Macbook Mockup by DropMock

How to create a MacBook Pro Mockup

Macbook Mockup by DropMock

The best method for creating a MacBook Pro mockup is to choose the best mockup template designs based on your intended usage. Like with iPhone mockups and iPad mockups the MacBook in your mockup may only need to be sized for a computer screen or perhaps the ad will also go to print. Other than the graphic quality of the image content which will be displayed on the MacBook Pro mockup, the biggest task is to find mockups that suit your business goals and brand image.

How to Make a MacBook Mockup

Mockups, and even free PSD mockup designs, are high resolution and relatively easy to produce; however, they are not as simple as one would think. Such is the ignorance of the uneducated viewing a work of art. If it is a good piece, done with skill, you shouldn’t see the brush strokes. In fact, it might almost look easy. Don’t be fooled—the better a mockup looks, the more skill that went into creating it in its current form. If you are looking for a MacBook Pro mockup, there are two key ways of getting one.

From Scratch

Creating a mockup PSD in high resolution from scratch is an in-depth process that requires photography and digital photo editing expertise in order to create a mockup PSD of superior quality to what you can find online. That being said, the ability to create your own mockup from scratch inherently gets rid of any limitations that one might experience in searching the web. Instead of hoping to find the perfect free mockup for MacBook Pro Retina or other variation, one could just create it themselves.

There are several hurdles to mount before one could conceivably create their own mockups. First, a camera is important to capture the images that will be placed together as part of your mockup. It is also necessary for the camera to be digital in order to convert the photos into Adobe Photoshop. It will not be sufficient for professional uses to capture your images with a smartphone. Once the images are on the computer, they can be edited in Photoshop to construct the mockup for your MacBook Pro. Honestly, there are professionals who make these images for a living, which is why it is much more convenient and time efficient to get your MacBook Pro mockup online.

However, if you have no Photoshop or other video editing software experience, then DropMock offers a simple to use and easy three step process to create or upload images you would like to use. There are also thousands of different templates you can choose from in order to find the best fit for your individual needs. It is quick, easy, effective, and you will yield high-quality results that look as if they took more time to accomplish than they actually did.

From a Template

There exist hundreds, if not thousands, of MacBook Pro mockups that are available online. With these, all of the heavy lifting is done for you, with no need to open up Photoshop. Simply drag-and-drop or upload your image into the mockup template and instantly create a MacBook Pro mockup for your business. These mockups are available through many different online retailers and vendors, ranging from around $30 for a large bundle with a number of mockups being available for free. DropMock offers competitive pricing and offers more perks and advantages over other mockup retailers.

MacBook Pro Mockups is one of the best resources found on the Internet for providing high quality, industry standard mockup templates to purchase with a few free mockups. Often, these come with multiple graphic templates, displaying the MacBook Pro Retina in differing positions and environments. Purchasable mockups are often of a higher resolution than that of their free counterparts, which increases the sizing and printing options available for your mockup.

1. MacBook Mockups

DropMock Blog - Macbook Mockups

Featuring a sleek, clear view of the laptop screen, MacBook mockups display a beautiful brand logo or image. The pack comes with 20 high-resolution mockup templates, all shot in 3000×2000 pixels and 300 dpi .PSD files, also with a smart object feature. They are high-quality and good value, coming in at around $14. Simply download and place your image into the MacBook mockups.

2. Clean&Neat – iMac/MacBook Mockups

DropMock Blog - iMac And Macbook Mockups

Offered through for under $20, Clean&Neat provides just what it claims to for MacBook mockups. The bundle includes 15 iMac 21-inch computer and MacBook Air 13-inch mockups, which are formatted for Photoshop. Clean&Neat features a modern, sharp aesthetic appearance with professional backlighting and focus themed templates. For users, just paste the image of your choice in the designated spot, via Photoshop, and the formatting automatically converts it to the proper angle ratio.

3. MacBook Pro Front Mockup

Straightforward, beautiful, simple, high-quality and cost-effective—the MacBook Pro Front Mockup is a great option for those who require only a front facing perspective. This mockup design for MacBook is offered for about $4, which may seem like a hefty tag for one mockup. However, the MacBook Pro Front Mockup is designed for users with minimal Photoshop skills. The user interface is intuitive and fast and automatically customizes the shadow properties to match both the MacBook Pro mockup, as well as the image in the background. The mockup package features a transparent background and a white background on which layers can be built or into which images can be pasted. It is built with the option to edit reflections, which the user can either turn on or off. MacBook Pro Front mockup is the best single-use MacBook Pro mockup on our list because it features 5k high-quality photorealism and it is designed for Photoshop laymen.

4. Retina MacBook Front View

For those who only require 2D support, the Retina Macbook Front View is a great option for the value. Offered for about $2, this mockup is great for those who looking for something inexpensive, but still need a MacBook Pro mockup template of good quality. The mockup features one front-facing template of a MacBook pro, on which, you can create layered PSD templates to put in 2D graphics. It features retina display resolution of 2880×1800 and 300 dpi, for a crystal clear image. Although, it does not carry as much functionality as the Macbook Pro Front Mockup, for half the price you get a MacBook mockup that is appropriately designed for professional use and presentations.

DropMock for MacBook Pro Mockups

If you do not want to mess around with the confusing and complex world of mockups with editing software and Photoshop, then is the best solution for you. DropMock has a high end and cloud-based mockup design suite that includes already made image designs for the iPhone, iPad, and mobile and they can be downloaded in standard or high definition. DropMock also features iPhone, iPad, iMac, and MacBook designs for software, social, and even online niches.

Difference between DropMock and the other Companies

There are several reasons that DropMock differs from their competitors. Not only do they have competitive pricing and offer a thirty-day money back guarantee, but they also offer designs that will stand apart from the competition. They also create a more enjoyable customer experience and make your brand stand out and become more recognizable without all the fuss of other software programs and complicated and drawn out processes.


6 Impressive Corporate Brochure Design Ideas to Create a Stunning Brochure

If you are a business organization, you should know the needs for a great brochure design and how to make your brochure ‘sell for you.’

Not sure what a business brochure is? Put simply, a great brochure is basically a small-sized magazine usually created by a graphic designer (usually a single fold brochure template, bi-fold, or tri-fold brochure), which has vivid pictures, nice color scheme, lots of white space, a nice shape, and detailed information about a product or service that the company is offering. A great brochure design also matches the brand identity of the company and talks to its target audience. It’s often a color brochure, but can be black and white or another tone and it often left in the open (on racks, shelves or the coffee table) to stand out and draw in readers.

Company brochures are an effective way for businesses to market themselves and talk to its target audience. With a robust yet effective brochure design and a detailed brief of your products and services, you are sure to leave a mark in the business the world.

Impressive corporate brochure designs are still a thing today and have been proven to be an effective marketing plan so don’t be deceived into thinking that the digital era has taken a swipe at offline marketing and branding. That’s not the case in today’s world, actually, and you still need to have an impressive corporate brochure to land leads outside of the ‘WWW.’

If you are interested in generating more offline leads and would love to have an efficient corporate brochure handy at all times, then read on. We’ll be looking at six impressive corporate brochure design ideas to create a stunning brochure.

We know that you want to land offline leads thus you require an excellent brochure to inform and educate, be authoritative, give real credibility, attractive and persuasive and most importantly to sell your business or service. These design idea tips should help you get the best of your corporate brochure once interpreted by the graphic powerhouse you would be using.

6 Impressive Corporate Design Ideas and Tips for a Stunning Brochure

1. Get Creative, Stay Simple!

The aim of your brochure is to attract and convert new leads. Sometimes you don’t need to overdo your design needs to be effective lead magnets. A simple design will likely get you more leads if it’s creative enough than a sophisticated design.

Taking a look at the design of the above brochure you see creativity at its peak. This brochure deviates from the regular flat structures most brochures come as but instead takes an interactive form in a multi-dimensional approach.

From the design look above, you’ll see that it’s engaging and thus would create an impression the user would probably never forget. This can be a great design idea to create even more stunning and interactive corporate brochures.

2. Small is NICE!

Small brochures great brochures if you keep it sleek looking, classy and informative. The notion bigger is better might not apply to brochures. A smaller brochure is easy to carry around, create a lasting impression if creative enough and has a greater chance of being held onto.

Looking at the attached picture, you can see a three-fold brochure that’s small, yet packed with all the required details including pictures and texts. Also, has a comfortable triangular size. This idea can be used for more distinct corporate brochures with a little tweak.

3. Display Matters

When designing your corporate brochure, you should also consider your method of display. Would you just stack them up in a pile on a desk? Alternatively, would you place them a box or visible storage? Whatever way you would be displaying your brochure, try to integrate the design for the designated area.

A look at the above brochure display and the box shows that the design has been integrated into the storage box for the company’s brochures. This simple yet unique display has helped the combination appear professional and well thought out. It would impress any customer of the business and encourage them to pick up a brochure to see what’s in it. This is a practical idea for corporate brochures to implement and have displayed at front desks to catch attention.

4. Cleverly does it…

A clever approach is always a better approach. Corporate brochures are not always meant to be boring. You can try something clever by showcasing a veritable message. You can make your corporate brochure attractive with simple details about your offering splashed on the front just like the above-pictured brochure.

The message from the pictorial representation above is ‘change’ (folding) the future. You can see what they did there, folded the brochure in two with ‘the future’ taking the second part. This brochure’s meaning is vivid, but how they plan to achieve the change, you should find inside the brochure. You can integrate such in your corporate brochure design by tinkering with your message and if rewording would provide a smart approach to get the brochure in more potential leads hands, then, by all means, go for it.

5. Material Matters

You can create a stunning brochure from a lot of materials both recyclable and non-recyclable materials. However, if you’d like your corporate brochure to stand out from the crowd, then consider using a related material with your line of work. One thing worth noting is recyclable materials strike a nerve in customers, especially as they make your business appear a little more “green” and environmentally friendly. So, if your business can be made to appear green with materials, then go for it, just as the above brochure for a printing company which is made of recycled paper and several touches of bright green, giving the brochure a seemingly earthy feel.

