Positive replacements for successful entrepreneurs

It is no surprise that successful individuals do both life & business differently than the majority.

Successful individuals continuously invest into their personal & professional growth.

In this blog post, I want to share with you eight replacements you can start implementing to put yourself on a committed, positive path of growth that will improve both your life & business.

1.) Replace watching TV with watching online trainings

– Instead of binge watching Netflix in the evenings, start off by replacing an episode or two with a valuable online training. Have you bought a course that you haven’t finished? Now is a great time to work through the program. Is there a mentor that you love to learn from? Have you watched their recent content uploads? Is there a specific topic you want to learn more on? Now is a great time to educate yourself. I’m not saying you can’t watch Netflix. I’m saying be intentional with how much Netflix you are watching and choose to use some of your time more constructively.

2.) Replace listening to the news with listening to a podcast episode

– No news is good news! Turn off the drama, the fear & the uncertainty. We need you at your best if you want to increase both your impact & income! Let’s choose to listen to a podcast interview to get our day started instead of the reporters. I’ve seen a statistic that there are over 500,000 active podcasts on iTunes. I am sure you can find a host with content you enjoy! You can also listen to our DropMock Podcast here.

3.) Replace getting feedback from friends with getting support from a coach

– Though your friends may love & want to support you, they probably aren’t in the same industry that you are, they might not be committed to growth like you & they don’t know how to accomplish the type of goals that you have for your life & business. This is where a coach comes into play. You hire a coach to help you get where you want to go and become the person you want to be. Feedback from family & friends can have it’s place, but you will find more constructive help from hiring a coach personal to your goals.

4.) Replace working at your office desk with working outside on the patio

– As we’re busy building our online brands, we tend to stay in one place day after day! However, during the warm summer weather, I would encourage you to work on your porch. When it gets super hot in the afternoon, then you can move back to an indoor desk. You won’t mind being in the fresh air with beautiful scenery around working to create a life & business you love!

5.) Replace consuming social media content with creating social media content

– Now that you’re working towards building a strong online presence, you have to switch from being a consumer of social media to being a creator on social media. If you find yourself scrolling the platforms, make sure to determine if you’ve posted across social for the day or are you procrastinating on it and have you been engaging with the content you’re seeing, yes or no. It is important that you stay active online, but it must be constructive. Even if you’re scrolling somewhere like Instagram, make the effort to like the content, leave comments & share/save the posts.

6.) Replace working in your pajamas with freshening up in presentable attire

– Don’t be tempted to go back to bed when there are people counting on you to show up for your life & business today! A highlight of working from home is that you do get to be your own boss. You can totally wear comfy clothes if that’s what you want to rock. However, I will encourage you to take the intentional time to freshen up in a nice outfit more often than you stay in pajamas. It will help you stay focused on the day’s mission instead of on getting back in bed.

7.) Replace your envy of a high status individual with admiration for their success

– Do you find yourself constantly judging your content to a high status individual’s online? Are you comparing yourself as a business owner to their high status self? I believe that comparison can be a powerful tool to push us towards action. When we are envious of someone it is usually because we see they have something that we want in our own personal or professional life. I would encourage you to begin shifting your perspective towards gratitude that there is someone you look up to online & you could see yourself in their shoes with enough intentional action. Also, begin interacting with this person’s content. Leave comments, watch their videos, buy their programs (ex…). Use them as a mentor!

8.) Replace your overwhelm with a sense of clarity

– Take out a fresh sheet of paper & create a knock it out list for today & for this week. Create one for personal & one for professional use. No need to procrastinate because you feel overwhelmed. We can start developing a sense of clarity when we get smart about what demands our attention & effort.

Are you going to make a change using one of these listed replacements?

Let me know in the comments below which one you want to begin implementing!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene

How you can repurpose your video content

Repurposing your already created & published video content is a smart business decision.

There’s a high chance that not everyone in your community saw the content you posted on one platform & not everyone in your audience religiously follows you across all your platforms, so if you don’t diversify your content, it’s not going to get it’s best reach.

In this blog post, you’ll learn clever ways how you can repurpose your video content.

