How to capture your audience with the right colors

Did you know that the brand & business colors you choose are very important?

Each color represents something different and gives off an unique impression, mood or vibe. It affects each of us on a subconscious level whether we realize it or not!

By using specific colors in your video work, graphic designs, logos (ex…) your audience is being convinced to feel or act in a certain way based on the color(s) you’re using!

In this blog post, I will share with you the deeper meanings behind some of the most common colors.

1.) Red

– The color red represents feelings of excitement, energy, passion, courage & attention.

2.) Orange
– Orange is known as the color of encouragement! It makes people feel optimistic, independent, adventurous & creative!

3.) Yellow
– Optimism is the best way to describe the feelings of the color yellow. It gives off vibes of enthusiasm, opportunity, spontaneity, happiness & positivity!

4.) Pink
– Pink is known as the color of sensitivity. It creates feelings of compassion, love, immaturity, playfulness or admiration.

5.) Purple
– Inspires reflection and self-awareness. You’ll find emotions of imagination, compassion, sensitivity, quality & mystery created from purple.

6.) Green
– Green commonly refers to growth and health. It makes people feel safe, stable & reliable.

7.) Blue
– Blue is a DropMock color! It is a trustful, responsible, honest, loyal and secure color.

8.) Black
– Mysterious is the best way to describe the color black. It shows power, control, authority, discipline and elegance.

Are the colors you’re using for your business giving the impression you’re hoping for?
Maybe it’s time to play around with some new colors because it MATTERS!

I have found a lot of insight into colors from this article and from this podcast episode. Check both resources out if you want to learn more about color psychology!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene