The Business Podcasts You Need To Hear

Podcasts have quickly grown in popularity. I am a firm believer that podcasts are the new blogging.

I love listening to podcast episodes while I get ready for the day, drive around town or cook dinner. I’m able to learn something new or stay entertained without having to stare at my screen.

Right now, there are more than 700,000 active podcasts and more than 29 million podcast episodes, according to this article.

In this blog post, I want to share some business podcasts you could start listening to! You’ll learn a lot of valuable advice that can help you grow both personally and professionally!

1.) The Ed Mylett Show
– I have been addicted to this podcast since I first listened to an episode! If you want to hear inspiring stories, get motivated from an entrepreneur like Ed & of course, gain tremendous value – this is a great show to tune into.

2.) The School Of Greatness
– Hosted by former athlete Lewis Howes, this podcast is well worth listening to! He’s interviewed entrepreneurs, athletes, coaches and so many more. Noticeable interviewees have been; Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Julianne Hough, Rachel Hollis, Brendan Burchard and more!

3.) Rise
– Every single Rise episode gives you tangible advice for you to grow both personally and professionally. I am a loyal listener and would highly recommend!

4.) Entrepreneurs On Fire
– Exactly as it sounds, an entrepreneur interviews other success entrepreneurs to inspire all of us entrepreneurs!

5.) How I Built This
– If you want to know the how’s & why’s behind businesses, stories & products – Guy Raz hosts the show for you.

– We are super excited for this latest endeavor. The DropMock Business Podcast is coming out in September! Stay tuned!

What podcast have you been enjoying lately? Share it in the comments below!

Your Friend,
Madyson Greene

You need these skills to succeed in 2020

Year 2020 is right around the corner! We are about five months away from a brand new personal & professional year!

The World Economic Forum published an article sharing the differences in skill set that is required between someone in business in the year 2015 compared to future year 2020.

As industries grow, change and evolve – so should our skills & businesses as entrepreneurs!

In this blog post, I am going to share the list of 10 skills from the article published by The World Economic Forum.

Skill #1: Complex Problem Solving
– Are you able to effectively deliver solutions to complicated problems that could arise in your business?

Skill #2: Critical Thinking
– Instead of a temporary plan, could you set yourself & your business up for long term success with a strategy created with critical thinking?

Skill #3: Creativity
– How is your content, products or services going to stand out in the marketplace?

Skill #4: People Management
– When it’s time to hire a team, are you ready to be a leader?

Skill #5: Coordinating With Others
– Can you assign & create tasks for your team & also properly communicate your thoughts to others?

Skill #6: Emotional Intelligence
– Business is stressful! Can you handle the difficulties & keep your emotions in check?

Skill #7: Judgement & Decision Making
– Is logic or emotion influencing your actions? Can you make the necessary calls & be confident in it?

Skill #8: Service Orientation
– Where’s your heart? What’s your why?

Skill #9: Negotiation
– Could you make a deal? Pitch an idea?

Skill #10: Cognitive Function
– How well do you work when the stakes are high?

Of the skills on this list, which one do you need to improve upon before the new year? Drop a comment below!

Be sure to share this blog post on social media if you found it helpful!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene

10 Pieces Of Advice From Famous Entrepreneurs

Who doesn’t want to learn from the best?

I was doing some research for a personal project last week and came across an article than shared over 60 different pieces of advice, quotes & information from the best entrepreneurs in the world. People from Mark Cuban to Richard Branson to Sophia Amoruso!

To help you kick-off your week strong I’ve put together a few of my favorites from the article in hopes that it inspires you to keep building a brand or business that you love.

1.) Tony Robbins

“My business advice? Think honestly about who you are, what you want to accomplish, and what mindset you need to have to get there. Because the biggest thing that will hold you back is your own nature. Few people are natural risk-takers or emotionally ready for the challenges of building a business. You can’t just sign up for a marathon and run it without ever training. You have to increase your capacity and become fit. Being an entrepreneur requires similar kinds of emotional and psychological fitness so that you don’t become the chokehold on your business’s success.”