1.) Turn your YouTube Video into a Facebook Series

– If you have a tutorial video uploaded on your YouTube Channel, something like “5 steps to saving money,” you can clip each step down into five individual videos. Then share the new mini videos on your Facebook Business Page. Not everyone in your audience might want to watch a full YouTube video, but they might look forward to a shortened version that is straight to the content each day.

2.) Take a quote from your video & design a graphic

– What valuable statement, statistic or quote did you share in your YouTube video or LIVE stream? Take one that packs a punch & design an image mockup to share on your Instagram. You can even make a tweet with the same words too!

3.) Upload your LIVE Stream to your YouTube Channel

– LIVE streams on Facebook can be downloaded to your computer. I would encourage you to take that content and upload it as a full YouTube video on your channel.

4.) Strip the audio for your podcast

– You could take the audio from your recent video & use it as a podcast episode! If you aren’t a fan of the scripting of your video for the podcast, you can at least take the same topic & record the same material you discussed in the video.

5.) Create a blog post with reference to the video version

– You could either write the full video script out as a blog post on your site or bullet point the video highlights & embed a link to the video on your YouTube Channel for the readers to go & watch for further insight.

6.) Send it as content to your email list

– Using the same topic as the video, send out the information in an email format. You could link to the video if you want to increase your views or you can keep it written content.

Are you going to start diversifying your video content across platforms?

Your friend,
Madyson Greene

How to set up LinkTree for Social Media Success

LinkTree is a marketing tool that allows you to share multiple social media & website links under the umbrella of one.

In profile bio’s on Instagram for example, you are only given opportunity to share one URL link.

This sounds disappointing because what if you have many links, sites, profiles, pages (ex…) that you want available for your community to access, right?

I felt the same way until I discovered LinkTree.

The LinkTree software allows you to connect your audience to all of your content with just one link.

In this blog post, I am going to break down how LinkTree works & how you can set up your account to begin using.

Step 1) Go to https://linktr.ee/ and click the signup button in the top right corner.

2.) Create your account by providing the necessary information
3.) After filling out the information & clicking register, you will arrive at the get started page. Fill out your name how you want it displayed for your viewers & select the categories that resonate best with who you are & what you do.

4.) After filling out the name & category page, you will be asked to verify your email address before moving forward.

5.) ) This is your admin home screen for LinkTree. To begin adding your links, click on add new link.
6.) Even on a free LinkTree account, you can add unlimited links. As you connect your desired links, you will see they appear on the phone screen, just like how a viewer would see them.

7.) This is what you profile begins to look like for your viewers.

8.) If you click on settings in the dashboard, you will be able to change the back round color of your LinkTree & your profile photo for a professional branding look. On the free plan there are setting restrictions.

9.) The free settings page will look like this.
10.) Once you have your links & design decided on, copy your LinkTree link & paste it in your desired bio’s across social media platforms.

11.) Now you have a LinkTree account setup. When a viewers click on the LinkTree link in my IG bio for example, this is what they see & have access to!

Are you going to set up a LinkTree profile after this demonstration?

Let me know in the comments below!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene

3 content categories for your social media posts

When you break it down, the reason we post on social media is so we can connect with potential clients or customers and of course, to continue building a relationship with the friends already in our communities.

Knowing that social media content is vital to our business’ impact & income, we need to be consistent with creating posts that focus on both credibility & connection.

In this blog post, I am going to share with you three content categories you can turn to when you are lacking creativity or feeling overwhelmed with what to post.

Category 1: Entertain

– You want to make your reader feel a certain way. Entertaining content could have the goal of making your people smile, laugh or even cry! When you tell personal stories like how you started your business or what your family did over the weekend, that falls under this category. Creating entertaining content helps to build connection & relatability with your audience.

Category 2: Empower

– Make your people feel extra special! An easy example of empowering content is motivational quotes because they push the reader to think differently or take action in their life. Client testimonials or customer reviews will also empower other members in your community to work with or buy from you.

Category 3: Educate

– You are the teacher and your readers are here to learn from you! What do you know how to do that could benefit your ideal customers or clients? Can you film a tutorial video? Is there a step-by-step process you follow? Can you respond to a frequently asked question?

