The basics of branding you need to know

Are you looking to start an online personal brand this year?

Do you want to improve the quality of your current personal brand and its’ content?

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing the basics of branding you need to know to get started or make improvements.

1.) Choose a personable headshot

– The days of wearing a traditional suit and tie for your headshot are no more. Wear an outfit that speaks to your personality and actually looks like what you wear on the day to day. Have a professional photographer take the shot or borrow your friend for the afternoon. Once you have the headshot, upload it across your social media profiles. Making your profile photo consistent across the internet is important. This way, if someone stumbles upon your account, they’re able to recognize you from another platform they may follow you on. I would also encourage you to use the same headshot as the signature on your emails, use it on your website bio, your business cards, your resume (ex…). A good rule of thumb is that if you are going to change your profile photo on one platform, you need to do it on all the others as well.

2.) Select your colors/fonts

РWhat three to five colors are you going to use consistently in your marketing material? Then what two specific colors will be used the most? For example, my online brand has two primary colors: navy blue and a light purple. Look into color psychology. I wrote a blog post on what various colors convey to an ideal client/customer here. Depending on your desired audience/brand avatar, you might find that certain colors work best at attracting them compared to others.

3.) Decide on your content pillars

– What key topics will you discuss in your content/marketing that will attract your ideal client/customer to your corner of the internet? These topics will build connection between you and the people you want to buy from/work with you. I follow a method I named “the content compass.” It helps me “navigate” what to post online! You can learn more about it in this blog post here.

4.) Create a mission statement/tagline

– A mission statement/tagline clearly, easily communicates who you are, what you do and even how you do it. This sentence will be a powerful marketing line for your social media profiles, website, business cards (ex…)¬†To learn about creating a mission statement and tagline for your business, read this post.

5.) Design a logo

– A logo increases your credibility because it shows professionalism and even commitment. You can design a simple one for free on a design platform, like CANVA or if you wanted to get a custom made/trademarked logo, you could hire a professional graphic designer. I add my logo to practically everything. I use it on my website, I add it to the designs I post on social media, it’s on my resume, I use it for social backgrounds (ex…). When people see it, along with my colors, I want them to associate it with me! I am keeping things consistent. The logo is also designed with my two primary colors, navy and purple. Again, consistent.

6.) Make your content schedule

– Finally, you’ll want to set up a routine that you are going to follow for creating & sharing online content. Consistency matters to sustainable success. If you want to build a solid online brand, maintaining a routine with your content and marketing is important. You can learn how to make this happen by checking this out.


What questions do you have about building an online brand?

What do you think is a necessary initial step for starting or improving a brand?

I hope you found this blog post helpful!

Producing Proud People,
Madyson Greene