MyCatalogue – DropMock’s new added feature

DropMock : New MyCatalogue Feature


MyCatalogue is an added feature in DropMock wherein users can showcase their mocked up images to their customers, would be customers and also to friends and relatives.  The idea is somewhat similar to a printed catalogue that you provide to your customers and they would picked the photos they want. This can be used as well for building an image portfolio or just simply showcasing your photos for personal consumption. Having MyCatalogue can also help you organize your photos that is comparable to an image organizer.


What’s good about this new feature is that there is no link whatsoever to DropMock and definitely without any watermark. The URL that will be used will be your own URL so you can claim 100% that the images are entirely your own.


The new feature is very easy to use, in fact it can be done in less than a minute. Simply go to your MyDrive, pick the photos you want, click the eye icon, copy the embed code and then paste on to your WordPress site.


This by the way is exclusive to the EMC or Designers Club members only.
Photo courtesy of Cameron Wood of the Narrative Lens.
To view the complete catalogue, please click here:


Online Mockup Software takes Marketing Graphics to Another Level

DropMock : Online Mockup Software


We all know that we only get one chance to make a good impression – whether that’s in the way we present ourselves, or the way in which we present our business. And, with so much competition in the business world, getting your graphic design right is vital for optimal customer engagement. However, producing great graphics can sometimes prove difficult; especially if you’re not an expert in Photoshop or graphic design, and you don’t have the budget to employ a designer. And that’s where our mockup software can help, as it makes it possible for businesses of all kinds to produce professional and sharp looking graphics that can be used to spread your message and company ethos across a range of mediums. What’s more, using online mockup software like our DropMock mockup tool is easy, and allows you to create a professional mockup online via a simple 3 step process.



Online mockup software tools can help you to build an engaging brand or message

Good design enables you to reach your audience in a memorable way. It helps you to get noticed. It helps to build customer engagement and to build your brand. Therefore, it’s important to target your audience in a way that’s not only attractive and functional, but professional too. Your brand should engage and connect on all levels, and communicate your ideas, your message and your products in a relevant and appealing way. However you choose to do this, the ultimate aim is to create a positive impression and avoid misunderstandings. On the other hand, a poorly designed logo, brochure or other marketing tool can have a negative effect and leave them with a poor impression of your company.

One thing’s for sure – there’s no room for mediocre design in today’s fast paced marketing world, and tools such as DropMock can make the whole process so much easier.


Put in its most simple form, a mockup tool is a specially designed tool or app that can be utilised to create a ‘mockup’ of a design, or to evaluate an idea. With our mockup software you have the ability to simply drop your own photos and images into one of our professionally shot scenarios, complete with graphics if required. And, with literally hundreds of scenes to choose from, no matter what kind of business you’re in, there’s sure to be something to suit.

Once produced, it’s then just a simple case of uploading your finished product, allowing you to showcase and promote your brand via your website, social media or a range of other mediums.


One big advantage of using online mockup software is that it frees up your time to concentrate on your business. It does away with the tedious processes normally associated with product design and the manipulation of graphics, and allows you to produce stunning visuals at the touch of a button. It’s a fuss-free way to showcase your products, your website and your business without having to go to the expense of employing  someone to do it for you. And, perhaps most importantly of all, it can save you money by enabling you to see the finished article, thus allowing you to tweak and adjust the design and images, before committing to print or publication.


If you’ve ever struggled with creating professional looking graphics, you’re going to be amazed by how easy our new mockup tool can be. In fact, we suspect that you’re going to become a little addicted to trying out new combinations. The process is so simple and yet produces such professional and effective results, we predict you’re going to want to DropMock everything!

DropMock Update: Buzz Video

DropMock: YouTube Buzz Video

Finally our DropMock Buzz Video debuted to YouTube last March 24, 2016. In this two minute video, we have showcased what DropMock is. First part of the video was focused on how DropMock works and the second part was dedicated on how we conceptualize and execute DropMock. This video is making raves at the moment because of its content overlay with a hip and upbeat music.  Here are some positive feedback we received to date:

Fantastic Idea and high level of commitment here by Lee Pennington and his team to share with others just what goes on behind the scenes in the IM space Lee Pennington is a committed, hardworking IM that truly demonstrates the ethical and transparent approach to his work and the products he creates. Follow him on his new blog and watch just what goes on behind the scenes during the creation of his new software DropMock.

— Jon Moorhouse

I see you’re pushing the boundaries again… This looks remarkable and I know without doubt it will be.

Behind the scenes – well there’s a tremendous amount of work like you say… and revealing every bit of it has to be a first.

— Mark Bishop

Love THIS! I think we’ve been looking forward to something like this for a while. Glad to see you’ve come this far mate!

—  Neil Napier of KV Social

We are definitely honored by these positive comments and we are extremely happy that we were able to share to you our hard work whilst working on this project. Happy watching….!

Behind The Scenes: Early MockUps Photoshoot

DropMock – Early MockUps Photoshoot

Our professional photographers had long been busy creating shotlists even before we start doing this blog. We have always thought of how we could have the best pictures essential for DropMock. Then, we have realized that there is no better way of doing that than considering what people like you need in the business.

Indoor shoot of mockup mugs
Mockup shoot in our studio. If the weather doesn’t favor what needs to be done outside, we resort into doing things under LED’s.


Notice that most of the shots we have first considered shooting are somewhat flat lays of devices like iPhone, Macbook Pro, and other computers.


Phones and computers have now become man’s essentials. These are now channels of information, communication and most of the time, means of getting things down. And this is so evident in almost all workplace.

Having said that, we have shot these mockups in offices, coffeeshops, and high-end locations to imitate scenarios in corporate ambiance and professional activities.

We understand that there are other means to display your brand. So we have thought of including mugs in the shoot. Likewise they are placed in various visually appealing places.

Check out these samples.

This is a mug we shot in the studio. The photographers used a blue construction paper as a backdrop.
This is a mug we shot in the studio. The photographers used a blue construction paper as a backdrop.


Mug mockup in an oragne background.
We have different mugs shot with different backgrounds. This is another mockup in an orange construction paper.


Mockup mug in a spotlight
Yes, it takes some time to put the mugs in a very good setup for photo-shoot. See how carefully we have placed a mockup in order under perfect lighting.

We also went outdoors to get some natural lighting. This was shot on a graphite tile just outside a museum.
We also went outdoors to get some natural lighting. This was shot on a graphite tile just outside a museum.

The goal in this stage is to make sure we have great photos to start working on. These photos are aimed at holding your brand and will go through series of image processing before handed over to the developer.

See these sneak peak photos of our graphic artists and photographers in action.


How Does It Work?

DropMock – How Does It Work?

You think of your product. 

Take a photo of it. 

Use a template.


Take your DropMock.


Product design and and as well as graphics manipulation involved is often tedious and complicated. That will not be the case for people with extensive knowledge in digital arts and particular skills in Photoshop.

With DropMock, you should be able to produce goregeous visuals showcasing your brilliant ideas and exceptional brand with a three-part process.

Select. Customize. Market.

Early user interface
This is one of the early interface designs DropMock had in its experimental stage.


Uploading your own image is straightforward.
Uploading your own image is straightforward.


This an early interface design that DropMock used to have in its development stage.
This an early interface design that DropMock used to have in its development stage.


After customization, it takes no more than a second to see what your dropmock image looks like.
After customization, it takes no more than a second to see what your dropmock image looks like.


You can select from over a hundred templates of mockups in a wide array of environment and scenes. DropMock has a vast collection of different scenarios captured in a crisp and high definition images ready to contain your own graphics or photo. Simply select the one that best suit your expression or context of your advertised brand.

Customize your image with a click and easily transform your image into an effective means of marketing by placing it on a mockup and see it turn into real-life setting. You can crop parts of your photo within the platform and expose in proper focus the d object of your advertisement.


Market your product by downloading the DropMock final project and share it through your social media channels, websites, e-mails, or presentations. You can even choose either SD or HD as picture quality depending on the needs.

DropMock App - Choose a Video Template screen

What Is DropMock?

DropMock – What Is DropMock?

DropMock is a program which you can use to promote your brand through a wide variety of mockups of iPhones, Macbook Pro, T-Shirts and mugs to name a few. All these were shot in visually attractive setups like offices, urban scapes, coffee shops and others.

Our exceptionally crafted software makes it easy for you to showcase your product without being a professional photographer or graphic artist by offering you well-thought-out templates of our gorgeous mockups.


DropMock App - Choose a Video Template screen

Chroma keying or otherwise known as green screening  is nothing new. Photo and video production firms had long perfected the process of compositing two images such that a background of one image is replaced with another picture. This is no different from a news anchor with a dynamic background overlay where headlines and footages play simultaneously in one video stream.



However, the process alongside the programs or software used isn’t readily convenient for everyone. In this age of information where multimedia is favored and a growing demand to its integration in various aspects of the online community is a must, it becomes a pressing matter to make such production accessibly easy and effective in a timely manner.

This is the foothold of DropMock. We have developed a software to eliminate the strenuous effort needed in creating professional statements and advertisement through such process. We are to introduce a seamless process for everyone through an online platform with a straightforward process.

DropMock shall have a vast collection of professionally shot scenarios where a user could choose from and use to pair with their own photos or image.This could be a print on a mug set in a coffee shop ambiance or but not limited to various devices like iPhone showcasing a product in Instagram or any image content uploaded by the user.

Other mockup devices include Laptops, PC’s, iPads, iPhones, mobiles, t-shirts and more. This is a growing library of items from our curating professional photographers and image editors.

As the Online Mockup Scene Creator software comes near to its launch.We are excited to deliver this software to cater to your exceptional marketing experience.