Next time you are feeling uncertain about that to post on social media, turn to one of these categories for inspiration.

Encourage your readers to ENGAGE with your content regardless of what category the theme of your post falls under. (There’s an example below actually!) This could be reminding them to leave a comment, share with their friends, click the link in your bio (ex…)

I would love if you leave a comment below sharing your biggest takeaway from this blog post.

Your friend,
Madyson Greene

5 ways you can improve your video content

Do you want to use the power of video to grow your business?


Video is a valuable asset for getting ideal customers & clients to know, like & trust you.

In this blog post, you’ll find five helpful tips you can implement to improve your video content.

1.) Look at the camera

– This is not the time to be concerned with external distractions! Your focus needs to be on the content you are creating. Imagine your ideal customer or client is standing in front of you. This is the two of you having a conversation about your chosen topic. Don’t be looking down at your shoes! Make eye contact & share your magic.

2.) Use the light

– It’s true, people like to look at pretty things! You will increase video views if the quality of your content is clear, bright, happy & inviting! If your setup looks like a dark dungeon, who do you think will stay & be inspired or educated from that kind of classroom? Find a space where the natural light is coming in through the window. You want to be facing that natural light, looking into the camera lens. Turn on the light in the room that you’re filming in. You could also invest in a ring light.


3.) Check your audio

– Turn your volume up & most importantly, speak with clarity & confidence! Do not downplay your knowledge, whisper your opinions or talk with your head tucked like a sad puppy. People need to hear what you have to say! Depending on your style of video, it might be a good idea to invest in a lapel mic. These are small microphones & clip onto your clothing & allow you to record your content hands free. If you will be close enough to your camera, it may not be necessary, but if it’s a distance shot it could be beneficial.


4.) Speak on your expertise

– Don’t pretend that you are someone that you aren’t! If you are a fitness coach, you probably don’t need to talk about taxes. If you’re a baker, you probably don’t need to talk about social media. Be confident in who you are & what you do. Speak on topics relevant to your business & the ideal customers or clients you are working to attract.

5.) Hook them in

– This is an area I am working to improve with my video content. With people’s attention span being short & consistent distractions coming up, we have to make an intentional effort to tell our viewers why they should continue watching our content. What is in it for them? Let’s cut the greetings & introductions down & focus more on sharing the subject to inspire or educate our audience.

Go film a video using these five helpful tips!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene

How to post a video on IGTV

IGTV is Instagram’s version of YouTube.

Specifically created with vertical video in mind, you are still able to upload horizontal video content as well.

Recently announced in the ability for content creators to make money on IGTV from ad’s, similar to YouTube.

Now would be a good time for you to begin publishing consistent video content to the platform & in this blog post, I am going to show you the exact steps to take to get your first piece of content uploaded.

Step 1: Make sure you have the IGTV app downloaded


Step 2: Click on the IGTV app. You will be took to a homepage.


Step 3: This is what the IGTV explore page looks like.


Step 4: This is what your IGTV profile looks like.


Step 5: This is what the three lines in the top right hand corner of your homepage looks like.


Step 6: Going back to your IGTV profile, click on the camera in the top left corner.


Step 7: Your camera will open & you will see your pretty face. You can choose to record a video directly from IGTV or you can click on your camera roll in the bottom left corner to upload content you have already filmed.


Step 8: Your camera roll will open & the videos that are “qualified” to go on IGTV will be available for selection. Choose the video you want to publish.


Step 9: Once the video is selected, click on the arrow in the bottom right corner.


Step 10: Choose or upload a cover for the selected video. Remember, the cover is what people will see & decide if they want to watch the content or not. I recommend using CANVA & designing a thumbnail.


Step 11: Once you’ve decided on a thumbnail, choose it from your camera roll.


Step 12: The next page will have you add in your video details, including a title & description. You can add it to a special series you’re doing to keep them organized if desired.


Step 13: Would highly recommend making sure you have selected “post a preview” that way your IGTV video shows up on your Instagram feed. This will improve your views! Adjust the crop of your thumbnail with the “edit profile cover” tab. Click post in the top right hand corner when finished.


