How to make a professional Gmail signature

Are you working towards making your brand or business an extra level of credible, professional and personable?

Earlier this week while I was corresponding with an upcoming DropMock podcast special guest, I realized the end of her emails ended with a professional headshot & links to her website and social media profiles.

It looked amazing so I decided to create my own Gmail email signature as well!

In this blog post, I am going to show you the simple steps for how I did it. If this has been on your mind to do for awhile, take fast action because it’s pretty easy to set up but truly looks fantastic!

Step 1: Open up your Gmail inbox

Step 2: Look in the top righthand corner for the gear icon

Step 3: Click on settings

Step 4: Stay in the general tab & scroll down close to the end of the page

Step 5: Find the area that says “signature”

Step 6: Make sure you’ve selected “signature” instead of the “no signature” option

Step 7: Use the center text box to create a unique, professional signature

Step 8: You can add a headshot, text and even clickable links

Step 9: Scroll to the bottom of the same page and click on “save changes”

Step 10: Compose a new email to test what your signature looks like

Here are a few helpful tips that I would like to mention…

1.) Make your signature photograph consistent with your brand! Whatever photo you use on social media would be a best option for this!

2.) Don’t include more than two clickable links. These links will turn bright blue & it won’t look as professional the more you have in your signature.

3.) I wouldn’t advise putting all of your social media links in the signature. An example of this would be,,, Choose only one or two that you want to focus on! There’s just not enough space for every single link! I chose to include my website my Instagram username.

I hope this blog post is super helpful & that you’re able to create a unique signature that fits your brand or business!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene

Five Live-Stream Content Ideas

Are you running out of creative content ideas for your Facebook or Instagram LIVE videos?

In this blog post, we are giving you five fresh topic ideas for your next live stream.

Time to get out of that creative rut!

Content Idea One: Promote your product or service with a client testimonial or special guest

– If you want to change up how you promote, share a client review or even better, bring on a past client or customer who can talk all about your product or service and the experience they had with your business!

Content Idea Two: Recommend books or podcasts that your audience should check out

– Take a few minutes and share with your audience what you’ve been reading or listening to! This is a personal way to build connection! Even better, you can tie in that they should buy your book or listen to your podcast!

Content Idea Three: Share a valuable life building lesson

– What has life or business been teaching you lately? Do you remember a lesson from your childhood that could inspire your audience? Build that know, like & trust factor by sharing something that’s special to the man or woman that you’ve become!

Content Idea Four: Tell them your best tips on a specific topic

– What topic do you know quite a bit about? What topic have you recently learned something on? Share about it with your community! How can you relate it back to your brand or business?

Content Idea Five: Show a trial or tutorial

– Can you show your audience how to use one of your products or how to book one of your services? It’s been shown that people are more likely to buy a product if it’s recommended by a friend or if they’ve seen a video all about it! Show off, it’s powerful!

Feeling inspired again?

Now quiet on the set because you’re going live!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene

An epic 2020 personal development reading list

Hey friends!

Welcome to the New Year. Happy 2020!

Jamie & I have loved seeing your comments about your 2020 theme words! It’s so cool to see the DropMock community declaring what they want their life & business to look like this year!

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve chosen the word “experience” & Jamie has chosen “elevate!”

In this blog post, I wanted to share with you my 2020 reading list. These are the books I want to read during the first half of this year!

Currently, I’m reading….“Can’t Hurt Me” and I have never felt so many emotions through reading before. It’s been a really unique experience and I haven’t been able to put it down! It’s intense but extremely inspiring & equipping.

The other books I’m excited to read in 2020 are…

1.) The Big Leap By: Gay Hendricks

2.) The Psychology Of Winning By: Denis Waitley

3.) The Underdog Advantage By: Dean Graziosi

4.) Atomic Habits By: James Clear

5.) The Slight Edge By: Jeff Olson

6.) The 4-Hour Work Week By: Tim Ferriss

7.) Get Out Of Your Own Way By: Dave Hollis

That’s my current 2020 reading list. I’m sure it’ll continue to grow!

