6 Tips For A Better Social Video Strategy

Hello friends! Today I want to share with you some advice for your social video content.

I totally understand that when you’re first starting out & trying to build your personal brand or business, that there can be so much noise and you can easily feel overwhelmed.

My hope is that this blog post is easy for you to follow-along with so that you aren’t overwhelmed in the slightest but know exactly how you can improve your social video content & strategy.

1.) Remember, shareable content runs on emotion.
– The first ten seconds of a video is a crucial time to draw someone in & play on their emotions. If you’re going to share a video to Facebook & you want that content to be re-shared to bring awareness to your brand or business, you have to understand your audience well enough to know what will capture their attention & play on their emotions the best. I personally love Ben Lionel Scott’s motivational videos. Whenever I watch his videos, I have goosebumps running up my arms because my emotions are so drawn into his content. That is the type of feel you want to create!

2.) People want in on the conversation.
– People want to feel at home in the walls of your business or that they have a place in your personal brand online. You can have your audience interact through comments, private/public Facebook groups, put out polls or have them send in questions for Q&A’s! I’ve even asked my audience for their help in choosing product designs! So if you have a new product or service coming out soon, ask your people for their feedback!

3.) Keep them wanting more!
– Put out teaser photos & video clips about new projects, products or services that you’re working on behind the scenes! This will keep your audience actively engaged on social media because they want to see/hear about the end result!

4.) Remember the search engines!
– Don’t forget how important SEO, Titles & Tags if you want to show up in search results!

5.) Track Your Analytics
– This is crucial to your success online! Analytics give you a social advantage on your audience. You can understand what content of yours is doing really well on specific platforms & what content isn’t. You can come up with a better strategy & game plan when you can see the overall big picture.

6.) Ask yourself, “is this the type of content I’d want to consume myself?”
– If you want your ideal client to engage with the content you’re producing, you need to put yourself in their shoes. If you were scrolling on Instagram would you take the time to read this caption? Does this picture or video capture your attention? Would you re-share this particular piece of content? Would you want to see more of this?

I hope these tips help you continue to build a brand & business that you love.

Your Friend,
Madyson Greene