Step 14: Your IGTV video will begin uploading & it might take longer depending on the length of your video. Remember, most of us have a ten minute max limit for our IGTV videos!


Step 15: Your video is published & visible on your IGTV & your Instagram feed.


Add hashtags to the comment section of your IGTV video


Step 16: Watch your own video & give yourself some darn credit for being so awesome!


Your friend,

Madyson Greene

How do I get more clients or customers?

Are you disappointed with your stagnant business results?

Do you want to increase your impact & income?

Create more demand for your products or services?

Have consistent clients or customers begging you to take their money?

In this blog post, we will be sharing valuable advice that when you apply, could sincerely help you go from stagnant to successful in your business.

Here’s how you can increase the amount of clients you work with or customers who buy from you.

1.) Pitch your offer AGAIN

– Do not worry if you’re posting about what you offer “to much” or that you’re being a “bother.”

People have such a short attention span, even though you posted about your offer 24 hours ago – they’ve already forgot!

People see so much content each day, there’s a chance they scrolled on by yours & didn’t even see you posted about an offer yesterday!

Current marketing statistics estimate it takes seeing your offer an average of 16 times before an ideal customer or client will make the final decision to buy.

Want more clients or customers? Make more valuable offers.

2.) Apply your childhood advice

– Were you ever out on the playground as a child when your Mother would say, “Go play now, go make a new friend?”

When did we stop taking this practical life advice? A huge component of business is building relationships!

We should make it a daily responsibility to connect with someone brand new. Could they become a potential customer or client? Totally. They could also present a valuable opportunity for you one day! Or simply become a genuine, supportive friend. Regardless of the outcome, we should take this childhood advice & go out of our way to connect with someone new.

You don’t need to go to a traditional networking event to make this happen. There are millions of people on Facebook. There are so many people you are mutual friends with! You can even message one of your current friends & ask them who they know that you should be connected with. We are walking & utilizing gold every day & sometimes we take that for granted or easily overlook the opportunity because of how “common” it’s become.

Make a new friend today.

3.) Shift your focus

– Too often, we focus on our desired outcome instead of the required process. We want the results without the work. Right now, you’re so focused on the outcome of getting more clients & customers, that you’re taking focus & energy away from the process that will actually create that result.

You’re also probably thinking of the customers & clients you don’t have, instead of the few that you do have or have had in the past. You’re giving off desperate vibes! People can absolutely feel that!

You need to move from desperation to consideration. Take the focus off of the clients or customers you think you need & switch to a focus on the potential customers or clients that you can genuinely serve & better their lives because of who you are & what you do. You should feel so confident in what you offer, that you feel obligated to let more people know about it & a pressure to get it in their hands!

4.) Create consistent content

– Do people know that you even exist?!

Make sure you are showing up as an industry expert on social media. Create valuable, informational posts, make sure you are going LIVE & filming videos for various platforms & are pitching yourself over & over again!

You can’t make mundane posts twice a week & expect people to come knocking at your door.

You need to convince them, through you content, why your door is the one they want to be knocking on!

If you found this post helpful & the ideas valuable, go ahead & share the content with your friends or leave us a comment below!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene

Listen to these interviews on the DropMock Podcast

At the beginning of the year, the DropMock Team decided to launch a company podcast as a new way to inspire & equip you with the inspiration & tools you need to create a life & business you love.

The podcast is an incredible asset for ambitious entrepreneurs. It’s important to consume the content that sets you up for success & our hope is that if you are working towards making more income & impact with your business, that this will be a show you listen to for guidance on how to make that happen.

We record & publish a new podcast episode or interview every week. The latest content is published on Friday’s!

You can find the DropMock Podcast on SoundCloud, iTunes or Spotify.

Listed below are the current available podcast interviews that you can listen to.

We’ve interviewed both men & women from many different industry’s & will continue to bring incredible people onto the show to help you grow as an ambitious entrepreneur.

Interview One: Chris Reynolds

– Chris is on a mission to help entrepreneurs and high-performers take their brain power, performance and productivity to the next level. He is the host of The Business Method Podcast, where he interviews high level entrepreneurs & high caliber people to help you scale your business rapidly.