What’s on your reading list for the year? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene

2020 Business Marketing Trends

Hey friends!

Are you ready for the new decade? We are days away from 2020 and I don’t know about you, but I have a strong feeling that this is going to be the year that our brands & businesses rock n’ roll! Of course, that’ll only happen if we are willing to put our heads down & do the work!

In this blog post, I am sharing with you the 2020 marketing trends you need to be aware of. You don’t want to be left in the dust, so take something I share here & run full-steam ahead with it going into 2020.

Trend 1.) Voice & Video

– People are listening to 85-90% of a single podcast episode. You have thirty minute episode? Chances are your listeners will be tuning in for over twenty minutes! That’s pretty cool. There is plenty of room for you to join in on this trend! People need to hear your message and who doesn’t love being able to multi-task while learning & growing at the same time? That’s what your listeners are going to be doing, multi-tasking while listening in to your content. You can read more about podcasting here.

As for video, if you truly want to establish the know, like & trust factor, you need to decide what video platforms (YouTube, IGTV, Tik-Tok, IG Stories ex…) you are going to post on multiple times a week. Record value for your audience to establish an authentic friendship with them. You can read more about video here.

Trend 2.) Higher Value Opt-Ins

– Checklists & one-pagers are becoming a thing of the past. They have their time & place, they can still get you a few email addresses, but have you noticed that many, many leaders are giving away courses that they originally sold for hundreds of dollars? Masterminds, courses and books are being used as higher value opt-ins because the value, scaleability & potential profit of having an email list for your brand or business is HUGE.

Trend 3.) Conversational Marketing

– Gary Vee has been hyping up text message marketing & text bots for awhile. It’s first big boom has already happened, but it’s only going to keep growing! The open rates and click-through rates for this type of marketing is even higher than email marketing! Think of it this way, everyone has their phone on hand. People are so much more likely to read a message and click on a link once a notification pops up on their home screen. Plus, it has that personal factor of “hey look, so-and-so just texted me! How cool! I wonder what’s up.” You can find different third-party platforms/apps that can help get you started. You can even start with simply setting up your automatic replies on your Facebook Business Page!

Trend 4.) Influencer Marketing

– You know how Instagram has been removing vanity metrics such as likes and comments? Well, in 2020 there will continue to be a major shift away from perfectly curated feeds and vanity metrics for influencers, brands & business alike. People want to know you, the real human you. They want you to be an authentic friend with them and be willing to share your every day real life.

We’ll also have to share more consistently with our audience. Specifically, when it comes to selling & campaigns. Long go the days of sharing about a product or service three or four times and completely selling out. With how much content people are consuming these days, we’ll need to share about what we offer or what we’re promoting over ten times before a potential client or customer’s lightbulb switch will even go off in their head to slap down their money for it.

Trend 5.) Multi-channel Approach

– If you are a solopreneur, the more your content is being seen, shared or saved, the more you are building a brand or business that is known, liked & trusted. Even Gary Vee is saying that the people who will win are the ones who are putting out the most valuable, consistent content. If you stick to a content plan, you will be able to be successful on multiple different platforms in ways that will help you to grow. You can read more about creating a content strategy here.

I hope this blog post was inspiring & insightful for you!

What’s your marketing game-plan for 2020? Let me know in the comments below!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene


How to use the DropMock Holiday Templates

A few days ago, our DropMock team released this years 2019 holiday templates!

You’ll love these creative, unique & very festive designs!

Keep reading this blog post to find out how you can use these templates this season!

1.) Christmas Magic

– Use this magical template to wish your audience a happy holiday & to share your favorite seasonal traditions with them!

2.) Snow Fall

– Use this scenic template to announce winners of a Holiday giveaway or to share information about an upcoming Christmas party!

3.) New Year’s Magic

– Use this upbeat & cheerful video to inspire your audience for the New Year & get them excited about buying your products or booking your services this time of year!