6. Brochure Inserts

Not all brochures come with inserts; however, if your corporate brochure would feature physical media items in them—DVD plates or CD plates, etc.—then you can make the most of the brochure by adding a spot for the item and ensuring it is properly and beautifully inserted to ‘beg’ for pickup.

The image above is a good example of properly displaying an insert. From the image you can see the CD pops out once the brochure is opened, begging for it to be picked up and played. The pop out mechanism gives the brochure’s interior a new dimension thus changing the brochure’s interior from the usual flat dimension to attractive multi-dimensional innards.

How to Create a Facebook Ad Mockup

Advertisements and advertising campaigns are a vital cog in the wheel of any thriving business or company reaching its target audience. In fact, it is a necessary evil for any firm that is keen on building its brand. It is the most efficient way to building and selling a brand and it is the only avenue by which target custom audience, clients, and producers can get to know what product you are selling or what services you are offering.

Adverts help you to make a lasting first impression with your product or service in the minds of your target audience and customers, and this explains why companies budget and spend a large chunk every business year for advertisement purposes.

Facebook is, of course, a big player in the advertisement industry and several companies flock to the social networking platform to try to generate leads, clicks, views and what have you to their businesses and brand promotions. One way to get the most out of your advertorial is to create a stunning ad mockup.

Creating converting Facebook ad mockup can be very stressful and time consuming, especially if you would need to share it with your co-planners, get feedback, make amends here and there, and put in some more effort to get the ad mockup ready for use.

Before we talk about how to create a Facebook ad mockup, let’s break down the meaning of ad mockup just in case you are not familiar with the abbreviation or the meaning of the word mockup.

Ad mockup means placement or structural representation of pictures and texts which are ready for printing (or in this sense, ready for use on Facebook). A mockup is simply a preview of thought out ad design or a working sample which are you considering using for your Facebook ad campaign.

Several online sites are offering Facebook ad mockup creation services but can you entrust your business growth to an unknown place? Even if you can, it’s not recommended.

This is why Facebook has thought things over and established a tool to help get your adverts worth viewing also giving you a sense of security and privacy. Facebook’s creative hub was designed to help you create an impressive looking ad mockup which should get you more views, conversions, and sales.

What is Facebook’s Creative Hub?

How to Create a Facebook Ad MockupFacebook’s Creative Hub is an innovative section on the social networking platform which lets users creates mockups as they like. Users can use the hub for creating Instagram or Facebook ad mockups very quickly.

The Creative Hub was beta tested by several agencies with over 30 years of experience and after feedbacks and adjustments to the hub, Creative Hub was opened to the entire database of Facebook users seeking to create the best Facebook ad mockup.

Currently, Creative Hub is open to all Facebook users, but there’s a limit to the ad units supported by the social media platform.

Facebook and Instagram are the current supported social medias where you can create your ad mockups for (there’s a reason for that) and each of the platforms has a select number of units available for which ad mockups can be created.

Facebook, for instance, has the most number of units with a total of eight (8) available for the platform. Mockups can be created for these units:

  • Carousel ad
  • Image ad
  • Video ad
  • Slideshow ad
  • Canvas ad
  • 360 ad
  • Website link ad
  • Video link ad

Instagram, on the other hand, has just four (4) units available:

  • Instagram stories
  • Carousel ad
  • Image ad
  • Video ad

How to Create a Facebook Ad Mockup

Each of the individual Facebook ad units can be created using the step-by-step instructions below, but we’ll be using the website link ad to cite a practical example.

Before you begin creating a Facebook ad mockup, ensure you are already logged into your Ads Manager or if you use the Business Page, then the Business Manager.

Step I: Click on Creative Hub

Step II: Choose the image you’d like to use

Step III: Locate the Facebook Website Link Ad, and then click on ‘Create Mockup.’

Step IV: Place all the required elements for the Ad unit you’ve selected. You should also be mindful of the mockup you are selecting as Creative Hub is used for both Instagram and Facebook ad mockups so choose fitting Facebook elements.

All elements should be appropriately filled, but if you happen to skip any, you’ll be reminded of an error message.

Step IV: Select the preview option to see how the ad looks on different browsers and placements including the right column of Facebook, mobile news feed, feature phones, PC view news feed.

PS: Facebook has a strict image/text rating. Therefore, to ensure your Ad mockup would be accepted, click the Image Text Check to see what the social media platform thinks about your Ad mockup.

Step V: Save and share your ad mock up with friends, colleagues, and the boss or even client to rate before continuing.

Not sure how to save? You can get the shareable link of your live ad mockup by clicking the arrow button located near the send to a mobile button as seen below.

PS: You should know that once shared on Facebook, the previewed ad would be displayed with a small “shared by _____ (the visible Business Manager Account name) for users with a business manager account, while users with personal accounts who access the business manager from their personal accounts who have their personal account name displayed.