2.) Derek Sivers

“For an idea to get big, it has to be something useful–and being useful doesn’t need funding. If you want to be useful, you can always start right now with just 1% of what you have in your grand vision. It’ll be a humble prototype of your grand vision, but you’ll be in the game. You’ll be ahead of the rest because you actually started, when others waited for the finish line to magically appear at the starting line.”

3.) Sophia Amoruso

“Don’t give up, don’t take anything personally, and don’t take no for an answer; you never know what you’re going to learn along the way.”

4.) Lewis Howes

“Perfectionism cripples a lot of entrepreneurs. They won’t launch their site or put their product up for sale until they think it’s perfect, which is a big waste of time. It’s never going to be perfect.”

5.) Sujan Patel

“My advice to first time entrepreneurs is to not get caught up in the glamour and don’t take things for face value. Rather, use these successes they read about as inspiration for what you can do too. I almost always recommend they set more realistic goals and forget about ‘going viral’ or trying to be like someone else.”

6.) Eric Siu

“Entrepreneurship requires continued learning and if you’re not constantly learning and testing new things, then eventually your competitors will take the lead. The trick is to quickly access new tactics and incorporate those that work to enhance your business goals.”

7.) Tomas Laurinavicius

“First, let yourself wander. Try new things, meet people outside of your comfort zone and travel. It will help you design your personal MBA which will teach you more than any formal setting out there. Learn to read people, master the art of communication and become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Once you figure out what drives you, use that power to help people.”

8.) Alyce Johnson

“The most common mistake new freelancers make is not having a business strategy. Many freelancers start their businesses without thinking of the long-term growth their business needs to achieve. This often results on a broad service offering that could potentially be targeting the wrong market.”

9.) Chiara McPhee

“Often I see first-time entrepreneurs struggle to organize and process feedback. When starting a company, you’ll get feedback from everyone: your early users, potential customers, investors, friends, and even your second cousin twice removed. I’ve found it incredibly helpful to have a framework in place to systematically collect, prioritize, and implement product features based on customer feedback–both from customers you have, and the customers you want!”

10.) Sol Orwell

“I have to go with: inaction. New entrepreneurs tend to overthink things that don’t really matter (logo, copy, etc.), but instead of validating their idea, they get lost in the weeds. The advice is simple – just do it. Do a minimum version, talk to some friends, and see if they would be interested in it. If so, make a quick version, and go from there.”

What’s your best piece of advice for entrepreneurs? Share it here!

Your Friend,
Madyson Greene

DropMock Blog - 7 Easy Steps to be More Confident on Video

7 Easy Steps To Be More Confident On Video!

DropMock Blog - 7 Easy Steps to be More Confident on Video

Want to know how you can be more confident on video?
Keep reading because I’m going to share with you 7 easy steps to do exactly that.


1.) Practice whenever, wherever!

You can practice your video skills using Insta-Stories, Live Steam Practice Groups or even by filming yourself and watching it afterwards. I have also found it super helpful to practice my public speaking & communication skills by reading books, poems or tongue-twisters out loud!



2.) Study Other People.

Success leaves clues! Watch TedTalks, Motivational Speakers or your favorite content creators to see how they structure their videos, how fast/slow they talk, their hand gestures, etc.



3.) Make a list of your “bad habits.”

You’ll want to make sure when you’re critiquing yourself, that you’re also telling yourself what you did right. If you tend to say “um” in a video, make sure you also tell yourself one thing that you did right in the video! By making a list of my bad habits on camera, I’ve been able to not only overcome them, but learn to watch out for them while filming.



4.) Be in a good mood!

No one wants to watch a video when you aren’t enthusiastic about the content you’re sharing! Personally, I know I’m in my best video filming mood early on in the day – so I choose to film then. Do some self-exploration to determine when it’s best for you to film videos or what things can instantly put you in the right frame of mind. For me that’s watching a motivational video or putting on my favorite music!



5.) Structure an outline before you record.

Create a bullet-point outline of what you’re going to share in your video. Have an intro, the central content and an outro. This is super helpful for longer length YouTube Videos, IGTV Videos or Live Streams!



6.) Have Patience!

