3 things to do when you are looking for a business coach

Are you considering hiring a business coach? Perhaps for the first time?

This is an exciting next step in your professional growth as an entrepreneur. It’s also a big decision!

Hiring a business coach will be a financial, time & energetic commitment from you.

You’ll want to make the best, responsible decision for your growth and hire the coach that can actually help you, not just think they can help you.

In this blog post, we’ll be sharing 3 things to do when you are looking for a business coach.

1.) Create & present a list of wanted results & coach expectations

– Why do you want to hire a coach? What results do you want to achieve in your business?

Example: I want to hire a business coach to challenge my work ethic.
Example: I want to achieve booking two new clients.

Write a list of what you are looking for so that you are able to find the best coach for the role. This will also be a helpful asset to have on your side when you contact/get on a call with your potential coach because you are able to navigate the conversation and ask questions to him/her to figure out if they can help you achieve what is on your list. It gives you more control & confidence during the conversation!

2.) Only get on a discovery call with a potential coach you are already interested in working with

– Why waste your time and his/her time? Just because a coach suggests getting on a call for farther conversation and to pitch their official offer, doesn’t mean you have to yes. I wouldn’t leave people hoping or hanging if you’ve already made up your mind about them. I think it is better to be direct about if you do or don’t see potential in a coach/client relationship. Only get on that video call together if you are genuinely interested in working with the coach and want to hear more them & how they can help your business grow.

3.) Don’t say yes right away

– You don’t have to say yes during the written conversation (like text or email) just like you don’t have to say yes during the verbal conversation (video call) either. Hiring a coach is a big decision and it’s literally going to require you to give your hard earned money in exchange for somebody else’s value. Even if they ask you what you want to do, let the coach know that you are going to take time & sleep on your decision to commit or not. Some of them may not like this approach and if they have a problem with you wanting to do this right for you, then they might not be the right coach for you. I recently told a coach that I was going to reach back out to him at the end of the week with my final decision on if I would like to work together right now or not. I appreciated his acceptance of that decision! That got him an extra point in my book. Even if the coaching proposition is a great deal and it feels right, it could be part of the marketing ploys and it could be because of the environment that you’re currently in. I would sincerely walk away from the call and see how you feel about it tomorrow. If it is the right coach, it’ll probably still feel like that tomorrow too.


Have you ever hired a business coach before? What made you decide to work with them?

Do you want to hire your first business coach? What is stopping you? Were these helpful suggestions?

Producing Proud People,
Madyson Greene

How to become an industry leader

Do you want to be recognized & respected as a leader in your particular industry?

Do you want to increase the credibility & connection you have with your ideal clients/customers?

Becoming an industry leader won’t happen overnight. You will have to be consistent with growing an authentic, valuable brand focused on who you are personally & what you do professionally.

Listed below are practical suggestions you can start implementing to become a leader in your industry!

1.) Create something new

– What does not yet exist in your specific industry? What gaps are you noticing that should be closed? What is missing from your profession? What is wrong with your industry? You could be the individual to create a solution to the recurring problem or lack you’re seeing. You could create a new product or service to change the narrative and open new doors in your industry. You would hopefully be recognized & respected as the leader because you led the way & made a new & necessary change happen.

2.) Speak on trends

– Leaders use their voice to make an impact, even when it’s controversial or uncomfortable. That’s what pushes us to follow leaders, they use their voice to influence necessary change. They are willing to be the first to believe in a cause or set of values and people are convinced to follow & believe in the mission/vision too. What topics are trending in the world at large or in your specific industry? I would encourage you to get on video, record a podcast episode or write a blog post about your positions on what’s happening, why you agree/disagree, what you think needs to be done/what you’re going to do (ex…)

3.) Connect with the best

– A huge component to building strong credibility isn’t only about who you know, it’s also about who knows you. By using the power of social media you have access to influential mentors & experienced peers. I would start connecting with other leaders in your industry simple by liking, commenting & sharing their online content. Get your name in front of them consistently. Send their team an email, invite them to be on a LIVE stream or podcast interview with you. Start connecting with people who are where you want to be at in your industry.

4.) Show your experience

– How do past clients or customers feel about working with or buying from you? Bragging can actually be beneficial to your business! You’ll want to share the positive experiences people in your community have had from purchasing your products or booking your services. You will also want to tell your personal story, share about your industry and practical life experience, your educational background (ex…) so that people feel more connected to who you are personally so they are more willing to buy from or work with you professionally.


What suggestion will you start implementing into your professional life?

Who is a current leader in your industry that you admire?

Share your answers in the comments below.

Go ahead and share this blog post to Facebook for your friends to read too!

Producing Proud People,

Madyson Greene

Positive replacements for successful entrepreneurs

It is no surprise that successful individuals do both life & business differently than the majority.

Successful individuals continuously invest into their personal & professional growth.

In this blog post, I want to share with you eight replacements you can start implementing to put yourself on a committed, positive path of growth that will improve both your life & business.

1.) Replace watching TV with watching online trainings

– Instead of binge watching Netflix in the evenings, start off by replacing an episode or two with a valuable online training. Have you bought a course that you haven’t finished? Now is a great time to work through the program. Is there a mentor that you love to learn from? Have you watched their recent content uploads? Is there a specific topic you want to learn more on? Now is a great time to educate yourself. I’m not saying you can’t watch Netflix. I’m saying be intentional with how much Netflix you are watching and choose to use some of your time more constructively.

2.) Replace listening to the news with listening to a podcast episode

– No news is good news! Turn off the drama, the fear & the uncertainty. We need you at your best if you want to increase both your impact & income! Let’s choose to listen to a podcast interview to get our day started instead of the reporters. I’ve seen a statistic that there are over 500,000 active podcasts on iTunes. I am sure you can find a host with content you enjoy! You can also listen to our DropMock Podcast here.

3.) Replace getting feedback from friends with getting support from a coach

– Though your friends may love & want to support you, they probably aren’t in the same industry that you are, they might not be committed to growth like you & they don’t know how to accomplish the type of goals that you have for your life & business. This is where a coach comes into play. You hire a coach to help you get where you want to go and become the person you want to be. Feedback from family & friends can have it’s place, but you will find more constructive help from hiring a coach personal to your goals.

4.) Replace working at your office desk with working outside on the patio

– As we’re busy building our online brands, we tend to stay in one place day after day! However, during the warm summer weather, I would encourage you to work on your porch. When it gets super hot in the afternoon, then you can move back to an indoor desk. You won’t mind being in the fresh air with beautiful scenery around working to create a life & business you love!

5.) Replace consuming social media content with creating social media content

– Now that you’re working towards building a strong online presence, you have to switch from being a consumer of social media to being a creator on social media. If you find yourself scrolling the platforms, make sure to determine if you’ve posted across social for the day or are you procrastinating on it and have you been engaging with the content you’re seeing, yes or no. It is important that you stay active online, but it must be constructive. Even if you’re scrolling somewhere like Instagram, make the effort to like the content, leave comments & share/save the posts.

6.) Replace working in your pajamas with freshening up in presentable attire

– Don’t be tempted to go back to bed when there are people counting on you to show up for your life & business today! A highlight of working from home is that you do get to be your own boss. You can totally wear comfy clothes if that’s what you want to rock. However, I will encourage you to take the intentional time to freshen up in a nice outfit more often than you stay in pajamas. It will help you stay focused on the day’s mission instead of on getting back in bed.

7.) Replace your envy of a high status individual with admiration for their success

– Do you find yourself constantly judging your content to a high status individual’s online? Are you comparing yourself as a business owner to their high status self? I believe that comparison can be a powerful tool to push us towards action. When we are envious of someone it is usually because we see they have something that we want in our own personal or professional life. I would encourage you to begin shifting your perspective towards gratitude that there is someone you look up to online & you could see yourself in their shoes with enough intentional action. Also, begin interacting with this person’s content. Leave comments, watch their videos, buy their programs (ex…). Use them as a mentor!

8.) Replace your overwhelm with a sense of clarity

– Take out a fresh sheet of paper & create a knock it out list for today & for this week. Create one for personal & one for professional use. No need to procrastinate because you feel overwhelmed. We can start developing a sense of clarity when we get smart about what demands our attention & effort.

Are you going to make a change using one of these listed replacements?

Let me know in the comments below which one you want to begin implementing!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene

Why people aren’t spending money with you & what you can do about it

If you aren’t making money from your products or services, then you currently have a hobby, not a business – YET.

In this blog post, we are covering why people aren’t spending money with you & what you can do about it.

If this is helpful for you, be sure to share it with your ambitious friends so they also can continue learning how to improve their life & business!