Creative Hub also allows you to ‘push’ the created ad to your mobile device and allowing you view the preview live on your Facebook app, so you get a hands-on view of what your created ad mockup looks like before it goes live.

Overall, while there are a lot of ways of creating Facebook ad mockup, Creative Hub by Facebook provides a more interactive, detailed and thoughtful way to create an ad mockup which can be viewed live on Facebook’s mobile app or shared with a select few before it goes live.

How To Create Your Own Product Mockup

A mockup can simply be defined as an original object or form of an object which serves as a basis for other objects, other forms, or for its models and generalizations. It is a sample which is built to test an existing process or a concept.

A mockup is very useful and important for teaching, evaluation of existing and intended designs, demonstration, and promotion. If it is it able to deliver a reasonable part or amount of the main functions of a system, a mockup can be termed as a prototype.

Mockups serve as an avenue for product manufacturers, designers, and engineers to get feedback from customers and users of a particular brand of product. This helps them to know what aspect of the product design style guide, retail packaging design branding or manufacture to improve on or change entirely.

PSD Mockups are also helpful as they also help to save money and cut costs. It is better to make a mistake in the replica (which can ultimately be corrected) than to move into the full production stage with a design that will still require adjustments and amendments. A mockup is a resemblance of the final product.


The sole aim of every business owner or manufacturer is to make a profit and make it massively. However, there is no other way to convince your clients and potential users of your product without a decent presentation of the design of such products. There are diverse ways to make your product design stand out of the crowd and using mockups is a real weapon that a manufacturer can use to impress his clients. It should be noted that mockups are only a visual tool and are not the ultimate product that you are offering to a customer.


Four primary ways can be adopted in creating a mockup for a product or an item. Each of these four methods is discussed in detail.


This can be done by combining your preferred images and photos and adjusting them after that using a photo editing application such as Photoshop. This method is advantageous because you have the privilege of altering and changing until you get what you desire or that design that suits your taste and meets all your requirements. In this method, you call the shots from scratch and make all the decisions that pertain to the design process. In order words, you have your destiny in your hands as far as the course of creating the mock-up is concerned.


There are some templates of mockups that make use of smart objects. This makes the process of adjusting them to your design pattern quite easy and plain sailing. What a smart object does is to preserve the source content of an image, keeping all its original traits and characteristics, at this moment allowing you to be able to perform editing to the layer which will not destroy its originality. These layers (smart objects) consist of image data from vector images or rasters such as Illustrator files and Photoshop.


This is also an excellent way of creating a mockup for your product. The Photoshop action enables you to be able to record tasks as actions and replay the steps which will automatically help you to complete the task. The Photoshop action also allows for you to be able to import actions and open up a wide range of effects and options that save time. This tool is also very capable of turning a flat design into a 3D mockup within a short period. These steps are already recorded, and the mockup designer does not necessarily have to apply each step manually before achieving what he intends with the design. Some websites have free downloadable Photoshop actions whether it is for a commercial purpose or a personal project.


This process is easy. In fact, it is the easiest method. It is automated too. Various websites help you to generate and develop mockups quite easily without breaking a sweat. The only stress you have to pass through is to drag and drop your designs into any of these websites. The site will generate a mockup which you can download easily in a twinkle of an eye. Dropmock is a typical (and highly recommended site for creating mockups for your product or service). Dropmock offers several high-quality mockup templates that you can drag and drop your designs into.

Of the four methods discussed, the first (i.e. creating an original mockup from the beginning) is practically the best as it gives you complete and total authority over the entire design process and you are assured of 100% originality. This also gives you a cutting-edge over other producers of the same product. Every designer wants to have a distinct product mockup. No one would like to use the same mockup as every other person. You would always want to stay ahead of the crowd and you can only enjoy these benefits when you create your mockup.

Options 2, 3, and 4 are only ideal for a person who is in a race against time when they are creating a product mockup. So, any of these techniques can be used for creating a product mockup depending on the level of design distinctiveness or originality and the amount of time you have to create such product mockup.

Utilization of the efficacy of mockups is a unique way or method by which you can persuade your customers or clients to opt for your product and selling your design to them. Mockups are a critical part of the product development process. All minor details are treated and attended to before the final product is made.

Although you can create great mockups for your products using any of the four methods discussed, using would afford you to get your mockup done in time and without much-needed stress, just drag-and-drop your desired picture.

How To Get The Most From Your Online Brand Advertising Investment

Every sane business owner or marketing manager pays close attention to adverts and advertising trends. In fact, various companies tap into the powers of advertising by budgeting and spending large chunks on different methods to promote their brand image.

Advertisements or ads were simply put a public notice via print advertising, billboards, direct response marketing, and TV advertising campaigns. An advert is a commercial solicitation that is designed to sell some commodity, a service, or similar items. It can also be viewed as a recommendation of a particular product, a person, or a service.

Adverts help companies to make a lasting first impression in the minds of their audience and customers. It is a major component of building a brand. Building a brand can be challenging, tasking, and exhausting. It demands your complete attention and it needs planning and a very high degree of thoughtfulness. It helps you to build an identity for your product and company and helps your business to outshine other rivals and competitors.

