Tips for iOS Mockups

It’s not a secret for anyone how Apple has taken over the cell phone technology market. One of the strongest (if not the strongest one) brands of all time. Their iPhones are preferred by many people because of their fast performance and exclusive content.

However, for app/website development and marketing purposes, iOS can be an entirely different world. Here you’ll see the best 10 tips in order to create excellent iOS mockups of your products and find some clients in the mass of people who prefer iOS to other cell phone/tablet operative systems.

1. Choose the Right Template


Here you have to consider some important aspects. How much does your iOS app/website make use of the touchscreen? If you think your product uses the cell phone’s touchscreen a lot then look for a template with someone using the cell phone.

If accessibility and easy management of the screen is the best feature about your product, then you have to make sure you’re showing it at its best on your iOS mockups.

DropMock offers the best and most cutting-edge designs and templates so you can get noticed and optimize your business performance.

2. Exploit Your Product’s Potential


The idea is not to overwhelm the user, but to use your mockup to give a clear idea of how much your product can offer. For example, if your app focused on conference calls then show the option to add more people to the conversation, or a contact lists with each contact having a different status. If your website helps people find specific medicines with its price tag then show that on your mockup.

Don’t create an iOS mockup which won’t help your product set a difference between other products of the same kind.

3. Make the Template Go Along with your Target Audience


Wouldn’t it be weird to see Microsoft’s Excel running on the laptop of a guy who is on the peak of a mountain with a companion who is taking pictures of the landscape? A completely out of context template, right?

That’s the reason why you must avoid this and choose a template that synergizes well with your product. If yours is a product related to language learning then choose a template showing something regard traveling destinations or a classroom. If you are making an office software, then make sure the template looks like an office.

4. Be Careful with the Mode


Do you think people will use your product putting the screen in landscape mode or in portray mode? For instance, if your product is an interactive game where the user has to photograph window views then it’s obvious that most of the time users will use their cell phones in landscape mode.

Make your iOS mockup look like a sample of your product!

5. Your Logo Must Be On Point


Your logo or icon is the first impression users will have about your product. If your mockup shows a low quality logo people will think you’re not professional enough and won’t take your product seriously.

Do some research and compare your logo with your competitors’. Remember that a single iOS mockup showing your logo in the middle of your screen along other apps is a great way to see if it gets people’s attention.

6. Give People the Right Feel about Your Product


Remember colors are very relatable and one of the first things people take point out when they are exposed to new content.  That’s the reason why you should be careful with the colors you pick for your product.

For example, if you’re promoting a product that makes data entry easier would it look ok to have a lot of yellow and orange spilled all over the place? Perhaps some pastel blue would do the trick better, showing seriousness and control. Let the colors speak the right feeling you want to convey.

7. Don’t Overload your iOS Mockup


We know you’re proud of your product and you want to show the world how awesome it is and all the different features it has to offer. Nevertheless, overloading your presentation mockup with too many options and processes going on at the same time is not the solution.

Choose the one you consider the strongest feature of all and focus on it, it doesn’t matter how simple it is. Actually, keeping it simple and well-presented will pay off in the future.

8. Let the User Know Your Product is Just like Others… But Better

A relevant feature about Apple is the lack of buttons their products have. Most of their products only have 2 or 3 buttons and that’s also the reason why most apps and websites can be used in similar ways.

Point this out in your mockup showing your product is very similar to others but better designed or with a relevant aspect the other ones lack. If you can highlight how easy to use your product is, do it.

9. The Product Must be the Main Target of the Mockup


Even though some templates are excellent and the scenarios can attract everyone’s attention, they shouldn’t cast a shadow over your product. Make sure your product is the main target of the mockup and that it’s well-exposed.

For this purpose, once again, take into account the colors you use and how well they mix with the template you chose.

10. Keep in Mind How Different Devices are


An iPad and an iPhone can be very similar to each other but they also have really big differences. When you are showing how your product works in more than one device at the same time then make sure everything’s in its right place.

iPads’ screens are way bigger than iPhones’, you should take advantage of it and show a little more about your product. Extra space is always useful.

11. Users Should Know it’s Available in All Platforms


Your iOS mockup can feature an iPhone, an iPad and a Mac. This way users will know exactly how the app looks like in each one of those.

And you can even use it to show people different features about your app or website, it doesn’t have to be the same image!

Keep these tips in mind and create an iOS mockup that shows people how many things they could enjoy if they give your product a try.

DropMock does not require any Photoshop of video editing software to create the content you want for your business. The simple to use program allows you to create and add content and produce high-quality and very professional videos so that you can pave the way for your business and stand out from the rest.

Holding an iPhone Mockup by DropMock

What to Put On a Cell Phone Mockup

Whether you own an iOS device like an iPhone or iPad or an Android smart phone device, a PSD mockup or app design can be the perfect way to present your product to anyone in an advantageous and eye-catching way. With the cell phone or mobile phone market, in particular, mockup PSDs represent an ultimate resource to catch some new users for an app, phone display, or a website since it shows in true dimensions what the user interface would look like.

That’s it! People like realism because they can relate to it easily. A day-to-day situation pictured in a cell phone mockup template as a PSD file is just the perfect way to show your product to the world. And it has a wide range of uses! You can feature it on an advertisement spot, at the end of a video or in a slide for your next business meeting.