4.) My Vision Board

– Our DropMock CEO, Jamie Ohler, LOVES this template. It sets the mood for an intentional & productive 2020!

5.) Christmas Party Invite

– Are you hosting a party? Is your work office or a family friend? Use this template to make them a video promoting their Christmas party! Include all the information from who, what, where & when!

6.) New Year’s Eve Neon Party

– Hype your friends & family up for an epic New Year’s party by using this video template to encourage them to come!

Which template will you be using first?

Your friend,
Madyson Greene

The purpose behind the IMVirtual Summit

Coming up from December 13th-15th, the first ever IMVirtual Summit is officially happening.

This event is being put on by DropMock, OneSoci & VideoRemix and is sponsored by JVZoo.

After months of behind-the-scenes work, this incredible project is ready to rock n’ roll!

We are so excited to share the IMVirtual Summit with you.

You’ve been buying the products, using the software & engaging with all of us for years.

Now it’s our time to deliver value & give back to you!

That’s our goal with this one-of-a-kind event, we want you to feel invested into & absolutely inspired.

We have over twenty of the top marketers & entrepreneurs participating in the IMVirtual Summit!

You’ll have the opportunity to hear from people including Laura Casselman, Todd Gross, Peter Sage, Mike Filsaime, Matt Bush, Ivana Bosnjak & so many more!

Tickets for this all-online, life-changing event are on sale now.

This event is all about value. That’s why we’ve specifically requested that no selling is allowed from our speakers. We don’t want to sell you, we want to serve you over this weekend!

It’s going to be an amazing opportunity for you to be coached on topics including email marketing, networking, growing your small business, personal success stories, social media marketing and so much more.

The best part, the tickets are set at a budget-friendly price!

You’ll be able to skyrocket your personal & professional growth with proven results from top marketers & entrepreneurs at the IMVirtualSummit.

We even have a VIP ticket that when purchased, gives you access to a live after-party networking event and guarantees you will receive recordings of every speech so you don’t miss out on any speaker sessions.

Can’t forget to mention the incredible speaker bundles that are available! Think of these as “goodie bags” with special prizes from each speaker! You’ll be receiving access to software & trainings with a combined worth of over $9,000+!

If you’re excited & ready to attend the IMVirtual Summit, learn more & grab your ticket before they’re gone!

Attend the event:

Your friend,
Madyson Greene

A life lesson from Shark Tank Investor: Daymond John

Jamie & I went to see Shark Tank Investor, Daymond John speak at a local event.

We learned about his top S.H.A.R.K success secrets & how he started a successful fashion company from his mother’s living room.

You can watch this video to learn more about who Daymond is.

There is one key point from his keynote that I need to let you know about.

Pitching, doesn’t only happen in the Shark Tank.

You are pitching & selling yourself every day.

Think about this.

What you wear, is saying something about yourself to the people in a store.

The people you’re hanging out with on Friday night, coveys a message about who you are.

These days, the things you’re tweeting & posting about on social media, is more than likely going to be looked at by potential employers or investors!

You are pitching who you are & what you do, everywhere you go!

A future investment deal or career opportunity could be jeopardized by the everyday choices we choose to make today.

Let’s use good judgement and make smart choices that sets our personal AND professional life up for sustainable success!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene

How to repurpose your social media content

Are you struggling when it comes to sharing your content with the world?

Do you get overwhelmed with all the platforms there are to post on?

Are you lost with where & what to share?

Not to worry! In this DropMock Blog Post, I am going to share with you my best advice for repurposing content for social media.

First off, what you have to know about the people who have content coming out left & right, 24-7 – like Gary Vee or Mel Robbins is they have a team. It would be close to impossible for them to produce on such a high level on their own.

For many of us, we are solopreneurs. Meaning, it’s just us. We have a small team. For that reason, we have to be intentional about how we create & share online content so that we can deliver value across multiple platforms without burning out or wasting time, energy or money.