For you to build your brand, this cannot be done at pace. You need a platform to advertise and sell yourself and your product to the world. The Internet offers this opportunity. It is a veritable tool that brings billions of people from all walks of life together on a daily basis. Online brand advertising and online marketing deliver promotional marketing messages to clients and customers by using the Internet. Advertising your brand online through digital brand advertising is very advantageous as it offers you a low-cost and not-too-expensive means of engaging with large established communities and target audience. It also yields better returns than advertising through other media. Online advertising or digital advertising and digital marketing are done through various means either by email marketing, display advertising, and mobile advertising, as well as by leveraging on the powers of the social media through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube, etc. Statistics suggest that Internet advertising revenues in the United States for the year 2011 exceeded the revenues of cable television and it almost surpassed the revenues of broadcast television. Internet advertising revenues in the U.S. increased to $42.8 billion in 2013, a 17% appreciation from the previous year which totaled $36.57 billion.

This volume of money spent on advertising online is a testament to the fact that companies know the value of the Internet and are beginning to use online brand advertising as a weapon to improve sales and increase their profit margin. However, if companies and firms invest heavily in online brand advertising, there have to be some necessary measures put in place to monitor these investments and make the most of it. Nobody wants to spend money without getting full value for money spent. There has to be a means to be able to measure the progress of your online advertisement and study how it has been able to rub-off on your business or brand regarding sales and revenue. All our efforts in this piece are channeled towards discussing methods by which you can get the most from your online brand advertising investment.


There are so many reasons why you should consider advertising your brand online. Some of these reasons are:

  1. Measurability:   When you promote your brand online, it is possible for you to measure the level of effectiveness of such adverts. This is because you can retract data such as actual audience response, and size of the potential audience that will help you to keep track of the progress of your online ad campaign. It also helps you to know what aspect of your online brand advertisement campaign to improve upon.
  2. Formatting:   There are various ways and formats through which your brand’s promotional messages can be presented such as through videos, images and by creating links. This cannot be done via offline means of advertisement. Advertising your brand online also provides a platform for you to be able to interact with your customers, clients, and users of your products.
  3. Coverage:   Since the Internet is used by virtually all nations of the earth, advertising your brand online offers you a wide coverage and ensures your product reaches various nooks and crannies. Online advertisement helps spread out information about your product very rapidly.
  4. Cost:   Advertising your brand online is relatively cheaper when compared to brand promotion via offline means. By leveraging on the Internet, especially the social media to advertise your brand and your product, you are directly adopting a low-cost means to engage with large established communities and making your product or services known to them.


After spending hugely on advertising your brand online, it is necessary that you ensure that the adverts you have paid for are performing as they should. We will be discussing some of the things that must be done to ensure your investment on the online brand advertisement is worth every penny.


There are many places where ads can be bought online and each of them has their accompanying strengths and weaknesses. Before splashing the cash on online ads, you must have a good understanding of the several types of paid advertising such as text ads, Google AdWords, Facebook ads, etc.


You should be able to know how your adverts are performing and how much improvements they have brought to your brand’s image. Tracking your adverts also helps you to know how these adverts rub-off on your overall sales and profit margin. Useful tools for doing this include Kissmetrics, Google Analytics, etc. This will also enable you to be able to interact with your customers, potential clients, and consumers of your products.


It is important to set times and intervals when you perform a proper review of the results that emanate from your tracking analysis. For effectiveness, it is advised that it should not be a daily occurrence. It would be better to wait patiently for your tracking analysis to accumulate over time. A monthly review is advisable and this can be done by establishing spreadsheets for the purpose of tracking your statistics.


After a proper review of your analysis, you may need to adjust your budget to either meet up with or improve the outcome of your analysis.

Brand Promotion Trends

The Top 5 Brand Promotion Trends Of 2017

A brand is simply a name, symbol, logo, or any other item used to distinguish a product, a service, or its provider. It is a trademark and a reputation that is used in business, advertising, and marketing. A brand also distinguishes one product from the other in the eyes of the customer or consumer. It is a series of methods adopted in marketing or communication that helps to distinguish a company from its competitors and creates a good impression in the customer’s minds. Brands are evolving and the branding world is going through a revolution in trying to keep up with the pace of customer expectation. We are no longer in the ‘conventional marketing’ era where brands were just too fixated on ‘crude adverts’. For brands to thrive in this recent age, digital marketing is crucial. Social media content marketing, influencer marketing, video content marketing like Instagram video, user-generated content, and many more are the latest digital marketing trends and social media trends aimed at targeting consumers to brands and promotional products. In this piece, we will be considering and analyzing in details the trends, tactics, technologies, and strategies the top brands have been adopting since the beginning of the year 2017.


Before we go further in listing the top 5 brand promotional trends of 2017, we must have good knowledge of what brand promotion trends are. These are a series or set of activities carried out to raise the awareness of customers of a product or a brand. This helps to generate more sales and bring about loyalty to the brand.


