How you can repurpose your video content

Repurposing your already created & published video content is a smart business decision.

There’s a high chance that not everyone in your community saw the content you posted on one platform & not everyone in your audience religiously follows you across all your platforms, so if you don’t diversify your content, it’s not going to get it’s best reach.

In this blog post, you’ll learn clever ways how you can repurpose your video content.

1.) Turn your YouTube Video into a Facebook Series

– If you have a tutorial video uploaded on your YouTube Channel, something like “5 steps to saving money,” you can clip each step down into five individual videos. Then share the new mini videos on your Facebook Business Page. Not everyone in your audience might want to watch a full YouTube video, but they might look forward to a shortened version that is straight to the content each day.

2.) Take a quote from your video & design a graphic

– What valuable statement, statistic or quote did you share in your YouTube video or LIVE stream? Take one that packs a punch & design an image mockup to share on your Instagram. You can even make a tweet with the same words too!

3.) Upload your LIVE Stream to your YouTube Channel

– LIVE streams on Facebook can be downloaded to your computer. I would encourage you to take that content and upload it as a full YouTube video on your channel.

4.) Strip the audio for your podcast

– You could take the audio from your recent video & use it as a podcast episode! If you aren’t a fan of the scripting of your video for the podcast, you can at least take the same topic & record the same material you discussed in the video.

5.) Create a blog post with reference to the video version

– You could either write the full video script out as a blog post on your site or bullet point the video highlights & embed a link to the video on your YouTube Channel for the readers to go & watch for further insight.

6.) Send it as content to your email list

– Using the same topic as the video, send out the information in an email format. You could link to the video if you want to increase your views or you can keep it written content.

Are you going to start diversifying your video content across platforms?

Your friend,
Madyson Greene