As a business owner myself, I’ve been strategizing and testing how I can do this for myself. I’ve found a way that works super well for me and I’m going to walk you through the step-by-step process below.

Step 1: Write a Blog Post

– Head over to your blog and write about a specific topic. This article is going to be your “script” heading into step number two.

Step 2: Go LIVE on Facebook & Instagram

– Use the blog post you recently wrote as your topic. Take the keypoints from the blog post & talk about them intentionally & professionally on a live stream! I would also encourage you to practice before you go live too, because this live stream is not for fun, it’s for business. We’re going to be sharing it across multiple platforms, including YouTube, so you want it to be great quality!

Step 3: Download the Video Content off of Facebook

– Make sure you use your own Facebook account/profile when you go live on your business page. Only the person who went live is able to download it straight off of Facebook. (At least the easy way!) Take the downloaded video & upload it into your preferred video editor. This isn’t 100% necessary, but if you wanted to take something out, add special text, intro or outro’s – this is the time to do it.

Step 4: Share the Video Content to YouTube & IGTV

– After your editing is finished, head over to Canva & design a video thumbnail for YouTube (1280×720) & IGTV. (1080×1680) From there, upload the video to both platforms. I recently discovered that you CAN upload horizontal video to IGTV (as you may remember from this blog post, it’s made for vertical video content) and it surprisingly looks good! It won’t take up the viewers entire screen and the area surrounding the video won’t be filled, but I still have great views & watch time. It doesn’t seem to be a bother so don’t allow it to stop you!

Step 5: Create a Promo Video/Text Post

– You have two choices. You can upload a photo just like any other post on Facebook & Instagram and caption it with content that is relevant to the blog post/uploaded videos. Your call to action could be “click the link in my bio to read the blog post for yourself!” or “find out more on my YouTube Channel’s latest video.” Your other choice does require more steps, but it’s super awesome. What you’ll do is use a video editor and take less than a 60 second video clip from your live stream. Add music to the backround, use the KeyNote feature/app to design a backround and share that inspiring piece of video content as a post on social.

Step 6: Share the Blog Post to Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Instagram Stories.

– Take your blog post & share it with the world! Make sure your audience sees that you wrote something new. Share it to your Facebook business page, upload a new pin & create a thumbnail for it on Pinterest, share it on LinkedIn & make sure to add it to your Instagram Stories with a link in your profile.

Step 7: Tweet about your new video or blog post.

– I’m new to twitter, but it’s another great place to share your thoughts. I go to Canva & design a twitter post card that includes the new blog post announcement & title. It makes it look better when you post the link in your tweet!

Step 8: Download the audio file from your LIVE video & upload it as a podcast.

– I’m still in the consideration part of adding this to my content routine or not. If I were to add this step, I would want to make sure I don’t say “live,” “recorded” or reply to anybody’s questions/comments during the live stream filming because it would affect the podcast audio. We want to give the appearance that we are everywhere all the time with our content, the audience doesn’t need to know that it’s “reused!”

Step 9: Send an email to your list about your new content.
– Talk to your email friends! Let them know what’s happening. This message will head straight to their inbox – right to the source! Share all the links with them while giving them a great message.

Step 10: Celebrate all that you accomplished and then repeat over and over again!

Now, not all of these steps need to be done in one day! I break it up throughout the work week so that I have new content coming out across platforms every day. For example, I write the blog post on Mondays, go LIVE & upload the videos on Tuesday’s, (ex…). Find a schedule that works best for you!

I hope this blog post is super helpful and that the advice helps you create a brand or business that you absolutely love!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene

The three things you can do to become a better leader

Do you dream of becoming a better leader in your industry?

It’s not enough to simple WANT to be a better leader. You have to know WHY becoming a better leader is important to you in the first place.

Is your why so you can prove yourself better than John at work? That’s probably not the best motivator.

