Our best tips for your Facebook Business Page

Did you know Facebook had over 60 million business and brand pages?

That number is consistently increasing!

Whether you have a page already set up & you’re looking for advice on how to improve or you want to find out if a business page could be of benefit to you, we are going to share our best tips for your Facebook Page in this blog post.

Tip #1: Link your business page & personal profile
– On your personal profile, make sure you have put your business account as a job/place of work. This will help you expand your reach on Facebook and allow family & friends to show their support for your page.

Tip #2: Create & upload a video cover photo/header
– We have a tool called “Canvas” that our DropMock users can use to create an engaging video header with. Most businesses still use a static image header, so your page is bound to stand out to new viewers because the video will automatically began playing when they show up on your page!

Tip #3: Interact as your business page
– You are able to engage on Facebook as your branded page instead of just through your personal profile. As long as you’re an admin on the page you want to use, you can interact with other businesses and your target audience market by liking their content, leaving comments and joining in on conversation as your business page!

Tip #4: Get a vanity URL
– When you first create your business page, you’ll get a random, long URL. Something like, facebook.com/pages/yourbusiness/123456789. To make it more clean & professional, you want to create a vanity URL like, facebook.com/dropmock. You can do this in general settings.

Tip #5: Keep your profile photos consistent
– You want to be easily recognizable for visitors from your other social media profiles! I personally keep my Instagram & Facebook profile photos the same. When I change one, I change the other. This makes me easy to recognize!

Tip #6: Write in your “about” section
– This is featured on the right hand side of your page when someone visits. Be sure to optimize your chance of new engagement & page likes by clearly stating who you are & what your page is all about! I like to put my tag line as the first couple of sentences, in capital letters, to make a bold statement of why someone should stick around!

Which of these tips were most helpful to you? Take them to heart & use all six tips to continue building a brand or business that you love!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene