verbal conversation (video call) either. Hiring a coach is a big decision and it’s literally going to require you to give your hard earned money in exchange for somebody else’s value. Even if they ask you what you want to do, let the coach know that you are going to take time & sleep on your decision to commit or not. Some of them may not like this approach and if they have a problem with you wanting to do this right for you, then they might not be the right coach for you. I recently told a coach that I was going to reach back out to him at the end of the week with my final decision on if I would like to work together right now or not. I appreciated his acceptance of that decision! That got him an extra point in my book. Even if the coaching proposition is a great deal and it feels right, it could be part of the marketing ploys and it could be because of the environment that you’re currently in. I would sincerely walk away from the call and see how you feel about it tomorrow. If it is the right coach, it’ll probably still feel like that tomorrow too.


Have you ever hired a business coach before? What made you decide to work with them?

Do you want to hire your first business coach? What is stopping you? Were these helpful suggestions?

Producing Proud People,
Madyson Greene