5 myths about video you need to stop believing

Are you stopping yourself from hitting record on your video camera because of any of these following myths?

Using video in your marketing strategy is a highly effective way to build know, like & trust with your audience.

In this blog post, we want to help you eliminate your excuses and push you to film a video for your business.

5 Myths About Video You Need To Stop Believing…

Myth 1: I have to buy expensive equipment.

– Bigger and better camera, audio & lighting equipment is a luxury, not a necessity. You’re thinking too far into the future of your business! We need to focus on the here & now. If you have a smartphone, a laptop that connects to the internet & a few windows in your house – that’s exactly what you need to get started! There’s nothing wrong with ring lights, lapel mics or excellent quality cameras. There is a problem with wanting to be an elite professional before you’ve taken the first initial steps as a beginner. Start where you are, with what you have & then make the investment into bigger and better equipment once you have proved you’re serious.

Myth 2: I have to have a pretty office.

– You need a room with four walls and a window or two at best. People are watching your content for the education or entertainment value you are providing to them. Not because your office is pink or blue or has posters on the walls or plants at the door! You can change up locations, camera angles or props to keep your video content fresh & engaging, but you definitely don’t need a perfectly put together room. Just move the laundry off the bed, plop yourself in front of the camera and start talking to your people.

Myth 3: I have to get dressed up.

– You have to be you! Video is a way for you to best connect with ideal customers or clients. You wouldn’t want the people who follow you online to feel like they met a complete stranger if they met you offline! You wear what you are most comfortable in. If it’s a video to promote a product or service, maybe wear favorite office outfit. If you are going LIVE to chat about a funny story that happened at the store and you’re still in your gym clothes, trust me, your audience wants to see that side of you too!

Myth 4: I have to film video content everyday.

– If you are a beginner to filming video, I would set a goal to make two videos a week. Perhaps at the start and end of every work week, Monday and Friday. You can increase the amount of times you film content or go LIVE after you have been successful with that routine. If you start to want to publish more consistent video content, you can batch film a few videos at once and save them to post later that week or month. You don’t have to film everyday, but create a strategy for how you are going to create videos in advance.

Myth 5: I have to have a large following.

– Quite the opposite! I would say you start creating video content so that you can grow a bigger following! Let people get to know, like & trust you. Share your knowledge & experience with the world. The more value you put out, the more value you’ll get back. (Seriously, it’s the law of reciprocity) You don’t need 10,000 followers. You need to serve the 100 you have well.

What myth has been holding you back from using video in your marketing strategy?

Your friend,
Madyson Greene