7 Ways DropMock Can Help Your Business

In the United States alone there are 28.8 million small businesses, according to the U.S Small Business Administration. Communities & families across the country rely heavily on small businesses success!

Online entrepreneurship is rising in popularity year after year. With relatively low start-up costs and a broad reach potential thanks to social media, it’s no surprise that small businesses are being started with the power of the internet.

In this blog post we want to talk to business owners who want to leverage in on the power of the internet, video & social media.

Here are seven ways DropMock can help your online business succeed.

1.) DropMock never lets you settle

– Our DropMock platform has a wide range of content capabilities! You don’t have to settle for the same type of video templates day after day. Go back and forth between HD Video, Vertical Video for IGTV content, Canvas Facebook Video Headers & more!

2.) DropMock provides consistent, fresh content
– We have an incredible team of men and women who create consistent, fresh content for a new release every single month! You’ll always have fresh templates to create with for your brand or business.

3.) DropMock makes it easy
– You can use our premade templates to create an engaging video for social media to promote your business, brand, product or service. You can grab your audiences’ attention about something specific that will drive up engagement and inspire them to take action in some way.

4.) DropMock saves you time
– Long go the days of hours of video production & editing for a simple social media post. Because of our premade video templates all you have to do is “Choose it, Create it, Save it & Share it!” You’ll have a finished project within minutes of adding your own text & images to a video template.

5.) DropMock shows you support
– We have the best support team in the history of support teams! Led by our friend Martin, you can always bring up questions, comments or concerns by contacting support@dropmock.com

6.) DropMock keeps you connected
– You can be apart of our growing DropMock community by joining our Facebook Group! This is a great way for you to stay connected and create new friendships with people in business. We share daily content and go live on a weekly basis so that you don’t have to walk the online business road alone!

7.) DropMock is constantly improving
– We are here to serve you! In fact, we are currently working on releasing “DropMock Mainstream” very, very soon! It’s a better version of the current DropMock site. We listened to you and are so excited to show it to you once it’s complete.

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Your Friend,
Madyson Greene