Bringing the holidays into your business

We are in the final quarter of the year and the busy, fun holiday season will be hitting soon!

October has Halloween, November will have Thanksgiving, December hosts Christmas and then New Year’s!

You might be wondering how you can incorporate a personal season into what you do professionally and what type of content you should share during each of the individual holidays.

In this blog post, I want to offer ideas on how you can bring the holiday season into your business!

Idea #1: Post graphics with holiday colors

– To make your business festive, design your graphics with colors that are unique to each individual holiday. For example, Halloween is best known for Orange & Black. Thanksgiving is known for brown, orange, yellow and red. Christmas is always green & red. You can intertwine these colors into your marketing throughout the hosted holiday month.

I would also suggest creating graphics specific for the day of each holiday to share, even better would be a video for each celebration. For example, have a “Happy Halloween” post for the 31st of October. Have a thirty second “Happy Thanksgiving” video to upload. Post your family Christmas card on December 25th & say “happy holidays” to your clients/customers!

Idea #2: Offer a holiday sale

– It is no surprise that people definitely BUY during this time of year! You might notice that companies market their products/services as GIFTS¬†around the holiday season that you can purchase for a loved one. People might be stingy about buying for themselves this time of year, but they aren’t necessarily holiday back on purchasing for others! This is why you see some marketing shifts happen! You could offer a special sale on your product or service for each individual holiday as an incentive for someone to buy from or work with you.

Idea #3: Host a holiday contest &/or giveaway

– This is suppose to be an extra special, fun time of year! Could you giveaway your product or service to the winner of a contest/giveaway? Could you put together a basket of goodies/giftcards for someone in your community to win?

Idea #4: Showcase your family traditions

– People get more intentional about their relationships during the holiday season. Don’t neglect adding YOU to BYOUsiness during this time of year! People would love to connect more with who you are. How does your family celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and/or New Years? Have you taken holiday family photos? Where do y’all travel to this time of year? Do y’all do a unique, special activity on the holiday? Share it with your community!

Are you excited for the holiday season?

Is there something special you do for your business during this time of year?

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Your friend,
Madyson Greene