Now, one thing you always need to take into account for mockup PSDs or app designs is this: You don’t have much space, so you have to keep your mind focused and go straight to the point whenever you’re deciding the content you want to show to the viewer.

Now, we are going to focus on some things you may want to put on your cell phone mockup:

1) Your Company’s Logo

Your company’s icon or logo is the single most important visual representation of your business. You can’t take it lightly, it must be easy to relate to your brand and also appealing for people’s memory so they won’t forget about your product.

It’s an excellent idea to feature your company’s logo in a mobile phone mockup template. They’ll just look for it on the app store and download it. If the logo is related to the product you’re offering, for example, if you are selling a currency converter app, a logo made with some currency symbols is the best way to go! It should be appealing and easily recognizable to your brand.

2) A Screenshot of Your Product’s Main Menu

Another relevant part of your product is the first screen that will be shown to your users. That’s why making your main menu’s interface eye-catching and unique is so important. If you think your menu shows all the relevant features you want people to see then a screenshot of it is an excellent option to put in a cell phone mockup design.

Try to keep it as simple and legible as possible. There’s no point in a conglomeration of objects and unreadable letters that won’t show explicitly how the app works. Make your PSD mockup the closest experience to a sample of your product anyone could get.

3) Showcase the Most Relevant Features of Your Product

Perhaps you are showing the world something new. Something no one has ever done before and you want to take advantage of your innovation at its fullest. Well, do it! What’s stopping you?

Actually, if you can condense that most relevant feature from your app and show it in a capture, it is the perfect image to fit in your cell phone mockup design. If you have a website that can turn users’ monitor into a mirror (actually only by turning on their webcam) then show it in your mockup. Make it as clear and easy to understand as possible.

4) Did you Create an App? Your Cell Phone Mockup Can be a Capture of How It Looks in the App Store!

This wouldn’t only give people a precise view of what your app looks like on the app store but it’ll also give you the chance to show the rating it has on it. Maybe your reviews or the number of downloads is pretty good, this is great to captivate people’s attention and you should be aware of that.

This can also be very useful if you think your app’s user interface needs some improvement before having it as the image you’d use in a mockup.

5) Show it in Full Use!

Maybe your product doesn’t have a “flashy” feature. Well, a neat functioning is also a thing to be proud of. You can always feature a screenshot where your app or website is shown functioning at its best. This is a very cool idea for video apps and video games, just a usual mockup with an image of the process.

6) Does Your Company Have a Mascot?

Many companies like to have a pet for their branding purposes. A charismatic character people find interesting and funny. If that is the purpose of any company’s pet then why wouldn’t you feature it in your cell phone mockup?

This may be a better option for a product with a growing audience. If it’s the first time you are using mockups to promote your product then maybe featuring a process or your logo can be more useful than your pet. But if it’s something quite popular already, go for it!

7) If Your Product is Supposed to Have a Better Performance in Landscape Mode, Then Show It Off!

If you’re launching a product focused on video performance, such as a video player, then you should definitely try the landscape mode for your Cell Phone mockup. Using the landscape mode allows the users the chance to be able to appreciate the image at its best resolution. You are also featuring a high-quality function of the app that you want to make sure is not overlooked.

8) Whatever You Put, It Must Have A High-Quality Resolution

Don’t ever think about putting a low and pixelated screen cap or an image with saw teeth in your mockup. You have to show the best side of your product. It’s far better to use an HD image where all the small things on the screen can be appreciated by anyone.

Your choice must be something you think will impact your audience and not something they’ll quickly forget. It doesn’t matter if you’re using these mockup designs for a meeting or an advertisement—a well-presented image is always very important for the viewer to remember your brand.

Holding an iPhone Mockup by DropMock

DropMock offers thousands of different templates to choose from, and they can also help you significantly reduce the costs associated with creating and producing your mockups. DropMock provides a simple three step process, so there is no longer any wasted time spent learning editing software or Photoshop to get the high-quality results and content you want to showcase your business.

Using DropMock can award you with positive feedback from clients and even potential clients and it can be easily shared with other customers, friends, and family to highlight the best features of your brand.



DropMock - Different Types of Mockups

Different Types of Product Mockups

DropMock - Different Types of Mockups

Mockups and PSD mockups are used by a myriad of industries for every kind of product and service that one could imagine. There are as many different types of product mockups as there are products on the market and greatly benefit a design team’s development process in the production of its physical attributes and interface. It is important to understand where different types of product mockups fit into the design process using Photoshop PSD mockup design templates or similar, as well as how they can be used to improve the performance of the finished product at market.

Mockup Design Process

A mockup comes as the second step in a three-step design process. It is, arguably, the most important step in determining the final user interface (UI) experience of any product, before it goes into full physical or coding production. Mockups play a leading role in a products portrayal to administrators, stakeholders, and investors as it is the final stage in determining the overall design feature variations of a product. It provides the closest example for how the finished product will look. Before creating a mockup, the first stage of the design process is to create a product wireframe.



Product wireframes and mockups are often mistaken as each other; however, wireframes are only a skeleton of a product, whereas, mockups are the skeleton, muscles, organs and features. Wireframes are the foundational product construct, which comprises the raw elements that provide functionality and user interface to the mockup. Often, they are black and white and may begin as a hand sketched design.

For an online based product, such as an app or website the product wireframe will begin as a basic physical layout. It will most likely depict menu buttons, image scrollers, content placement, widgets, and more. Every element that the user will interact with is placed in the wireframe. For example, a wireframe would include the image scroller’s position and size, but would not include images. As a rule of thumb, wireframes are used for structure—not content.


A product mockup implements design aesthetics and content into the wireframe. The product mockup is the fun part. This is the stage where designers customize color schemes, graphics, logos, and more. Mockups are far from the finished product; however, they provide a medium in which to test features and implement changes, without working through extensive coding or physical manufacturing. For physical product mockups, the alternative is to manufacture a new physical model, every time there is a change in the design concept. By using digital product mockups, project design teams save time and money, by implementing progressive changes into a high quality digital, interactive product representation.

Mockups are largely representative, as opposed to interactive. For an app or website, the mockup might show where a linked button is and exactly what it looks like, but it isn’t a real button.



The final stage that a product goes through before going to market is the prototype. A prototype takes a mockup and puts it into the world of user interface. Though it is still aesthetically customizable, all of the necessary functionality will be more or less set in stone. One defining feature of a prototype is that the user interface is complete and functional, as it will be on the finished product. A mockup serves to help teams identify the user interface fundamentals, while the prototype gives insight to predict and solve issues as they are identified.

Product Mockups-Types and Design

Product mockups come in many types of design variation. Numerous usability features and creative branding elements play a part in a mockups design type. In the end, most teams end up trying a number of mockups before they determine the best fit for the product it features.

Physical Mockup


The traditional method of design and development work is to create a physical mockup by hand. If your product is a wine bottle, a designer would create a mockup out of a material that is easier to work with such as clay. This can be done relatively quickly for a small product; however, things become more difficult when the products grow in size.

The same is true with a mockup for a product online, especially for user interface-based products. Drawing a sketch of all the ways in which a website interfaces with its internal pages, as well as the redirecting which occurs online would get arduous. Luckily, computer technology has changed the way in which people can produce product mockups for projects of great size and complication.

Digital Mockup

DropMock - Different Types of Product Mockups

A digital mockup features all of the attributes of a physical mockup, except it exists on a virtual interface. For products that are internet based, this would seem obvious. However, mockups can be rendered digitally and for physical products as well. Using a digital interface to create a product mockup is, by far and away, more beneficial to design teams involved in the product’s development process. Changes and amendments to design and interface features are able to be made quickly and concisely for many different types of products.

In this day and age, e-commerce is, more and more, dominating the retail sales industry, along with many other goods and service based business. Take, for instance, a brick and mortar clothing retailer as opposed to an online clothing retailer. The physical store will likely have mannequins to display some of the featured apparel offered. With an online store, a product example is still required; however, there is no need for a physical model. Different types of product mockups will allow items to be displayed in many ways.

Still Image Mockups


For still images and portraits, you are able to display your product, via a downloadable mockup template. Simply upload your product image and place it in whatever type of product mockup that fits your needs. These still image mockups offer an alternative to costly and time-consuming photo shoots and graphic rendering. Instead of spending the time and money to find a location, hire a photographer and perform a shoot, product mockups offer pre-made templates, in which you can drag-and-drop your product image.

Moving Image Mockups


By far the most popular type of product mockups are moving images. These offer a range of possibilities for many types of products. Many products are built for use with a smart mobile device or computer. These moving image product mockups give users the ability to upload the images that correspond to each page of a website or app and load them into a mockup template, showing the app mockup in use. These might feature a user’s hand and fingers moving across an iPhone or iPad screen, simulating the app in use. Alternatively, you might upload your company’s logo into a moving image product mockup for a MacBook, which features a panning camera focused on a MacBook, which displays the logo or video clip of your choice.

Several types of product mockups simulate the interaction or user interface which will be experienced in the real world. They can be invaluable for many online developers and e-commerce businesses, due to their economy, efficiency, and effectiveness.

DropMock - Different Types of Mockups

Check out some of the product mockups offered at DropMock to find out how a product mockup might benefit your project. DropMock offers thousands of different image and video templates for still images as well as moving image mockups. They have a simple to do three step process.

First, choose the scene you feel will best match your video or image needs and then drop the image, video, or even audio into the DropMock template you have chosen. Finally, it takes just one click to weave your content into the video or image mockup you have chosen. You will see professional and high-quality results and it does not require any particular skills or training to use and implement quickly and efficiently.



Placeit Alternative

If you own a business then you know how essential it is to get new customers as often as possible. You know how much time and effort and money it takes to get those new customers too, right? You’ve probably done a lot of research on it. For example, how much each ad costs and then how many people it’s likely to turn into conversions. But what if you could cut your costs on producing those ads? What if you could get as many high quality ads as you wanted, at a lower price than ever before? What if you could create not only ads but all of your other marketing products as well? Well, DropMock makes that possible.

What is DropMock?


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The way you really know you’re getting high quality is because DropMock is also an in-house source for images and content creation. We make sure that all of the images you get for your mockup are going to be great looking because we have a staff of professional photographers that actually get out there and take the pictures themselves. You don’t have to worry about any kind of copyright issues or subpar images. Instead, you get exactly what you’re looking for absolutely every time. That’s definitely important when you’re running a business. You don’t have time for anything less than the absolute best.

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Why DropMock?


So, just why would you want to go with DropMock over any of our competitors? There are plenty of reasons, but let’s start with the high quality templates we have to offer. We have hundreds of different full-color; high quality templates that you can choose to start with, so you’ll have no problem getting a video that you can definitely be proud of and that your audience will enjoy watching. That’s the most important part, after all, that people are actually going to sit down and watch your video or advertisement, and with our templates and your information, that’s not going to be a problem. Unlike other services, you don’t have to tax yourself with learning complicated Photoshop or video editing programs.

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If you decide to change your slogan, start a new campaign or switch up your logo, it’s super easy to create a new video that uses all of your new information. Because none of our templates or design programs require you to know video editing, Photoshop or any other photo fix software, we’re great for even the beginner business owner and designer. You don’t need experience and you don’t need to get all the basic images yourself, because we’ve already done that part of the process for you. You just need an idea and images and designs that are specific to your business.

Another really cool offering is that we provide you with more than just everyday templates for your business. We also provide you with a range of themed templates that focus on specific holidays and special occasions, so you can create something tailored to the important things going on around you, whether you want a winter ad and a summer one or a holiday season ad and a beach one. You’ll find a range of a variety of themed templates. Our templates are so easy to use that you’ll have no problem changing it up frequently to really give your customers something to enjoy.

Special features that the other guys don’t offer include the ability to use multiple images in your mock up, including more than one slogan or logo. You can even use multiple designs to get an idea of what you really like and work your way from there. When it comes to some of the other features, you even get the mirror effect that no one else is offering you for your mock ups. What could be more fun than having the most options out of any of the currently available websites and programs for your mockups?

How it Works

The process to get your ads up and running is actually extremely simple. You start out by going through our selection of mockup templates to decide which one you like best. Don’t be surprised if you find several that you really like and don’t be afraid to try them out and see which one you like best when you’re all done. You’ll have a whole lot of fun not only putting together your own ad, but playing with some of the different options while you’re at it, just because it’s so easy to do.

Once you’ve selected the right template for you, it’s time to customize it. This is not only fun but a very straightforward process. You’ll get to check out what you’re starting with and then you get to drag and drop items both for yourself, from your logo and business name to your slogan and a whole lot more, to fun images from our selection. We have some great items that are precut to make sure you never get background colors or anything you don’t want and to make sure they are customizable to what you’re looking for in just the right place.

Once you’ve got everything personalized and customized to your own liking, you’re ready to start the marketing process. You can do that marketing however you like, which is definitely a highlight of our service. Your ad will be high quality enough that you’ll have no problem showing it off to everyone and making sure that your customers and potential customers are as thrilled with everything that you’ve put together as you are. After all, when you put that much work into something you’re definitely going to want people to see it, right? Why not show it off to the entire world?

Your Pricing Questions



But what about the pricing of these services? Many people would assume that they’d be paying a lot of money for something that allows you unlimited previews and tons of new templates each month. Especially if you take into account that you’re also getting the image editor, a cloud based storage drive, the ability to show off your creations whenever you want, easy uploading to YouTube and social media networks, a commercial license for your mockups and the drag & drop scene creator. However you can get access for a for an extremely affordable monthly rate. Even better, if you really want the best price you can sign up for one year of access and save even more.

If you are an enterprise client or an agency, looking for access for a larger group of companies or employees you’ll have no problem getting access to exactly the services that you need as well. That’s because there are plenty of options to attain everything you’re looking for, and all you have to do is get ahold of us and we’ll design just what you need for access and services. We’re here to help you out, no matter what your needs may be and we’ll come up with a pricing schedule that works for you.

Need Tips and Ideas?




If you’re not quite sure what you want to do next or how you can create something truly great for your company you can always check out our blog. There are always tips and tricks on how to use the system to get what you really want out of your mockups and our service as a whole. In fact, you’ll be able to find out a lot about what the system can do for you and what it takes for you to get the most out of it every time you sit down at your computer.

If you’re not sure what to do about your brochures, business cards or anything else, the blog can help you with some of those as well. There are design ideas, thoughts about what to put on each aspect of your advertising and marketing tools and lots of other pro tips and tricks. There’s no need for you to ever get stuck on marketing again. Everything is right there, with everything from new ideas to hot trends in the way of brand promotion and web design. There’s nothing too big or too small for DropMock to help you and your business out with.

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The days of spending lots of money and a whole lot of time on creating a great quality mockup are long in the past. There’s just no reason for it. There are plenty of options out there, and of course, there’s DropMock to combine all the qualities you’ve been looking for into one easy to use system. Why would you spend all that time slogging through old systems or trying to learn video editing to create a great mockup? Why would you spend thousands of dollars paying someone else to create that mockup for you? DropMock can ensure you don’t have to.

Getting the most for your money is definitely important for any business owner, and when you’re looking to get a great quality ad as well as great quality marketing products, you’re not going to go wrong with DropMock. With no experience necessary and everything ready for you to get started, you’re going to be more than happy with everything you get when you’re done with us, and that includes the price you pay for the entire thing.

DropMock - How To Create An iPad Mockup

How to make an iPad mockup

DropMock - How To Create An iPad Mockup

PSD mockups are the best way to advertise your apps and make presentations or concept images for your project in development. If what you desire is a beautiful and working PSD mockup of an iPad Air, iPad Pro, or iPhone to show your project perfectly, there are three main ways to make one:

  • You can use a service such as DropMock, to select from existing templates and drop your image into a ready to go mockup PSD file.
  • You can get an actual iPad Air, iPad Pro or other model and take a picture of it with excellent resolutions to afterward edit it in your preferred picture editing software.
  • Alternatively, you can create it digitally from scratch.