In his interview, we talked about the four-hour work week, getting started with no other options, giving back, being productive & setting yourself up for success in 2020!

Listen to his interview here.

Interview Two: Anna Rova

– Anna Rova is a feminine embodiment coach & is on a mission to redefine what female success really is. Lately, Anna has been transitioning her coaching to help women give themselves permission to find fulfillment in their love & family life, not just in a masculine career.

In her interview we chat about how Anna became a coach coming from a marketing background, what’s really holding women back from finding true fulfillment these days, how men & women are different in life & the workplace & so much more!

Listen to her interview here.

Interview Three: Holly Gillen

– The episode to listen to if you want to level-up our businesses with the power of video!

Holly is known as the “go-to video gal” & teaches video development to high performing leading ladies who want to save time on both sides of the camera. She started working professionally in video in 2008 & has worked on projects for the SunDance Channel, HBO, Sony Music & Nick.com.

In her interview, Holly chats with us about the power of a strategy, what big video mistake we need to avoid, IGTV vs YouTube and what’s popular for video in 2020!

Listen to her interview here.

Interview Four: Parker Stevenson

– Parker is a managing partner at Evolved Finance, a bookkeeping & business education company that is dedicated to helping online entrepreneurs create profitable & healthy businesses.

Before joining Evolved Finance, Parker worked for Adidas, a US product manager, for a 50 million a year footwear category. Founded in 2010, Evolved Finance began as a small, boutique bookkeeping firm & is now the go-to financial team for some of the most successful online businesses in the industry.

If you want to show up better for your business’s financial health, listen to this conversation with Parker. We chat about the difference between bookkeeping & accounting, what a profit & loss statement is, how can we better prepare for tax season & more.

Listen to his interview here.

Interview Five: Jamar Diggs

– Jamar Diggs is the Founder and CEO of J Diggs Media, a social media consulting agency for coaches, consultants, and experts looking to turn their social media followers into paying clients. Through his strategy sessions and workshops, he’s inspiring clients to raise their business standards and work only with people who charge their batteries. People choose Jamar when they are tired of the hustle and are ready to build a magnetic social media strategy to get leads on autopilot.

We chat about why it’s important to have a social media strategy, what mistake he keeps seeing business owners making with their social content, why video is a valuable asset to growing your brand, how we can avoid being to “salesy” & so much more!

Listen to his interview here.

Interview Six: Bri Seeley

– Bri Seeley helps entrepreneurs build tailor made businesses to monetize their genius. She helps you transform into the entrepreneur you dream of becoming and truly grow your business.

Bri has trained close to 5000 people around the world, wrote a best selling book called Permission to Leap & hosts a podcast called Success Diaries.

She has been featured on the Today Show, Forbes, NBC, INC & Success magazine & more!

In her interview we chat about why so many entrepreneurs fail, what mistakes newbies make, why strategy & authenticity are vitally important to your success & what she’s learned on her journey of fashion designer to top ranked entrepreneur coach on Google.

Listen to her interview here.

Interview Seven: Jessica Thiefels

– Jessica believes in the power of organic content marketing. Her company is on a mission to help entrepreneurs create content that is tailored to their audience & educates potential customers, drives traffic to their site & positions them as an authority in their space.

If you want to know what organic content marketing even is, how you can improve your website traffic, how you can reduce marketing stress, if collecting leads is valuable to online success – don’t miss this conversation.

Listen to her interview here.

Interview Eight: Mike Goncalves

– Mike G is on a mission to make a global impact on the way small businesses & start-ups operate, grow & succeed.

His unique approach & high energy coaching helps build individual competencies that cultivates a purposeful, passion driven spirit within every person at an organization, helping them see their role in the company in entirely new ways.

This episode is such a powerful conversation about changing company culture & developing yourself as a leader!

Listen to his interview here.

Which interview will you listen to next? Let us know in the comments below!

Also, is there anyone you would like to recommend for the show? Someone you would like to hear from?

We would love to hear your suggestions!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene

Why people aren’t spending money with you & what you can do about it

If you aren’t making money from your products or services, then you currently have a hobby, not a business – YET.

