3 reasons people will buy from or work with you

As business owners & the CEO of our brands, our top priority should be to reach more people.

When we reach more people, our brand grows.

When our brand grows, we have more ideal customers or clients hearing about our products or services.

When ideal customers or clients hear about our offers, they could become a paying customer or client.

When we have a paying customer or client, our business grows.

In this blog post, we will cover a list of three reasons why people will decide to buy from or work with you.

Reason One: You make it easy

– The less steps & stress the better. You want an ideal customer or client to have an easy path from point A to point B. They shouldn’t have to ask questions or get frustrated just trying to buy your product or book your service. How can you make it easier for them? How can you save them some time and effort? You don’t want them clicking out of your site because it was too complicated for them to figure out what they should buy or how to even buy it. How can you make it easier on them so it’s better for you?

Reason Two: They’re experiences with you

– You want an ideal customer or client to be a big fan of who you are & what you do. The experiences they have with you, whether that’s by watching your video, reading your blog, listening to your podcast or heck, even having a conversation with you in a DM – all matter to the ideal customer or client’s decision to buy from or work with you. You want them to have real good, positive experiences when they interact with your brand! The more personal you are, the more connected they will feel to you. If they feel connected to you, they’ll trust you. If they trust you, they’ll pay you.

Reason Three: The value you offer

– People will buy products or book services that will make their life better. What will make them choose you over your competition is the value they get from purchasing from or working with you and not them. When people can see the benefit of your product or service & why other customers or clients have loved buying from or working with you, it motivates them to want to follow the crowd and have a similar experience with the feelings to match. What are the benefits of your product or service? What makes it different? Why does it matter? Why should they have it? Tell them about the benefits and then show them the value.

Why else do you think someone who would choose to buy from or work with one person over another?

What have your clients/customers said about what helped them decide to buy from or work with you?

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Your friend,
Madyson Greene

3 Video Mistakes You’re Making

Video is “the way to go” to get known, seen & heard online.

If you’re reading this blog post, you probably (hopefully!) want to improve the video content you’re sharing online & stop making mistakes that could be hurting your growth.

There is always room for improvement in business and we are going to take the next best step at identifying and correcting how our video content can be an asset for our brand’s success.

1.) You aren’t being the expert

– How can you possible expect anyone else to take you seriously, if you don’t see yourself as an industry leader first? How do you expect an ideal customer or client to trust you, if you don’t even trust yourself? When you get on video, consider it your time to shine a light to the viewers saying “I am the real deal!” You want to send a message that you value who you are & what you do – then they will see that too!

You’ll want to provide educational, entertaining & consistently engaging content for your ideal person. This’ll require you to show up as an expert for the topics relevant to your industry. For example, if you’re a real estate agent, you need to see yourself as the “go-to” guy or gal for helping families upgrade to a bigger house. If you’re a chiropractor, you need to know that your work is extremely valuable and you can help men who sit at their corporate job all week long find pain relief! Take who you are & what you do seriously, especially if you want people to pay for your value.

2.) You aren’t repurposing your content

– There is enough for you to keep up with already, why make it harder on yourself? You probably don’t have a large team (yet!) who can help you create multiple batches of content for each individual social platform. That’s okay! You can save time, energy & creativity by repurposing the video content you have already filmed & shared.

Here are our best blog posts for you to read on this topic:


How to repurpose your social media content

3.) You aren’t using call-to-actions

– When you are on video, your ideal person has their eyes watching you & their ears listening to what you say. You have their attention! That is valuable for selling your product or service to them. When you have finished providing educational or entertaining value, you need to incentivize engagement.

Meaning, you need to inspire them to take action with you. This is called a call-to-action, we are telling them what to go do next! Don’t just shut off the cameras before you leave them with an idea of what next best step to take!

Do you have a freebie for them to go download? Where can they buy your product or book your service? Do you have a group for them to join? How can they contact you with questions? Inspire the action!

What corrections do you need to make to improve your video content?

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Madyson Greene

Stop making these three social media mistakes

Do you want to improve your social media presence & content?

If so, there are specific actions you should focus your attention on doing consistently and then there are specific actions you should avoid doing if you want to see the best results.

In this blog post, I’ve listed three actions you should STOP making the mistake of doing for the sake of your brand’s potential success.

1.) STOP avoiding video

– Video is one of your best assets for getting known, seen & heard online! There are many ways to incorporate video into your marketing plan, for example…Live Streaming, YouTube, IGTV, TikTok/Reels, IG/FB Stories! You have many different options to utilize!

Video content allows you to build both credibility & connection with your ideal person. You get to position yourself as the expert on a specific set of topics, but while you’re educating your people – they are also getting to know you personally.

You can get on video to talk about what you do, but they will also get to see who you are.

2.) STOP never posting

– You must get on a consistent content schedule. The reason you aren’t is because you are still treating your brand as a hobby instead of a business. You need to start getting serious about who you are & what you do. (This will also require some mindset work.) When people are following you online, it means they want to hear from you. There are many more Real Estate Agents or Chiropractors they could or may be following online. You need to stand out from the other options and opportunities! They chose to follow YOU for all things Real Estate or Spinal Related!

Personally, I prefer not to buy from or work with a business that is seriously outdated on their social media presence. I lose trust in who they are & what they do because they can’t even stay in consistent content with their people! Think about it, your social media content is how you get connected with new leads & stay in contact with your current ones. It’s not good to only be posting on your Facebook Business Page once a month. You need to make the decision to post once a week and get better from there.

3.) STOP not implementing

– It’s important that you are a life long learner and are genuinely teachable, but the problem occurs when you don’t take what you know and actually apply it to your life or business. Even from reading this blog post, the question becomes – will you actually create a plan to stop making these social media mistakes? Is it going to be head knowledge or practical experience?

For example, I need to stop making the mistake of not implementing what I know about Facebook Ads & Freebie Funnels. I need to get consistent at implementing the head knowledge I have on these topics. I’m sure you can think of a topic that you have taken a class on, bought a course for, paid a coach to train you on (ex…) and it’s all still in your head and not applied in a tangible way in your life or business. Not practically implementing the information we know is a mistake we need to stop making.

Are you going to stop making these three social media mistakes?

What is your first step going to be to improve these areas?

Let me know in the comments below. If you found this post valuable, feel free to share it on Facebook!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene

What to post on your Instagram Stories

I think the two best assets for building a strong know, like & trust factor online is LIVE streaming & Instagram stories.

Think of Instagram Stories as a behind the scenes look into both your personal & professional life.

There are approximately 500 million people who utilize IG story content everyday!

With stories, people can connect with you on a more personal level as you show them your life, but you can also use it to build your credibility while showcasing your specific expertise.

In this blog post, you’ll find five ideas of what you can post on your Instagram Stories, starting today!

1.) Show your personal life

– You can’t be all business, suit & tie mentality to build a brand in 2020. Your people want to feel connected to who you are after your work hours are over. I have a set of four topics (that I call my “content compass”) and these are what I talk about the most to connect with the people I would want to buy from or work with me the most.

Show what you & your family are doing over the weekend. Show what you ordered at a restaurant. Show what you’re reading. Show a sweaty selfie after your gym workout or what your morning/evening routine is like.

2.) Learn about your people

– Instagram stories has features (you can find these in the top right corner when you pull up the story tab) like polls, quizzes and Q&A boxes that you can post for your followers to engage with!

For example, let’s say you’re a Real Estate Agent. You could post a poll & ask…

“Would you prefer a small house with lots of land or a big house with no land?”

That gets your ideal person engaging with your content & you learn about them too!

3.) Show your professional life

– What are you wearing to work today? What projects are you working on and could you show a preview? What’s it like behind the scenes filming videos and creating content? What’s it like where you store the products you sell? What’s it like to be your client? Show your people what you do!

4.) Educate your people

– You can do mini video trainings on IG stories! Personally, I get more people to watch the videos I film & post on stories than I do on my IGTV or feed. You can pick a topic for the day to teach to your followers! If you’re in Real Estate, you could talk about

5.) Promote all the things

– You can share your feed posts & videos to your IG stories for higher engagement rates. You can promote your product or service. You can share your other online content, like a freebie you created or blog post you wrote & where your people can find it.

Do you already use & love Instagram stories?

Are you hoping to get better at using this powerful marketing tool?

What else do you want to know about Instagram stories? Let me know in the comments below!

Your friend, 
Madyson Greene

Frontend & Backend Business Operations

Frontend & Backend – have you heard of these trendy business terms before?

These words describe two groups of business operations that matter for the overall success of a brand.

Frontend refers to the business activities in direct involvement with your people.

Backend refers to the business activities that take place behind the scenes, away from the people.

A company might even hire new team members for one area of business operations, either a frontend or backend employee.

For example, at DropMock I would be considered a Frontend team member.
One of our lead programmers, Karim, would be considered a Backend team member.

Let’s breakdown what group specific business tasks would match with.

Blog Content: Frontend
Website Design: Backend

Teaching on a webinar/livestream: Frontend
Setting up the webinar/livestream: Backend

Posting on Social Media: Frontend
Taking the photos: Backend

Selling a program: Frontend
Creating the program: Backend

Promoting a freebie: Frontend
Making the landing page: Backend

Does that help break down the differences between the two types of operations?

You can see how they work together for the success of your brand!

Your personality & skillset probably has you lean towards a favorite set of activities you enjoy more and/or are better at doing. For example, I love working on the Frontend of business. Can I do Backend activities? Definitely. In my coaching business currently, I’m doing it all solo! I’m doing things like Live Coaching Sessions on the Frontend & then writing & sending emails to my list on the Backend.

Once your business has reached a specific point, most business owners will hire out the tasks on the front or backend that they would prefer not to continue doing themselves any longer. This is usually beneficial because then you are more free to focus your attention on the tasks you are best for!

Do you prefer Frontend or Backend business tasks? Do you have a favorite task for each group?

Let me know in the comments below!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene

How to write an awesome IG Bio

An Instagram Bio is valuable space on your profile to capture the attention & follow of an ideal customer or client.

You have 150 characters to utilize in a powerful way that can articulate who you are & what you do to someone who has never interacted with your brand before.

In this blog post, you’ll learn how you can write an awesome IG bio.

Go to your Instagram profile & click on the “edit profile” button.

Write out a searchable name in the “Name” section.

When someone is using the search feature on the platform, they can search titles such as “real estate agent” or “video coach.” Make sure that you utilize the name section with words that your ideal client or customer may be searching!

For example, my name section says….

Madyson | Certified Life Coach

Other examples could be…

Sally | Real Estate Agent
Bob | Chiropractor

Your username is the next editable section. You created your username when you signed up for the platform. You do have the ability to change it. I encourage you to keep your username your actual first and last name or the name of your company.

A helpful tip is that if your full name is already taken by another user is to try adding “mr” or “mrs” in front of your name or add a ( . ) or ( _ ) in between the words.

Next section, is to include your website link. I advocate for using Linktr.ee with your IG profile! You can read this blog post to learn how you can set your account up.

Alright, now we are at the official bio section.

Remember, what you write here is going to be seen by any ideal customer or client who comes to your profile! You want it to speak to them. You want it to convince them to stick around & give you a follow. Of course, the content you post will also play a role in them making that decision.

To start, I would add in your brand tagline. A tagline usually easily communicates who you are & what you do in a sentence or two! Make it easy on yourself & use it here.

You could also utilize an “I help” statement. Who do you help & what do you help them do?

“I help millennials find a home for their new season of life.”
“I help families feel better with quality chiropractor care.”

After your tagline or “I help” statement is written out, you will hopefully have characters leftover!

Next, add a Call-to-Action that is a good incentive for your current & future followers to take action with your brand.

Your Call-to-Action most often correlates with your website/bio link.

“Email me for housing information”
“Book a chiropractor appointment below”

Now you have added the two most valuable assets to your IG Bio – the “I Help” statement & a Call-to-Action.

If you have extra characters & would like to add extra information, maybe something about you or your brand – go ahead and use the space that is leftover.

Your bio can be edited again and again. You don’t have to worry about it having to stay the same forever! You can change what your wrote as your brand evolves or as offers change.

What else would you like to learn about Instagram? Is there something specific you are stuck on? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to consider making content about that topic!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene

How to resize your videos for social media

It’s vitally important that you are utilizing the power of video in your online marketing strategy.