Using DropMock for an iPad Mockup

DropMock is an all in one mockup image and video design suite that does not require additional software like Photoshop or other editing software to achieve amazing and professional results. They feature standard or high definition quality, you are able to upload your own images, crop the images, preview the images before they are downloaded, and it is fast while still allowing you complete control over what you are doing.

To use DropMock to make an iPad mockup, it only takes three simple steps to get started:

  1. First, you select from one of DropMock’s many different and original in-house mockup scenes.DropMock - How To Make An iPad MockupIt takes only a few clicks to make a standard or high definition mockup for iPhone, iPad, mobile, or much more. You can also choose to upload your own image or use an URL so that DropMock can take a screenshot from the website you have chosen and use that image.
  2. Next, you can begin to customize the image you have selected.DropMock - How To Make An iPad MockupOne click is all it takes to put the image into the desired template. You also have the ability to crop the image to the size you want, and you can also preview the image and template before you even download it. By being able to preview the content first, you are able to save time by being able to choose only what you feel is the best.
  3. Finally, step three means you can now market and showcase your design. DropMock - How To Create An iPad MockupThe design can be marketed to help with your presentations; it can be added to Facebook and social media accounts, emails, or even your own website.

DropMock Versus Photoshop


There are several complicated steps involved in making an iPad mockup when you are utilizing software such as Photoshop:

1)     Open Adobe Photoshop and create a new document with a Width of 4000 pixels and a height of 3000 pixels and a resolution of 200. Set the Background Contents to Transparent.

2)     Select the Rounded Rectangle tool and click anywhere in the work area. Create a round black rectangle with the dimensions you can see in the second picture. (Width: 2800 px / Height: 1800px / Radii: 60 px on all 4 corners)

3)     Next, you’re going to create the rim that forms the edges of the iPad. For this, duplicate the rounded rectangle layer by pressing CTRL + J, this will bring a second identical shape on top of the previous one.

Change the color of the new rounded rectangle to silver (#dcdcdc) as shown in the picture.

4)     Rearrange the layers putting the silver rounded rectangle behind. (For beginners: You can do this by holding and dragging the silver layer down in the layer list).

5)     Having selected the Silver Rounded rectangle, press CTRL + T to use the Transform tool and resize the rectangle. Make it a few pixels bigger than the black one; the idea is to make a frame. (You can zoom in using the Zoom Tool for a better look at what you are doing).

Note: You can add a temporary black background to visualize the shape and size of the silver edge better.

6)     Go to Layer Style for the silver rectangle and add Bevel & Emboss as shown in the picture below. This is to add a slight depth to the silver edge.

Add a gray stroke and an outer glow, as shown in the next pictures.

After this, go to the black rectangle’s Layer Style and add a light gray stroke (#bdbdbd) as shown in the picture.

7)     To make the glass screen look more realistic, let’s add a lighting effect. First, using the Pen Tool, in a new layer on top of all the others, create a shape covering a section of the iPad’s body. The shape doesn’t need to be fancy at all; it just needs to cover the iPad like this:

After that, right click the closed shape and select Fill Path, set it to white color and press OK. Press Enter to discard the path.

Next, go to the layer of this shape (make sure this shape is on top of the black rounded rectangle layer) and position your cursor on the line between both layers while holding the ALT button, this should change your cursor to a tiny square with an arrow pointing down. Click, and you will mask the shape within the black round rectangle.

Now simply change the opacity of the White shape to 5-8%, depending on what looks better for you. 8)     Now it’s time to add the screen (the image you wish to display on the iPad or iPhone mockup). Simply put your picture in the middle of the iPad body. For reference, you can look up an actual iPad image on Google Images, so you can better fit the size of the screen.

9)     Now let’s add the iPad’s camera. Create three circles, one smaller than the other, each in a separate layer. Arrange them like in the picture with the following colors dark gray (#0e0e0e), blue (#070a36), and black.

– Add an outer bevel to the gray circle

– A black stroke to the blue circle

– A Bevel & Emboss to the black circle

Now you have your camera, select all three layers and position the camera in the proper place on the iPad.

10)  Finally, it’s time to create the Home Button. Create a circle in a new layer and fill it with dark gray (#121212). Open the Layer Style and set up Bevel & Emboss in the following manner. Change all the settings as you see in the picture. The depth and size values might look different in your circle depending on its size so this, in part, you can adjust these values to what looks best on your design. The outcome should be like in the picture:

Next, create a black rounded rectangle. Position it in the middle of the circle and open its Layer Style to add a silver stroke:

After this, reduce the rectangle’s opacity to at least 60-65%. You can now join both layers or select them together. Move them to the right position on the iPad’s body and resize it to what looks best using the Transform Tool (CTRL + T), Remember to spin it according to the iPad’s position (horizontal or vertical) so the lighting makes sense.

If you are not interested in the many steps and twists and turns that you will need to follow while using a complicated program like Photoshop, then DropMock is the best solution for creating high-quality images and templates for your marketing needs without the fuss of learning a new program and acquiring special skills and training.