In this blog post, we are covering why people aren’t spending money with you & what you can do about it.

If this is helpful for you, be sure to share it with your ambitious friends so they also can continue learning how to improve their life & business!

Ready to learn why people aren’t spending money on your products of services? Keep reading!

I cannot emphasize this upcoming point enough…

People are not afraid of spending money. They are afraid of wasting money.

Think about it this way…

If someone has an extra $200, they’re going to be spending it somewhere.

I would argue that the majority of the time, the average person is going to spend that money in the same, familiar place that they spent it the last time.

This could be why you see people consistently go back to Starbucks or to their favorite store. They are comfortable spending their hard earned money there because it has become a familiar place!

If you were to suggest to a person like this that they should take that said $200 this week & invest it into a social media manager, business coach, personal training sessions, monogrammed apparel (ex…) they start to get overwhelmed & anxious because taking that money & spending it in a new place is intimidating!

They start to wonder…

“Will this be wasting my money?”

“Am I going to get results?”

“Will this bring me happiness like the usual thing?”

This could be why people get cold feet about buying a product or service from you!

They are going to spend the money, no question about it.

It’s just where are they going to spend it & are they afraid of wasting it?

So as the business owner, your responsibility is to convince that ideal customer or client why they should transition their money & give it to you. Why they shouldn’t spend it on Starbucks or at their favorite store & spend it on your products or services instead.

You have to create trust & confidence that you can deliver positive results to them!

The more confident you are as the business owner with what you’re selling, the more confident your ideal customer or client will be with exchanging their hard-earned money for your product or service!

Here’s a powerful question to reflect on…

“How can you expect your ideal customer or client to trust you, if you don’t trust yourself?”

How can you expect your ideal customer or client to believe in your product or service if you don’t believe in your product or service?

You have to have the belief, confidence & trust with who you are & what you do if you want someone else to experience those feelings about your business too.

The content that you produce, how you write your copy, how often you pitch yourself, the people you introduce yourself to – ALL of this is easily affected by your own belief as a business owner in what you’re offering the world.

Nothing, in life or business, will affect our progress more than a negative mindset.

Keep this in mind this week & work on creating a strong belief in who you are & what you offer.

I hope you found this super valuable.

Be sure to share the post so the advice can reach more ambitious individuals!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene

The type of social media content that will grow your business

You’ve heard before that to grow an active online community & reliable customers/clients, you have to create a strong know, like & trust factor.

Your community has to KNOW who you are personally & professionally.

They have to LIKE who you are.

And they have to TRUST you & your product/service enough to exchange their hard earned money for it.

In this blog post, I want to chat about the two types of content you want to be creating for social media that will help accomplish the goal of growing a strong know, like & trust factor with your community.

The content that will grow your business because of the active online community & reliable customers/clients you’ve created can be called ” The Winning C’s. “

The first C is CREDIBILITY.

The second C is CONNECTION.

1.) Credibility Content

– You want to establish yourself as an authority figure in your industry! You need to believe that you are THE expert that people want to come to for the specific PROBLEM you SOLVE for them. Credibility content is about “showing off” the leader within you & what you do as a business owner on the professional side of things.

Credibility content could look like…

– Quotes that you’ve created
– Clips from your speaking engagements
– Photos with your coaches & mentors
– Client/customer testimonials/reviews
– Podcast, Radio, TV interview clips
– BTS of your work day

2.) Connection Content

– We’ve talked frequently about adding more of YOU to your business. That is what connection content is about! People want to know about the everyday man or woman behind the brand. Who are you when work is done for the day? What do you believe in? What are you standards? What do you like/dislike? Who do you spend your time with? What made you start this business?

Connection content could look like…

– Telling life lessons & business stories
– Life updates
– Photos with your family & friends
– Giving out reviews for your favorite companies to buy products from or coaches who’s services you’ve used
– Q&A videos, polls & contests
– BTS of your daily life

Which type of content do you have more or less of? You want to have a healthy balance between the two!

Remember, you want your ideal customers or clients to think…

I know this person.
I like this person.
I trust this person.

Be sure to share this blog post on Facebook if you found the advice valuable!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene