Your business is like coffee

As I write this blog post, I am drinking a peppermint mocha from Starbucks.

Sipping and enjoying this cup of coffee reminded me of a realization I had last year while I was grocery shopping at Walmart.

Have you ever seen just one brand of coffee on the shelves at the store? Only one option for people to choose from?

Have you ever seen the same coffee selection in everyone’s grocery carts? Only one brand of coffee chosen by everyone shopping?

Honestly, you probably haven’t!

Here is my realization…

—-> Your business is like coffee <—-

When you look at the coffee on the shelves, there are multiple brands you can choose from.

There is a variety of flavors, smells, textures and intensity you can pick from.

Some people really like French Vanilla from Folgers. Some people really like Cinnamon Mocha from McCafe.

People have preferences.

Not only that, people are loyal to brands.

Brands can convince someone to buy from or work with them because of how they position themselves to their ideal clients/customers. You have to make marketing moves that separate you from the other options on the shelves.

For practical example, my decision to get coffee from Starbucks today was highly influenced by their cute Christmas cups that are now available.

Maybe you went and got coffee from Dunkin Donuts today and that was influenced by their better customer service experience. Maybe you went to Mcdonalds for yours because you prefer the taste of their coffee for a more affordable price point.

People will always buy based on emotion and influence.

People will also buy based on factors like convenience and price.

You’re probably thinking…“okay but how does coffee actually apply to my business?”

How many Real Estate Agents are in your community? Just one?

How many photographers are in your community? Just one?

How many chiropractors are in your community? Just one?

People don’t just want options of what kind of coffee to drink, they want options of who they hire to sell their home, who they hire to take their family photos or who adjusts their back properly.

Not one size will fit all!

You personally might choose to take photos with one local photographer where as your friend takes her family to another local photographer. The end result of both of you having family photos is the same but you will both probably have a completely different experience, pay difference prices, have different quality/style photographs (ex…)

I know people who are super loyal to buying from Starbucks and I know people who are super loyal to buying from Dunkin Donuts.

Your business is like coffee because you are giving options to your industry.

Your business is another bag of coffee grounds on the shelf that somebody is going to love buying more than any of the others. Who you are & what you do is going to stand out to somebody shopping with their grocery cart in a unique way. What makes someone choose you over the other options could be taste, quality, price, reference, personality, design (ex…) but people like to find their favorites and are usually loyal to it once they like it.

If you think an industry is “too saturated” or that there are “too many options of/for X,” I want you to think of all the coffee selections available on the shelves of Walmart. They are all selling to customers or else they wouldn’t be there taking up space.

Find out what is going to make your brand different & what is going to attract the best shoppers for your product/service.

People will want to brew you. They will want to buy from or work with you. You just have to convince them why.

Producing Proud People,
Madyson Greene