Photoshop takes much longer than DropMock which causes you to lose valuable time. By using DropMock, you can considerably cut down on production costs and instead, utilize the simple drag and drop interface.

DropMock Blog - iPhone Mockup by PSDHands

iPhone 6 Mockup App

Online App Mockup Tools and Programs


It has been proven by companies like Uber, Amazon, and Google that mobile app technology has the power to influence the world at large and even change it—forever. However, mobile platform programming is a niche skillset which most entrepreneurs do not possess. Luckily, anyone can create a mockup of their world-changing app without any computer coding skills at all with the advent of online app mockup tools and programs for prototyping applications on the iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPad, other iOS devices, Android 7, and many more.

One of the reasons to use an inexpensive or even free iPhone PSD mockup is in the huge stockpile of mockup template designs available through online prototyping resources. This is beneficial when making an app mockup, because of the wide array of design implementation options granted by the stockpile of iPhone 6 mockup PSD files. However, no matter what mobile device you have in mind for your app, there exists a plethora of mockup images and videos to choose from.

iPhone Mockups

It is, probably, impossible to wade through every single iPhone mockup PSD file that is available online. Fortunately, we have gone through many to hand-select the iPhone 6 and 7 mockup designs that exhibit the highest quality design features and performance standards. If you still can’t find a suitable iPhone mockup below, check out the vendor’s site for more product options. Remember, if the mockup is free or you are not receiving any other benefits or advantages from the service, then you may not be receiving a superior and high-quality product that you need and expect.

Free-to-Download iPhone Mockups

iPhone Mockups by PSDhands

DropMock Blog - iPhone Mockup by PSDHands

PSDhands is a one-stop-shop for mockups of iPhones being held by hand. No matter what you need the hands to be doing in your iPhone 6 mockup app, they have a perfect stock mockup for your prototype. Users can pick from a wide array of male and female hand models for their mockup, as well as a vast selection of background colors, iPhone positioning, hand interaction, and more. The free sample includes one mockup of a front facing, portrait iPhone 6, cradles in a woman’s hands with relaxed fingertips. To gain access to the PSDhands stockpile, users will be required to purchase a license, which will either be around $15 – $45, depending on the quality resolution that you desire.

Free PSD iPhone 6 Mockup on Coffee Table

DropMock Blog - iPhone Mockup by ColorlibOne of the best online resources for free templates, themes, and mockups, is Colorlib. The Coffee Table iPhone 6 mockup is simply beautiful. Featuring elegantly dark tones and earthy wood textures amid a burning hearth, the iPhone 6 seems to fit in, bringing a refinement and modern touch. Colorlib offers many PSD mockups that are all free for download; however, they may fall short in resolution quality, especially if you intend on printing your mockup graphics. This is a great iPhone 6 mockup graphic which can be used in schools, libraries, cabins, offices, and lodges.

Vintage Free PSD iPhone 6 Mockup

DropMock Blog - Vintage iPhone6 Mockup by AllanIngwersen

With a gorgeous, photorealistic resolution, Vintage is the best iPhone 6 app mockup graphic for services wanting to promote the “better things in life.” The iPhone 6 sits casually catty-cornered to the crystal stem of a shimmering water goblet, lit in the late afternoon sun.  A table of interwoven bamboo holds the iPhone 6 in hues of light, earthy greens and brown. This mockup is perfect for travel and hospitality services and products, as well as restaurants and bars which feature a Mediterranean or European theme.

Pay-to-Download iPhone Mockups

For those who need a multitude of iPhone app mockups of differing styles, qualities, and attributes it may be a good idea to spring for a paid bundle. As no one would pay for a single photo, most pay-to-download iPhone mockups come as a large pack, usually including many different mockups of your specific request. Here, are some of the best iPhone Mockups for sale.

Apple Device Mockups Bundle

DropMock Blog - Apple Devices Mockup by RadekBroz

With over 188 Apple device mockup graphics, users will be sure to find the best fit for their prototype. It contains 48 iPhone 7 mockups and 12 iPhone 6 mockup graphics in varying angles and positions and all of the images are shot in high-quality resolution. Inserting images into the mockup screens is easy and quick, thanks to its exclusive editing program. To top it off, this bundle features optional shadows in each image, an optional screen reflection, and ongoing updates from the developers. For under $40, the Apple Device Mockup Bundle is our top choice for the iPhone 6 and 7 mockup graphics available.

Bundle iPhone 7 MockUp

DropMock Blog - iPhone7 Mockup by Mockup Store

For a significant saving with a Apple Device Mockups Bundle, the Bundle iPhone 7 Mockup is available for download in the $10 range. However, this product focuses on quality over quantity as it includes 12 new iPhone 7 mockup graphics, as opposed to the 188 graphics offered above. In 12 mockup graphics, it eloquently features a white iPhone 7 at many different angles and variations. What it lacks in numbers, though it makes up for in versatility as all of the graphics are compatible to seamlessly be edited in Adobe Photoshop. Available through Creative Market, the Bundle iPhone 7 Mockup package is great for cutting-edge iPhone app mockups.

500+ Screen Devices Mock Up Pack

DropMock Blog - Screen Mockups by MockupStore

For those who need a library at their fingertips, the 500+ Screen Device Mockup Pack will certainly satisfy your needs. Over 500 mockups are included for every PC and mobile device—from iPhones to Androids to Google phones and LG. Perhaps the best value here listed, this bundle is available through the Creative Market for around $15, making it the best bang for your buck.