Ready to learn why people aren’t spending money on your products of services? Keep reading!

I cannot emphasize this upcoming point enough…

People are not afraid of spending money. They are afraid of wasting money.

Think about it this way…

If someone has an extra $200, they’re going to be spending it somewhere.

I would argue that the majority of the time, the average person is going to spend that money in the same, familiar place that they spent it the last time.

This could be why you see people consistently go back to Starbucks or to their favorite store. They are comfortable spending their hard earned money there because it has become a familiar place!

If you were to suggest to a person like this that they should take that said $200 this week & invest it into a social media manager, business coach, personal training sessions, monogrammed apparel (ex…) they start to get overwhelmed & anxious because taking that money & spending it in a new place is intimidating!

They start to wonder…

“Will this be wasting my money?”

“Am I going to get results?”

“Will this bring me happiness like the usual thing?”

This could be why people get cold feet about buying a product or service from you!

They are going to spend the money, no question about it.

It’s just where are they going to spend it & are they afraid of wasting it?

So as the business owner, your responsibility is to convince that ideal customer or client why they should transition their money & give it to you. Why they shouldn’t spend it on Starbucks or at their favorite store & spend it on your products or services instead.

You have to create trust & confidence that you can deliver positive results to them!

The more confident you are as the business owner with what you’re selling, the more confident your ideal customer or client will be with exchanging their hard-earned money for your product or service!

Here’s a powerful question to reflect on…

“How can you expect your ideal customer or client to trust you, if you don’t trust yourself?”

How can you expect your ideal customer or client to believe in your product or service if you don’t believe in your product or service?

You have to have the belief, confidence & trust with who you are & what you do if you want someone else to experience those feelings about your business too.

The content that you produce, how you write your copy, how often you pitch yourself, the people you introduce yourself to – ALL of this is easily affected by your own belief as a business owner in what you’re offering the world.

Nothing, in life or business, will affect our progress more than a negative mindset.

Keep this in mind this week & work on creating a strong belief in who you are & what you offer.

I hope you found this super valuable.

Be sure to share the post so the advice can reach more ambitious individuals!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene

Three things a powerful entrepreneur does

An entrepreneur can be technically defined as, “a person who starts a business and is willing to risk loss in order to make money.” – Merriam Webster 

I believe & have seen that entrepreneurs are so much more than that casual definition.

When I hear “entrepreneur,” my mind instantly thinks of…

Achiever. Innovator. Creative. World Changer. Hard Work. Determination. Results. Service. Finances. Leader.

What words come to your mind?

You see, entrepreneurs are not employees.

We do not have the same mindset, lifestyle or desires as a 9-to-5 employee.

We want to achieve big things. We have a desire to create. We want to better the world around us.

Most entrepreneurs have an admirable work ethic because they are so passionate and believe in the work they are doing.

Entrepreneurs want to see tangible results, serve others well & be a leader in their industry.

In this blog post, I want to share with you 3 things that all powerful entrepreneurs have in common.

If you desire to start or grow a business & lifestyle that you love, this will help you lay a rock solid foundation to build off of.

Or, if you are an employee & you want to embrace attributes of an entrepreneur in order to level-up in the work you do, this is also for you!

1.) Powerful entrepreneurs are passionate.

– Loving the work you do & how it’s improving the world will be what wakes you up in the morning & motivates you to put in the hard work to get your results. You must have a passion for the products or services that you are creating for other people to experience! People are attracted to passion. Let the world see it!

2.) Powerful entrepreneurs take uncomfortable risks

– You must say yes to getting outside of your comfort zone consistently. Whether that’s by attending a networking event in your community, testing a new marketing idea, elevator pitching your business or launching something brand new – you will learn the most valuable lessons when you are in un-chartered waters.

3.) Powerful entrepreneurs are always leveling-up

– Invest into the business owner of your dreams. What type of man or woman do you want to live & work as? Invest into yourself by taking care of your physical health. Read personal growth books. Attend leadership conferences. Hire a coach. Take time off. Can’t elevate yourself if you don’t take care of yourself.

What else would you add to this list of what a powerful entrepreneur does? Let me know in the comments below and feel free to share this post on Facebook with your other ambitious friends!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene

How to recharge as a busy, ambitious entrepreneur

Are you feeling burnt-out and unmotivated? Do you feel stuck and deep in chaos?