But, if your why is so you can serve your office at a higher level of performance, you’ve got yourself a winning mindset there.

Today, I want to share with you three helpful, tangible pieces of advice that you can start implementing today.

Become an incredible leader doesn’t happen overnight. You have to be willing to put in the consistent action to form the character & practices of an influential leader.

1.) Master your emotional awareness

– As leader, you will have to handle challenging people and difficult situations. It’s incredible vital to the success of your team, that you learn how to effectively deal with your emotions.

Emotions typically work in a three tier pattern. Your feelings will inform your thoughts, your thoughts will create behaviors and your behaviors will reinforce your feelings. This is why so many people battle with nasty habits or addictions. It’s an endless cycle if you don’t step in & put in the hard work to properly understand & recognize your emotions.

You can start becoming more emotionally aware by asking yourself some of these questions…

– What am I feeling in this moment?
– What would it be like to not react to this?
– Why am I giving this situation/person/place so much power over my reaction & mood?
– Do I need to do some more investigating into this before I respond or decide?

2.) Invest in your personal growth

– You must invest into yourself before you can even think of investing into others! Be sure you are practicing what you preach as a leader. People will want to follow someone who is authentic, committed & growing.

Here are a few ways you can invest into yourself as a leader.

– Attend a conference or workshop.
– Join your local chamber of commerce and attend networking events.
– Listen to a podcast or TedTalk.
– Hire a personal coach.

3.) Become incredibly decisive

– I love when influential leaders are able to make a decision, when the shot needs to be called. No stalling, hesitation or reluctancy. Being able to trust your gut & make the choice regardless of how much information you may or may not have, is an incredibly valuable trait. Leaders should be able to handle the outcome of a decision, even the consequences if they did end up making the wrong call.

To be more decisive in your everyday life, here a couple suggestions.

– When a colleague comes up to you with a question or suggestion, don’t make him wait for your decision. Make a choice right then and there. Be prepared to handle the outcome of your call with professionalism.

– Are you waiting to decide what project to start next? Draw strips of paper out of a hat and be 100% committed to working on whatever idea you pull out of the drawing.

– Don’t wait for your spouse to make a decision about where he/she wants to go for dinner. Pick a place in your head and drive them there, no questions asked! Haha.

Do you have a favorite quote on the topic of leadership or a leader that you admire in your industry?

Share with us in the comments below!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene

The Business Podcasts You Need To Hear

Podcasts have quickly grown in popularity. I am a firm believer that podcasts are the new blogging.

I love listening to podcast episodes while I get ready for the day, drive around town or cook dinner. I’m able to learn something new or stay entertained without having to stare at my screen.

Right now, there are more than 700,000 active podcasts and more than 29 million podcast episodes, according to this article.

In this blog post, I want to share some business podcasts you could start listening to! You’ll learn a lot of valuable advice that can help you grow both personally and professionally!

1.) The Ed Mylett Show
– I have been addicted to this podcast since I first listened to an episode! If you want to hear inspiring stories, get motivated from an entrepreneur like Ed & of course, gain tremendous value – this is a great show to tune into.

2.) The School Of Greatness
– Hosted by former athlete Lewis Howes, this podcast is well worth listening to! He’s interviewed entrepreneurs, athletes, coaches and so many more. Noticeable interviewees have been; Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Julianne Hough, Rachel Hollis, Brendan Burchard and more!

3.) Rise
– Every single Rise episode gives you tangible advice for you to grow both personally and professionally. I am a loyal listener and would highly recommend!

4.) Entrepreneurs On Fire
– Exactly as it sounds, an entrepreneur interviews other success entrepreneurs to inspire all of us entrepreneurs!

5.) How I Built This
– If you want to know the how’s & why’s behind businesses, stories & products – Guy Raz hosts the show for you.

– We are super excited for this latest endeavor. The DropMock Business Podcast is coming out in September! Stay tuned!

What podcast have you been enjoying lately? Share it in the comments below!

Your Friend,
Madyson Greene