Dropmock Templates and Packs

DropMock MyCatalogue Screen Device Mockups

Dropmock.com is one of the easiest ways to create great content quickly and does not require any special editing or Photoshop knowledge. DropMock includes a new MyCatalogue Feature so that users are able to showcase all of their images and designs to customers and is a way to create an image portfolio for later. You will receive an URL that will be your own, and the images are retained by the owner without having to use a watermark.

There are thousands of mockups to choose from, and you can easily produce high quality and professional images and videos for your business by using the simple drag and drop functionality of the interface. By purchasing the license, you will be gaining access to trendy designs, thousands of templates, and you can also create your own personalized mockups using your own images that you are able to customize as you see fit.

For only $197 for the entire year, you are receiving unlimited previews, the image editor, My Drive (cloud based storage), a commercial license for using mockups, a drag and drop scene creator, and access to thirty new image templates every single month. You can also pay $37 for the month and receive most of the same features and benefits. Dropmock.com also has a White Label Plan that is specifically designed for Enterprises and Agencies.

App Mockup Tools and Programs

DropMock Phone Screen Mockup for Apps and Videos

If you are looking for an all-in-one mockup tool to use with a development team, we have put together a few of the reliable services and programs to check out. These tools can take your world-changing app idea from your brain and onto an iPhone 6 app. It all starts with careful planning and preparation—prototyping and patience—which is where these tools and programs really come into their own. These tools allow teams to work remotely on a single objective, spanning over the course of a project and let teams share iPhone mockup apps with each other simultaneously, which improves the efficiency and cost-effectiveness in creating an iPhone mockup app.


Business Card Mockup Generator

Business Card Mockup Generator – The Best Way To Create Your Own Business Card Mockup

Business Card Mockup Generator

Every successful business is built on trust between the proprietor and the client or customer. For any company to thrive, the company must have mastered the art of keeping customers happy and must have created a healthy working environment. There are diverse ways companies leave an impression with a new customer or an employer and the business card is one of such.

A business card consists of the owner’s name, company position, business address, professional occupation, and some other relevant information. This card is usually given to a client and it conveys the complete image of the business or company and every other professional image people (especially clients) should remember. Business cards may also include details such as your social media addresses (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, etc.). In the days of old, business cards usually contain telex details.

Times have changed and we are in a world where almost everything seems to have been digitalized. It may, therefore, not be too pleasant to just hand over a physical business card. This is why business card mockup templates and PSD mockup templates are very important and relevant.

PSD mockups are free Photoshop plugins for creating great app design mockups including for PSD business cards. A business card template mockup design can simply be described as a credit card-sized arrangement of text, a logo design, and pictures that are to be printed. In order words, it is a prototype or a template (or PSD file) of what the original looks like.

Mockups serve as a means for manufacturers of products, designers, and engineers to receive feedback from customers, clients, and users of a particular brand of product. This helps them to know what aspect of the design or manufacturing process to improve upon or change entirely.

Therefore, a business card mockup can be defined as an arrangement of business or personal details in texts and pictures with the aim of selling the company name or brand name to potential customers and clients. Business card mockups help businesses and firms to save money and cut costs on producing their business cards. It is better to make a mistake in the template (which can ultimately be corrected) than to move into the full production stage with a design that will still require adjustments and amendments. A mockup is a resemblance of the final product. It gives you an idea of how the final business card will look.

Business Card Mockup


Every business owner or proprietor wants to ensure his business is popular and well-known by different people even in the most remote places. This will ultimately improve the profit margin.

However, the most effective way to convince your clients, customers, and other probable users of your product is to have an attractive business card and a decent presentation of the design of such products. To improve the beauty and attractiveness of business card, a mockup is required as this is the template upon which lovely business cards are built.

Business card mockups help you to improve your visual campaign and should be a vital component of your visual marketing strategy. It also helps your business to attract more attention in a short amount of time and win the hearts of prospective customers and your target market.

Business card mockups are inexpensive and are mostly free to use. They also possess certain features and elements (such as color and texture) that can be edited easily.

Business Card Mockup Generator


Just as the name implies, a business card mockup generator is used to produce or create business cards easily.

There are several websites on the Internet which can be used to generate mockups. This is a very easy process and it allows you generate different mockups without you needing to break a sweat. The only stress you may have to go through is to drag-and-drop your business card designs into any of these websites. The site will generate a business card mockup for you which can be downloaded easily in a twinkle of an eye. DropMock.com is a typical website offering easy and cost-efficient business card mockup generation. It affords you the opportunity to display your newest and latest designs by creating immensely outstanding business card mockups.

If you prefer to try out several high-definition mockups already created, you’ll just need to edit name tags, drag-and-drop the pictures on your business card mockup and, voila, it’s ready for use. By making use of business card mockup generators, you will be able to produce and generate original, authentic, and visually attractive business card mockups that will stand the test of time.

Serious companies who know the value of adverts make investing in a business card mockup generator a key aspect and a fundamental asset of their marketing and branding strategy.

A business card mockup generator helps you to outshine your market competitors and puts you ahead of the rest. There would be no need for Photoshop when you use a business card mockup generator and this helps you to save time as well as producing top-notch business card mockups which are pleasing and appealing to the eyes.