No one said entrepreneurship is easy! It’s definitely not for the faint of heart.

I know that you’re an ambitious entrepreneur who’s busy building a life and business that you love.

We all have hard days & rough seasons. You are so not the only entrepreneur experiencing highs & lows!

This picture below is the perfect example of what you may be feeling today.

In this blog post, I want to share with you five ideas of how you can step away & take time for yourself to recharge & get centered so that you can get back up & pursue your life & business goals again with a fresh state of mind.

Idea One: Make a Knock-It-Out list

– Forget the “to do” list. Shift your focus from what you have to do, to what you get to do. It’s time to brain dump! Put all of your thoughts out on paper so you can visually see what you want to accomplish, both personally & professionally! Once you have it all written out, divide up how you are going to get those tasks done! Hour by hour, day by day, task by task.

Idea Two: Meditate & Visualize

– You might be feeling overwhelmed or unmotivated because you’ve lost connection with your purpose & your goals. I would encourage you to visualize! Whether that’s by writing down your goals on paper or creating a new vision board – allow yourself to remember why you started your business & why you’re working so hard in the first place. You could also put on a follow-along meditation recording and spend half an hour on your own in peace creating more clarity and removing a lot of stress from your internal environment.

Idea Three: Talk to your people

– Speak it out loud! Honestly, our minds like to play tricks on us and we might be overcomplicating simple things! Go talk to your spouse, a close friend, your coach or even a counselor and let them in on what you’re feeling & struggling with. They can offer an outside perspective & helpful advice. Invite them in on the hard part of being an entrepreneur!

Idea Four: Go do something fun!

– You & your business will be totally fine if you step away from the laptop for the afternoon & choose to go spend time with your family or grab lunch with your friends. I would even encourage you to go do an activity that’s FUN. Do you love dance or working out? Go to a new class! Are you a movie fanatic? Go see a movie! Sometimes we need to step away & we can come back feeling recharged & ready to go again.

Idea Five: Take a nap & eat a snack

– Do not underestimate the power of these two things! Your body might be telling you that it needs to take a quick break. Go grab your favorite snack & then take a thirty minute power nap. Wake up, drink some water & start taking fast action on your knock-it-out list for the day.

You’ve got this!

Were these ideas super helpful for you? Which idea stands out to you? Let me know in the comment below. I encourage you to take some time and do it today. You’ll be surprised how it can help you get back on track!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene

An epic 2020 personal development reading list

Hey friends!

Welcome to the New Year. Happy 2020!

Jamie & I have loved seeing your comments about your 2020 theme words! It’s so cool to see the DropMock community declaring what they want their life & business to look like this year!

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve chosen the word “experience” & Jamie has chosen “elevate!”

In this blog post, I wanted to share with you my 2020 reading list. These are the books I want to read during the first half of this year!

Currently, I’m reading….“Can’t Hurt Me” and I have never felt so many emotions through reading before. It’s been a really unique experience and I haven’t been able to put it down! It’s intense but extremely inspiring & equipping.

The other books I’m excited to read in 2020 are…

1.) The Big Leap By: Gay Hendricks

2.) The Psychology Of Winning By: Denis Waitley

3.) The Underdog Advantage By: Dean Graziosi

4.) Atomic Habits By: James Clear

5.) The Slight Edge By: Jeff Olson

6.) The 4-Hour Work Week By: Tim Ferriss

7.) Get Out Of Your Own Way By: Dave Hollis

That’s my current 2020 reading list. I’m sure it’ll continue to grow!

What’s on your reading list for the year? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene

A life lesson from Shark Tank Investor: Daymond John

Jamie & I went to see Shark Tank Investor, Daymond John speak at a local event.

We learned about his top S.H.A.R.K success secrets & how he started a successful fashion company from his mother’s living room.

You can watch this video to learn more about who Daymond is.

There is one key point from his keynote that I need to let you know about.

Pitching, doesn’t only happen in the Shark Tank.

You are pitching & selling yourself every day.

Think about this.

What you wear, is saying something about yourself to the people in a store.

The people you’re hanging out with on Friday night, coveys a message about who you are.

These days, the things you’re tweeting & posting about on social media, is more than likely going to be looked at by potential employers or investors!

You are pitching who you are & what you do, everywhere you go!

A future investment deal or career opportunity could be jeopardized by the everyday choices we choose to make today.

