DropMock Blog - 7 Easy Steps to be More Confident on Video

7 Easy Steps To Be More Confident On Video!

DropMock Blog - 7 Easy Steps to be More Confident on Video

Want to know how you can be more confident on video?
Keep reading because I’m going to share with you 7 easy steps to do exactly that.


1.) Practice whenever, wherever!

You can practice your video skills using Insta-Stories, Live Steam Practice Groups or even by filming yourself and watching it afterwards. I have also found it super helpful to practice my public speaking & communication skills by reading books, poems or tongue-twisters out loud!



2.) Study Other People.

Success leaves clues! Watch TedTalks, Motivational Speakers or your favorite content creators to see how they structure their videos, how fast/slow they talk, their hand gestures, etc.



3.) Make a list of your “bad habits.”

You’ll want to make sure when you’re critiquing yourself, that you’re also telling yourself what you did right. If you tend to say “um” in a video, make sure you also tell yourself one thing that you did right in the video! By making a list of my bad habits on camera, I’ve been able to not only overcome them, but learn to watch out for them while filming.



4.) Be in a good mood!

No one wants to watch a video when you aren’t enthusiastic about the content you’re sharing! Personally, I know I’m in my best video filming mood early on in the day – so I choose to film then. Do some self-exploration to determine when it’s best for you to film videos or what things can instantly put you in the right frame of mind. For me that’s watching a motivational video or putting on my favorite music!



5.) Structure an outline before you record.

Create a bullet-point outline of what you’re going to share in your video. Have an intro, the central content and an outro. This is super helpful for longer length YouTube Videos, IGTV Videos or Live Streams!



6.) Have Patience!

Give yourself some grace and a pat on the back. Filming videos takes a lot of time, energy and confidence. If you make a mistake, remind yourself that you’re human and it’s bound to happen. Just two weeks ago I had filmed an amazing video about 20 minutes in length and accidentally deleted that video before I had a chance to post it. It was so frustrating! But, I gave myself some grace & some patience and ended up refilming the video.



7.) Always remember, you can edit it out.

Thanks to technology, you don’t have to restart the filming process if you make a silly mistake or stumble over your words. You can take a breath and restart the sentence and pick up where you left off. All you have to do is edit the mistake out and no one will even know!


Start implementing these seven tips if you want to boost your confidence on camera! The better you are on video, the higher chance your brand/business can stand out in the crowd!

Your Friend,
Madyson Greene