Give yourself some grace and a pat on the back. Filming videos takes a lot of time, energy and confidence. If you make a mistake, remind yourself that you’re human and it’s bound to happen. Just two weeks ago I had filmed an amazing video about 20 minutes in length and accidentally deleted that video before I had a chance to post it. It was so frustrating! But, I gave myself some grace & some patience and ended up refilming the video.



7.) Always remember, you can edit it out.

Thanks to technology, you don’t have to restart the filming process if you make a silly mistake or stumble over your words. You can take a breath and restart the sentence and pick up where you left off. All you have to do is edit the mistake out and no one will even know!


Start implementing these seven tips if you want to boost your confidence on camera! The better you are on video, the higher chance your brand/business can stand out in the crowd!

Your Friend,
Madyson Greene


The WHY behind goal setting - What is your purpose?

The WHY behind writing down goals

The WHY behind goal setting - What is your purpose?


Every morning I start my day in the same exact way. I use the plainest notebook imaginable and write down what Ed Mylett calls “The Christmas List Of Your Life.”

I’m not even exaggerating about the notebook. It’s a simple, spiral-bound, black notebook that cost less than a dollar. I chose this notebook intentionally though, which I’ll explain later in this post.

Today I want to talk about the WHY behind writing down your goals & the impact it’s had on my life!



I’m going to get scientific on you for one minute. Just hear me out!

There is something powerful called “the endowment effect” which pretty much means “taking personal ownership.”
When a person takes ownership of something in their personal or professional life, maybe an idea, a relationship, an experience, a mistake – you become more committed to that said thing. We make it ours and give it a since of identity.

Now, you’re probably wondering what the endowment effect has to do with “The Christmas List Of Your Life,” right?

Good question!

That Christmas List I’m referring to, is your list of life goals. Usually 10-15 things that you want to design your life around.

As I said before, I write down my 10-15 goals every. single. morning.


Because the endowment effect shows that when you decide to take OWNERSHIP of things in your life – including GOALS – you are more committed to them. There is also something to be said here for The Law Of Attraction. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this concept, the law uses the power of mind to turn thoughts, ideas and dreams into materialistic reality! (More on that in a future blog post!)

It takes me less than ten minutes in the morning to goal set & do my gratitude journal. TEN MINUTES to get intentional about what I want my life to look like! HECK YES!



Everyone wants something in life. But not enough people are willing to put their head down and do the work that it takes to get them there. So many people fail at New Year’s Resolutions because they don’t clarify exactly what they want! Writing down who you want to become, what you want to make happen or where you want to be day in and day out motivates you to take intentional action in that direction.

Here are just a few examples that are on my list…

1.) I am a highly booked and paid personal development coach and speaker.

2.) I drive a light blue equinox.

3.) I have a book on the shelves at Barnes & Noble.

4.) I’m a foster mama.

Your 10-15 goals will of course be different from mine, but our intentions will be the same – constantly reminding ourselves of what we want and then working intentionally to make it a reality. It’s the Christmas List Of Your Life and the more time you spend pouring into those thoughts, dreams and ideas in your head – the better chance you have of LIVING IT instead of just envisioning it.

Adding goal setting to my morning routine has made a BIG impact in my life. It has improved my mindset, my work ethic, my time management & my happiness. Give it a try & watch what can happen if you’re willing to put your head down and do the work!

Your Friend,
Madyson Greene

3 Things That Make A Great Leader

Great Leaders Do This…

3 Things That Make Leaders Great


Hey friends!

I read an article this morning that stood out to me.

It reminded me of a book I’ve read called ‘How To Win Friends & Influence People’ by Dale Carnegie.


How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie book cover


We all desire to be looked up to and admired by those around us, but I’m also pretty sure we all recognize that leaders put in a lot of work behind the scenes to be the type of person that you’d want to be led by.

There are three things that stand out to me about this leadership article.

1.)  Leadership requires you to be more, do more and become more.

2.) Leaders always want to grow.

3.) They look underneath the surface to see the good in themselves & the people around them.


Motivational Leadership Quote from the DropMock app


If you want to read more for yourself, here is where you can go.

Your Friend,
Madyson Greene