Let’s use good judgement and make smart choices that sets our personal AND professional life up for sustainable success!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene

How to be more productive: PQO

Do you want to stop procrastinating and get more done?

Do you want to fill your time with valuable tasks that deliver results?

In this blog post, I am going to teach out about PQO and how you can apply it to both your personal and professional life to increase productivity!

P.Q.O stands for prolific quality output. It has to do with productivity and how you can use this technique to get more done & get results.

Think of a goal you have personally or professionally. In order to achieve that goal, you have to focus on the fundamental, basic things that help you to achieve it. That help to make you great in that specific area and reach fulfillment by hitting your goal.

PQO is doing the basic, moving needle things in life or business on the daily that over a sustained period of time, deliver you results or greatness in a specific, desired area.

There’s a quote that says, “if you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” The world’s highest performers, the most successful people in life or business, know where they are heading. They have a direction for their life and intentionally know what their goals are.

PQO is focusing on the most productive outputs, the most productive and intentional actions you can take each day that get you closer to your goal. It’s not about overnight success, it’s about sustained success. PQO helps us to find out who wants it bad enough. Who is willing to do the basic, mundane, almost boring work every day to get a desired result over time?

Think of the American basketball player Michael Jordan. He did not become a professional overnight. He obviously first had to go outside to a basketball court and learn to shoot hoops from the right side of the court, the left, close up and far back.

Even to this day as a professional, I’m sure he still goes to the court and practices shooting hopes. Why? Because that’s a needle-mover in his career. That is and was a fundamental action that was non-negotiable if he wanted to achieve the goal of becoming a successful basketball player.

My question for you today is what action should you be performing every single day to drive results in your life or business? What productive action should be a non-negotiable for you to be performing?

Your friend,
Madyson Greene

The three things you can do to become a better leader

Do you dream of becoming a better leader in your industry?

It’s not enough to simple WANT to be a better leader. You have to know WHY becoming a better leader is important to you in the first place.

Is your why so you can prove yourself better than John at work? That’s probably not the best motivator.

But, if your why is so you can serve your office at a higher level of performance, you’ve got yourself a winning mindset there.

Today, I want to share with you three helpful, tangible pieces of advice that you can start implementing today.

Become an incredible leader doesn’t happen overnight. You have to be willing to put in the consistent action to form the character & practices of an influential leader.

1.) Master your emotional awareness

– As leader, you will have to handle challenging people and difficult situations. It’s incredible vital to the success of your team, that you learn how to effectively deal with your emotions.

Emotions typically work in a three tier pattern. Your feelings will inform your thoughts, your thoughts will create behaviors and your behaviors will reinforce your feelings. This is why so many people battle with nasty habits or addictions. It’s an endless cycle if you don’t step in & put in the hard work to properly understand & recognize your emotions.

You can start becoming more emotionally aware by asking yourself some of these questions…

– What am I feeling in this moment?
– What would it be like to not react to this?
– Why am I giving this situation/person/place so much power over my reaction & mood?
– Do I need to do some more investigating into this before I respond or decide?

2.) Invest in your personal growth

– You must invest into yourself before you can even think of investing into others! Be sure you are practicing what you preach as a leader. People will want to follow someone who is authentic, committed & growing.

Here are a few ways you can invest into yourself as a leader.

– Attend a conference or workshop.
– Join your local chamber of commerce and attend networking events.
– Listen to a podcast or TedTalk.
– Hire a personal coach.

3.) Become incredibly decisive

– I love when influential leaders are able to make a decision, when the shot needs to be called. No stalling, hesitation or reluctancy. Being able to trust your gut & make the choice regardless of how much information you may or may not have, is an incredibly valuable trait. Leaders should be able to handle the outcome of a decision, even the consequences if they did end up making the wrong call.

To be more decisive in your everyday life, here a couple suggestions.

– When a colleague comes up to you with a question or suggestion, don’t make him wait for your decision. Make a choice right then and there. Be prepared to handle the outcome of your call with professionalism.

– Are you waiting to decide what project to start next? Draw strips of paper out of a hat and be 100% committed to working on whatever idea you pull out of the drawing.

– Don’t wait for your spouse to make a decision about where he/she wants to go for dinner. Pick a place in your head and drive them there, no questions asked! Haha.

Do you have a favorite quote on the topic of leadership or a leader that you admire in your industry?

Share with us in the comments below!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene