How to become an industry leader

Do you want to be recognized & respected as a leader in your particular industry?

Do you want to increase the credibility & connection you have with your ideal clients/customers?

Becoming an industry leader won’t happen overnight. You will have to be consistent with growing an authentic, valuable brand focused on who you are personally & what you do professionally.

Listed below are practical suggestions you can start implementing to become a leader in your industry!

1.) Create something new

– What does not yet exist in your specific industry? What gaps are you noticing that should be closed? What is missing from your profession? What is wrong with your industry? You could be the individual to create a solution to the recurring problem or lack you’re seeing. You could create a new product or service to change the narrative and open new doors in your industry. You would hopefully be recognized & respected as the leader because you led the way & made a new & necessary change happen.

2.) Speak on trends

– Leaders use their voice to make an impact, even when it’s controversial or uncomfortable. That’s what pushes us to follow leaders, they use their voice to influence necessary change. They are willing to be the first to believe in a cause or set of values and people are convinced to follow & believe in the mission/vision too. What topics are trending in the world at large or in your specific industry? I would encourage you to get on video, record a podcast episode or write a blog post about your positions on what’s happening, why you agree/disagree, what you think needs to be done/what you’re going to do (ex…)

3.) Connect with the best

– A huge component to building strong credibility isn’t only about who you know, it’s also about who knows you. By using the power of social media you have access to influential mentors & experienced peers. I would start connecting with other leaders in your industry simple by liking, commenting & sharing their online content. Get your name in front of them consistently. Send their team an email, invite them to be on a LIVE stream or podcast interview with you. Start connecting with people who are where you want to be at in your industry.

4.) Show your experience

– How do past clients or customers feel about working with or buying from you? Bragging can actually be beneficial to your business! You’ll want to share the positive experiences people in your community have had from purchasing your products or booking your services. You will also want to tell your personal story, share about your industry and practical life experience, your educational background (ex…) so that people feel more connected to who you are personally so they are more willing to buy from or work with you professionally.


What suggestion will you start implementing into your professional life?

Who is a current leader in your industry that you admire?

Share your answers in the comments below.

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Producing Proud People,

Madyson Greene