6 ways to engage with content on social media

Even if you aren’t going to buy from or work with someone you follow online, you can still support who they are and what they do by engaging with the content that they create and share on social media.

It’s a free, quick and helpful way to say “I’m cheering you on” even if I’m not your ideal client/customer.

Getting engagement from followers is important for an accounts’ growth online.

Listed below are six ways you can engage with content on social media to help your favorite accounts make more of an impact and income from their corner of the internet.

1.) LIKE

– This is the traditional, common way to support a piece of content someone has shared online. You’re pretty much saying “I like this. Post more like this.”


– When you take the time to write a thought on someone’s post, it helps to nurture the relationship you have with them. It’s like giving them a virtual high five. You might be commenting about how much you love what they shared, you might be asking a question about the content or even saying whether you agree/disagree (in a respectful way). Comments get a conversation going!


– If you really loved a piece of content, whether it was a photo, video or graphic – share it for your friends to see too! They could be educated or entertained by it same as you were. They could also find value or comfort in that piece of content from so-and-so. You can share someone’s content to your feed/timeline, to your stories or even to someone privately in messages.

4.) SAVE

– Want to read that post from so-and-so again later on? You can save a post to a collection on your Instagram profile to refer back to for information/inspiration. When you save a creators content, it’s like saying “what you said here really resonated with me. I want to learn more about this. I like the style of this post.”

5.) VIEW

– If you are more of a private social media user and don’t necessarily show your support for content through likes, comments and shares for the public eye to potentially see – even watching or reading a piece of content is a way to show your support. For example, if there is an IG reel – watch it! Give the creator another view on their count! Choose to view someone’s post and read their caption! You can bring it up the next time y’all are having a conversation in person.


– A creator might put out a poll, ask a question or ask for suggestions about something in particular. Social media is suppose to be social….so go on ahead vote on their poll, provide an answer to their question or a suggestion to help their search. This will get you connected to who the person is, not just what they do.


How do you usually engage with content on social media?

Is there a new engagement action you’d like to use to show your support to accounts you follow & content you love?

What platform do you like to hang out on & engage with the most?

Producing Proud People,
Madyson Greene