Creating video content to share across your social media platforms will help you create strong know, like & trust with your ideal customers or clients.

In this blog post, I want to teach you how you can resize your video content for the various social media platforms you want to post on.

If you haven’t noticed before, video posts look best on your social media profiles when you use the graphic dimensions that are relevant to that specific platform.

I’m going to show you the tool I use to create video graphics & how to set it up for the platform of your choice.

On my Apple laptop, the tool I am about to mention was already pre-installed onto my device. Check your launchpad & applications to find it on yours. If you don’t have an Apple laptop, I am sure you can find something similar available to download that is best for your brand of device.

Step 1: Open KeyNote

Step 2: Choose a theme. I personally go with the “white” option.

Step 3: Click “document” in the top right corner. We need to change the layout dimensions for the platform we are going to be posting on.

Step 4: Find the “slide size” box and drop down to the option “custom slide size.”

Here are the best sizes for various social media platforms…

Instagram: (if your video is less than one minute) 1080×1080

Facebook: (I have always used the same as IG for feed posts) 1080×1080 or 940×788

IGTV: (if your video is over one minute in length) 1080×1920
– If you want your IGTV to show on your IG feed best, you will also have to focus the video itself to the middle of the graphic screen and be pretty precise with your outline text & logo. It usually takes me two or three editing attempts before I get the sizing just right!

Step 5: Take your edited & trimmed up video from your desktop & drag and drop it into the slide. Move it to the center of the design.

Step 6: Click on “format” in the top right corner & “text” at the top center. Add in a relevant video description.

Step 7: Using the text menu bar that should have appeared, change the text font, colors & size to match with your brand the best. (Remember, if you are making this for IGTV, it could take several attempts to get the sizing just right for your feed preview!)

Step 8: Go to “file” & “export to” in the top left hand corner. Click the “movie” option.

Step 9: On the “export your presentation” menu, make sure your settings match up to the photo featured below.

Step 10: Export your video & post online!

I hope this tutorial is super helpful & pushes you to continue creating great content to grow your online brand.

Your friend,
Madyson Greene

How to make your videos more interesting

As online business owners, we should want to continue to improve the content we create & share with the world.

Having both entertaining & educational video content is vitally important to your business’ success in the current media culture.

In this blog post, you’ll find four tips you can begin implementing to make your video content more interesting for your viewers.

1.) Add Intro Film

– This is specific for your YouTube & IGTV type of content that requires editing in advance. You could create a thirty second intro to highlight who you are & what you do and add it to the beginning of your video content during editing. Intro film will build the anticipation, increase your brand awareness & highlight your expertise. Another name this goes by is “B-Roll” & that’s when you take engaging footage from the exact upcoming video your viewer is there to watch and use it as the starting footage.

2.) Use Props

– You want your viewers eyes to be on you & the educational or entertainment value you are providing. People can quickly get distracted or move on to consume somebody else’s content if yours doesn’t give them a strong incentive to stay. Props can be a powerful tool for peaking your viewers curiosity. If you’re teaching something, you could pull out a white or chalkboard, show powerpoint slides or hold up index cards. If you’re entertaining your viewers, you could tell a story from the specific location it happened at or you could hold up props that help to tell the story in a meaningful way. Your hands can even be good props for either style of video! Keep the movement and emphasize your points using strong motions!

3.) Change The Style

– If you are producing consistent video content & are still seeing a decline in views, it could be because your audience is looking for a strong change! If you usually produce LIVE videos, change it up and film content in advance and then upload it to your platform of choice. If you usually produce YouTube videos, go LIVE on Facebook instead. If you traditionally use your laptop for LIVE streams, try using a mobile style! Film IGTV vertical content on your phone. Start showing short previews of longer YouTube content as an incentive for them to go and watch it on your channel. Are you usually sitting in your videos? Stand up & walk around! Do you tend to be inside while filming? Try creating your content outside!