Listed and explained below are some of the top 5 brand promotion trends which showcase methods and techniques the top businesses and business owners have been using to sell themselves, their brands and their products to their target audience, potential clients, product consumers, and customers. Here is a list of the Top 5 Brand Promotion Trends of 2017 in no particular order.


perfect instagram marketing toolThis is a mobile application predominantly used for sharing of photos. This application gives users the privilege to share pictures and videos either publicly or privately. Instagram was created by the duo of Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. The application was launched in October 2010 as a mobile app for the iOS mobile operating system. The Android device version was launched two years later, in April 2012. The Windows mobile version was launched only recently in October 2016. There is also provision for users to use digital filters to their images.

Instagram quickly became a household name among mobile application users with over a million registered users in its first two months of inception. As at December 2016, there were over 600 million registered users on this platform and it is no surprise to see top brands and companies seek to exploit its popularity as a viable means for adverts. Instagram was bought over by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in April 2012. Businesses and business owners have massively used this platform since the turn of the year.

There are several ways in which you can use Instagram to promote your brand such as sharing beautiful images of your product or uploading a real working video of one of your products.


A blog (weblog in full) consists of discrete posts published on the Internet. Blogs are typically discussion or informational web pages. It is a type of social networking service which provides a space for comments and feedbacks from readers. Blogs perform a broad range of functions and are used for a vast amount of purposes, ranging from personal online diaries to commentary on a subject or topic. Blogs are also used for advert purposes for online brand advertising. Blogs are usually a combination of texts, digital images, and links to web pages.

As at 2011, there were over 156 million public blogs in existence. There are several platforms for blogging: Some of them include WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger—which is the most popular blogging service. As of 2008, blogging had become a massive wave such that a new blog was created every second of every minute of every hour of every day. It is, therefore, not a surprise to see business and brands take advantage of this massive population and popularity.


This video-sharing platform was created in 2005 by the trio of Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. Google bought YouTube in November 2006. This site allows you perform several video-related tasks, such as uploading, viewing, sharing, rating, and posting comments on videos. YouTube is the second most popular website in the world and it helps you to promote your products and brands with exciting videos.


Marketing through word of mouth is the oldest method of marketing. It involves getting people to talk about your product and brand in such a way that it will appeal to the ears of another potential buyer as a result of this improving awareness and sales. However, referral marketing can now be done more efficiently over the web and has been severally employed for brand promotion by businesses since the turn of the year.


TWITTERCreated in March 2006 by the quartet of Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams, it is an online news, micro-blogging and social networking service. Messages on Twitter are often referred to as tweets, and they are restricted to just 140 characters. Fondly called “the SMS of the Internet, this platform had over 319 million active users as of 2016 and is just about the largest source of breaking news. Twitter has become a tool for marketing and brand promotion due to the huge traffic it pulls.

Users of Twitter can now buy products they discover on the platform through the Twitter Buy Button. The Twitter buy button is, however, available to merchants and shoppers in the United States only. It has been effective since it was first launched and has helped to boost product sales tremendously. It is one of the most adopted trends business owners and marketers have used to promote their brand this year.

What is the best eBook cover creator?

Penning down a compelling and engaging eBook or Kindle is just one part of the task of every eBook author. You can write several tens or hundreds or even thousands of pages of content for your eBook, but without that catchy, attractive, and story-telling cover image you probably won’t experience your plans for making that eBook. (i.e. weak sales or downloads)

eBook covers are the secret to most successful eBooks. While most people say that the eBook content grabs their attention, they can’t deny that how appealing or attractive or unattractive the eBook cover is. This significantly manipulates their decision to go for that eBook, but not everyone is a graphic designer. This is why there’s a rise in eCover software, sites, and freelancers offering the eBook cover design service.

The big question is: What is the best eBook cover software creator? Deciding on creating a perfect eBook cover would mean you have to make use of the best eBook cover creator which is what we would be talking about in this article.


There are several eBook cover makers out there so selecting the best seem like picking a needle out of a haystack but so that shouldn’t be so. Several published authors and eBook cover creators have taken the time out to compare each cover creator and, so far, MyeCoverMaker seems to have snatched our hearts.

my eCover Maker

Most eBook cover makers have come to a consensus that my eCover Maker is the best eBook cover maker for any eCover designer looking to leave a mark on the populated eCover design niche or any author interested in stealing readers in interest via a captivating and mesmerizing eBook covers.

According to several eBook cover creators, they are pitching their tent with my eCover Maker because of its user-friendly procedure and interface.

The best reason for opting for my eCover Maker is the lack of importance of popular photo editing software: Photoshop. That is, without tinkering with Abode Photoshop or extra plug-ins, you’ll be able to have an expertly designed eBook cover or a 3D eCover. You just need to click your mouse a couple of times.

Some key benefits of opting for my eCover Maker include:

  1. The software is free, thus saving you money
  2. Can be used for both 2D and 3D eCover designs
  3. It has over 130 different templates for your eCover design needs
  4. 3D rendering for the first illustration of how the design would come out
  5. Makes perfect video thumbnails too
  6. The flat 2-dimensional eCover can be used for banner creations
  7. The process is straight forward, thus saving you time
  8. You are your designer, create custom eCover designs of any style
  9. It shells out high-quality eBook cover designs
  10. Has high-quality layouts
  11. Produces professional-looking eCover designs

With so many benefits, MyeCoverMaker promises to assist you with your eBook cover design needs, thus making you in charge of your design and getting rid of the necessity of a designer.

eBook cover creator

MyeCoverMaker takes care of the rudiments for an excellent eBook cover which is broken down into four parts:

Fonts: Selecting the right font for your eCover is a major step you don’t want miss. Now, this eBook cover creator makes your job easy by offering you a selection of over 130 different fonts. You are only tasked with deciding which font would suit the genre and the wordings on the eCover.

Image: Images are also a crucial part of every eCover as they tell a story. This eCover maker has select options available in the graphics and pictures gallery for you, but there’s also a custom option if you prefer to upload your own image.

Colors: There are color options should you require to change the colors the texts in your eCover design or the text boxes too. Colors add style to the eBook cover designs.

Background: Your background picture is just a click away. MyeCoverMaker has several pictures and graphics in the gallery so finding the right background is no problem.

Answering the question, “What is the best eBook cover creator?”, we say the MyeCoverMaker satisfies the requirements for crowning the best eBook cover creator, but then if you are not convinced and would like to try your hands on several other eBook cover creators, then you can consider some of the below.

The eCover Creator 3D

eBook cover creator

ECover Creator 3D is an eBook cover maker who is used to create stunning eCover designs without the need for Adobe Photoshop. Anyone even those without design skills can create eBook covers with this software and, of course, it takes just a few precise clicks to get the 3D rendering of your eCover.

The eCover Bot

The eCover Bot isn’t software, rather an online eCover creator. ECover Bot is pretty straightforward to use and has several high-quality eCover templates alongside background images available at your disposal. If you prefer to use your custom background image, you can just upload as well. ECover Bot also allows the creation of 3D eCover as well.

The eCover Go

eBook cover creator

The eCover Go is a premium eBook cover creator that uses the latest Photoshop eCover action script to make impressive 3D eBook cover designs. Of course, it’s not free, but it’s worth it if you are used to Photoshop designs. For experienced eCover designers (Photoshop expert), this eBook cover creator makes the job fun and a whole lot faster than it would normally be.

Cover Action Pro

eBook cover creator

This is another Photoshop based eBook cover creator which is worth mentioning. Also a premium eBook cover maker, cover action pro has over 120 eCover templates which can be customized to make outstanding eCover. It also offers a 3D rendering of eCover design and can be used for several 3D models including DVD cases, product images, video thumbnails, binders, and CDs.

Remember, your eBook sales or downloads strongly depends on just how well you “sell” the eBook by using exceptional eCover. If you are not sure you can get it done by yourself to appeal to your target audience, feel free to hire a designer for the project.


DropMock Phone Mockup

Phone Mockup Generator

DropMock – Phone Mockup Generator Software

DropMock is an Online Mockup Scene creator program,which you can use to create phone mockups, office scene mockups, desktop mockups and much more. The DropMock software is an ideal Phone Mockup Generator, which allows users to easily upload, edit and embed images on to an image of a mobile phone, tablet and/or desktop.
The DropMock image mockup software makes it easy for you to showcase your product without being a professional photographer or graphic artist by offering you well-thought-out templates of our gorgeous mockups e.g mobile phone mockups, office scene mockups, desktop mockups and more.


The DropMock mockup phone generator templates and tools can be used by anyone and it does not require any Photoshop, photography and/or graphical skills. The DropMock mock-up creator tool does all the hard work for you.

iphone6onlaptop-e1458404073419The fun doesn’t stop there, DropMock is packed full of additional features including an easy to use Image Editor, Video Mockups and Showcase/Sharing software.  Signup to DropMock today and unlock the graphical skills you never thought you had.

For more information about the DropMock software or to use the Phone Mockup Generator tool, signup today.

How to Rank YouTube Videos in Google

DropMock : Rank YouTube Videos in Google

We’re sure that you’re well aware of the impact that YouTube can have on your business. However, it’s also highly likely that, despite having uploaded several videos, you’re still struggling to get views. The key to successful YouTube marketing is to get your videos to rank in Google searches. Once ranked, you’re more likely to receive the views you’d hoped for. However, while the solution is easy, implementing it can be more difficult – so here’s our top tips for how to rank YouTube videos in Google.

  1. Create great content

If you’re under the impression that YouTube is a shopping site, unfortunately you’re mistaken. People use YouTube to find answers to problems, learn new skills, watch funny videos and generally just waste a bit of time. This means that you need to think about the kind of content you’re uploading, and what will attract the most views. Great content includes:

  • Tutorial videos – show your viewers how to use your product, or how your product or service can be of benefit to them
  • How-to videos – think about questions people may have about your service or product and then answer them in how-to videos
  • Review videos – get someone to review your product or create useful reviews of your own

Whenever someone types a question into Google – it always throws up a couple of YouTube videos as an answer – check it out for yourself.



  1. Think about the length of your video

Have you ever clicked on a YouTube video, discovered that it lasts 45 minutes or more, and so clicked off looking for something shorter? While you do want to create better and more engaging content, don’t make it too long. However to rise through the Google rankings, the longer you can keep a user watching your video, the better your videos will rank. To improve your YouTube ranking make sure that your video is at least two minutes long and make it something people would want to share.


  1. Optimise your video file

While YouTube is smart, it can’t see the content of your videos; it simply looks at the name of your raw video file. Therefore, before you upload it to YouTube, you need to optimise your video file.

  • Name the file after your Number 1 and Number 2 keywords
  • Use tags that are related to the content
  • Add a brief description of your video into the comments field


  1. Link it to your website

If you’re using YouTube to market your business, every video you upload should be linked to your website. You don’t want to waste this opportunity to drive your viewers to your website where they can see what you have on offer. The whole point of YouTube marketing is to direct your viewers to the platform where you can make a sale – so don’t miss your chance to do it.

Once you’ve added the link to your website, optimise the rest of your video description.

  • Make your content at least 200 words long
  • Don’t use duplicate content from your other videos – make it unique
  • Use synonym and one off keywords, but don’t overuse them


  1. Make sure your channel page showcases your brand

One of the key ways to rank YouTube videos is to create an interesting channel page. Don’t forget to include a profile picture and a header in line with your brand, and always fill in the description. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make a header or images for your channel, you’ll find that DropMock can help you to create professional looking images without the need for a graphic designer.

A complete YouTube channel page will get you noticed more easily by Google, so make sure you add the following:

  • Links to all your social media pages and your website
  • Add in channel images to help users identify your content, and don’t forget to optimise your images.
  • Subscribe to similar channels. YouTube likes to see what you’re looking at
  • Complete the description making sure you add in lots of relevant synonym keywords

All these are just simple tweaks that will go a long way to help you to rank YouTube videos, and ensure that you get the most out of your YouTube marketing strategy.


5 Mistakes To Avoid On Your Business Facebook

DropMock : Mistakes To Avoid On Facebook

If you’re finding it a challenge to build a Facebook fan base and engage your followers, rest assured that you’re not the only one. No matter what kind of business you run, it takes time to build an active Facebook community, and encourage them to spread the word to their colleagues, family and friends. Therefore it makes sense to learn as much as you can about using Facebook as a marketing medium, including learning about the mistakes made by other users. So without further ado, here’s 5 mistakes to avoid on your business Facebook page.

1. Forgetting to focus on your audience

Facebook is not a place to focus on promoting your products and services, but a place to focus on your followers and building a community. It’s a place to be genuine and authentic. If your followers get the feeling that your main focus is your business and not them, pretty soon they’ll abandon you. Look for ways to nurture your hard-built community, rather than simply bombard them with what you have to sell. One of the easiest ways to do this is to make your Facebook content relevant to your customers’ lives.

Tips: Start a thread where followers post photos with your products. Always answer any customer questions promptly, and ask followers to give their thoughts on an aspect of your business.



2. Not reflecting your corporate identity

Ensure that your Facebook page reflects the visions, goals and ethos of your business. Don’t forget your page is part of your company, and needs to be kept in line with your brand. While it’s perfectly acceptable for your page to be casual and fun, it should always remain professional too. Your customers want to know that YOU take your business seriously.

Tip: Use a header and logo that clearly identifies your brand.



3. Not being creative enough

Facebook users like to be entertained and engaged so you’re missing an opportunity if you’re playing ‘too safe’ with your content. If you’re not experimenting with different kinds of posts you’ll find that it’s more difficult to capture the attention of your followers. They don’t want to see the same kind of content each time they visit, so try mixing it up a little with a combination of photos, videos, infographics and other visuals.

Tip: Don’t forget that DropMock makes it easy to create visually appealing content at the touch of a button.


4. Not investing in Facebook Ads

Many businesses shy away from paying to promote their business on Facebook. They rely solely on their business Facebook page to bring in the customers. To widen your reach, it’s worth investing in Facebook Ads, as Facebook offers a powerful platform which can be used to both extend your customer base, and to target potential customers.

Tip: Ads can also be targeted to predefined demographics in order to bring in the type of customer you want.



5. Not using Facebook tools

If you’re relying on whatever Facebook offers for free, you’re severely limiting your reach; especially as there are many third-party tools available which integrate perfectly with Facebook. Using Facebook tools can help you to attract more customers with features such as customisable quizzes and voting contests. Other tools give you the ability to schedule your posts so that you’re not constantly tied to updating your page.

Tip: Try Facebook tools such as HootSuite, which enables you to manage more than one page and schedule your posts. If you want to add quizzes and contests, AgoraPulse is easy to use.


And finally, to make your business Facebook successful you need to learn all you can about building communities, engaging with your followers and keeping them in the fold. Only then will you be able to reap the benefits of having a business Facebook page.