They are also very easy to use and all that is required of you is to select a preferred image which you would love to display on the business card mockup, drag such image and drop it into the chosen template. You can also input a link. This will help you to be able to resize the business card mockup.

Business card mockup generators are automated. The process of creating a business card mockup on an online (a reputable site like Dropmock) is quite easy as stated above. Just a quick drag-and-drop should do the trick; however, you might need to edit the information contained if you would be using an already created design/picture.

Smart business owners know that using a business card mockup generator is the preferred option for creating your business card designs as it helps save your time. Also, they help you achieve your aim of producing quality business cards and in a short amount of time, as well as help to propel the growth of your business and brand.

DropMock Phone Mockup

Phone Mockup Generator

DropMock – Phone Mockup Generator Software

DropMock is an Online Mockup Scene creator program,which you can use to create phone mockups, office scene mockups, desktop mockups and much more. The DropMock software is an ideal Phone Mockup Generator, which allows users to easily upload, edit and embed images on to an image of a mobile phone, tablet and/or desktop.
The DropMock image mockup software makes it easy for you to showcase your product without being a professional photographer or graphic artist by offering you well-thought-out templates of our gorgeous mockups e.g mobile phone mockups, office scene mockups, desktop mockups and more.


The DropMock mockup phone generator templates and tools can be used by anyone and it does not require any Photoshop, photography and/or graphical skills. The DropMock mock-up creator tool does all the hard work for you.

iphone6onlaptop-e1458404073419The fun doesn’t stop there, DropMock is packed full of additional features including an easy to use Image Editor, Video Mockups and Showcase/Sharing software.  Signup to DropMock today and unlock the graphical skills you never thought you had.

For more information about the DropMock software or to use the Phone Mockup Generator tool, signup today.

MyCatalogue – DropMock’s new added feature

DropMock : New MyCatalogue Feature


MyCatalogue is an added feature in DropMock wherein users can showcase their mocked up images to their customers, would be customers and also to friends and relatives.  The idea is somewhat similar to a printed catalogue that you provide to your customers and they would picked the photos they want. This can be used as well for building an image portfolio or just simply showcasing your photos for personal consumption. Having MyCatalogue can also help you organize your photos that is comparable to an image organizer.


What’s good about this new feature is that there is no link whatsoever to DropMock and definitely without any watermark. The URL that will be used will be your own URL so you can claim 100% that the images are entirely your own.


The new feature is very easy to use, in fact it can be done in less than a minute. Simply go to your MyDrive, pick the photos you want, click the eye icon, copy the embed code and then paste on to your WordPress site.


This by the way is exclusive to the EMC or Designers Club members only.
Photo courtesy of Cameron Wood of the Narrative Lens.
To view the complete catalogue, please click here:



Online Mockup Software takes Marketing Graphics to Another Level

DropMock : Online Mockup Software


We all know that we only get one chance to make a good impression – whether that’s in the way we present ourselves, or the way in which we present our business. And, with so much competition in the business world, getting your graphic design right is vital for optimal customer engagement. However, producing great graphics can sometimes prove difficult; especially if you’re not an expert in Photoshop or graphic design, and you don’t have the budget to employ a designer. And that’s where our mockup software can help, as it makes it possible for businesses of all kinds to produce professional and sharp looking graphics that can be used to spread your message and company ethos across a range of mediums. What’s more, using online mockup software like our DropMock mockup tool is easy, and allows you to create a professional mockup online via a simple 3 step process.



Online mockup software tools can help you to build an engaging brand or message

Good design enables you to reach your audience in a memorable way. It helps you to get noticed. It helps to build customer engagement and to build your brand. Therefore, it’s important to target your audience in a way that’s not only attractive and functional, but professional too. Your brand should engage and connect on all levels, and communicate your ideas, your message and your products in a relevant and appealing way. However you choose to do this, the ultimate aim is to create a positive impression and avoid misunderstandings. On the other hand, a poorly designed logo, brochure or other marketing tool can have a negative effect and leave them with a poor impression of your company.

One thing’s for sure – there’s no room for mediocre design in today’s fast paced marketing world, and tools such as DropMock can make the whole process so much easier.


Put in its most simple form, a mockup tool is a specially designed tool or app that can be utilised to create a ‘mockup’ of a design, or to evaluate an idea. With our mockup software you have the ability to simply drop your own photos and images into one of our professionally shot scenarios, complete with graphics if required. And, with literally hundreds of scenes to choose from, no matter what kind of business you’re in, there’s sure to be something to suit.

Once produced, it’s then just a simple case of uploading your finished product, allowing you to showcase and promote your brand via your website, social media or a range of other mediums.


One big advantage of using online mockup software is that it frees up your time to concentrate on your business. It does away with the tedious processes normally associated with product design and the manipulation of graphics, and allows you to produce stunning visuals at the touch of a button. It’s a fuss-free way to showcase your products, your website and your business without having to go to the expense of employing  someone to do it for you. And, perhaps most importantly of all, it can save you money by enabling you to see the finished article, thus allowing you to tweak and adjust the design and images, before committing to print or publication.


If you’ve ever struggled with creating professional looking graphics, you’re going to be amazed by how easy our new mockup tool can be. In fact, we suspect that you’re going to become a little addicted to trying out new combinations. The process is so simple and yet produces such professional and effective results, we predict you’re going to want to DropMock everything!