4.) Create Client/Customer Content

– You need to ask yourself if the educational or entertaining content you are producing is going to be best for your ideal customer or client. Sometimes we make the mistake of creating the video content we want, when it needs to be about the people who are in your community & what they are coming to you for. You are here to be of best service to them! You might not be getting people to watch your videos because it’s not what they need right now. This is why niching down is talked about as a great asset to building your brand because when you have created a brand avatar & people who fit that description start following & engaging with you, you can create content specific for them and know that it’s helpful & fun and that they love who you are & what you do.

What do you think is missing from your video content?

I hope this post inspires you to make the small but impactful adjustments to your video content!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene

How to make a Facebook Featured Photo

Do you want to utilize your personal Facebook profile for increased brand awareness & lead generation?

Most business owners create & promote only on their Facebook business page, neglecting to realize that their personal profile can be an asset for their brand!

There are clever ways you can begin transitioning your personal profile on Facebook to speak well of who you are & what you do as a professional, without turning your timeline into a daily selling spree.

In this blog post, I want to walk you through the steps to creating a Facebook Featured Photo.

This is a great way to begin utilizing your personal profile to support your business goals.

1.) The Featured Photo

2.) Choose your goal

– What would you like your featured photo to promote about who you are & what you do? Most non-business owners simply choose pictures of their friends & family to feature, big moments in their life. You want to think strategically about a business goal you have & how you could get people to know about it simply from viewing your timeline.

Here are a couple ideas…

– A product or service coming soon/available now
– A Facebook Group
– A Blog
– A Freebie
– A Podcast
– An Event

3.) Go to CANVA

4.) Create a graphic of 1080×1080

5.) Design your graphic to match your goal

6.) Go to your personal profile on Facebook

– Scroll down to the left bar tab that typically displays your personal information.

7.) If you don’t have any featured photos currently chosen, then you should see a button “add to featured” underneath the “edit details” button.

If you do have featured photos already selected, then you will click on “edit featured” to change out the images.

8.) Upload your designed graphic


9.) Once uploaded, confirm that you have the “featured items are public” option on at the bottom of the tab. Then click save!

10.) Preview your featured photo from your personal timeline.

Isn’t this a clever way to make your personal profile more useful?

What goal will your featured photo help to support? Let me know in the comments below!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene

Originality vs Individuality

Both of these words sounds similar, yet in online branding, they both represent something different.

Originality can be defined as: “the ability to think independently and creatively. the quality of being novel or unusual.”

Individuality can be defined as: “the quality or character of a particular person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind, especially when strongly marked. separate existence.”

A personal branding coach I’m connected with, Ash Borland, inspired this blog post.

He broke these definitions down for online marketing as…

Originality is trying to create something new, completely from scratch.

Individuality is about infusing your personality into things that already exist.

For a personal example, as I was getting dressed this morning I thought to myself, what if there was some type of makeup foundation mask that women could pay to have put onto their face that lasts for several months, so in the morning you don’t have to put on your face makeup because you already have it temporarily tattooed on.

Something like that would fall under originality because I have yet to see something like that in the beauty marketplace. That’s brand new, that’s one-of-a-kind.

But, if I had thought to myself, what if there was some type of makeup foundation that smelled like my favorite floral scent, that would fall under individuality because scented foundations already exist. I’m just bringing what I like to something that is already popular in the marketplace.

Ash gave examples from pop culture.

Remember when the Twilight movies came out?

Then following Twilight we saw movie series like the Hunger Games & Divergent?

When you look at the plots, these books & movies are fairly similar! But each author added their own individuality to a similar concept that people were already enjoying.

When I think of the Life Coaching programs I want to create in the future specifically for military wives, that falls under originality because there isn’t a coach, programs, or personal development events and content for that demographic. That’s going to be brand new and one-of-a-kind.

The life coaching services that I offer now, fall under individuality because I am adding my personality, perspective, life experience, knowledge, beliefs/values (ex…) to an industry, demographic & service that already exists.

Ash said that…“a common mistake I see people make is not starting to create content because they are looking for that “original” idea. Just start sharing you version of the message.”

I absolutely agree with him on this. When I look at the personal development industry that I’m involved in, everyone is pretty much saying the same dang things, just with their own twists & turns!

You can do the same. Whatever it is that you do, just add more of who you are!

You don’t have to create something brand new, you just have to be you in whatever you do.

Your friend,
Madyson Greene