Behind The Scenes: Plotting Image Coordinates

DropMock: Plotting Image Coordinates


We have shown you guys a sneak-peak of how we do the image processing. Then we mentioned something about getting the coordinates that our developer needs. If it did not make sense in the previous articles, let us give you a good look and understanding on how it is done and why we do it.

When we shoot a mock up, we fire up the devices with its displays in green screen. Look at the following images.


Now the green region tells us where the uploaded image of the users will be placed. In image processing, this makes the job done easier for the graphics artist to replace it with something else.

However, DropMock is developed such that an image has to be precisely put in that specific green region, without the user having to do any extra work. Users don’t even have to be a Photoshop guru for them to use the software.

In order for the program to place the user’s uploaded image where it should be, our graphics team had to manually find for the coordinates and work with image pixels by pixels outlining the area of that specified region.

The coordinates recorded will then be compiled for the developer’s use. It is evident how great our graphics team works hand in hand with the technical department.

The challenge only starts from the items that have plane surface areas. Since we have included mugs and shirts that unavoidably have curves, the developer needed to formulate a program that will automatically fit into the mockups whatever image is uploaded by the user.

We will give you more updates with regards to how things are being done here at DropMock. For now, everyone in the graphics team is going to get busy mapping the coordinates.

Stay tuned for more updates.