Should I offer free client calls?

Should you or should you not offer introductory calls to potential clients?

These introductory calls are also commonly called discovery, strategy or sales calls.

The main point of these titled calls is to close a client.

However, some other key reasons coaches choose to offer these calls is…

1.) so the coach and potential client can determine if the relationship is fitting

2.) so the potential client can learn more about your program/offer

In the coaching industry, offering these complimentary calls is popular to do. They are usually an hour in length and held on a video conferencing platform. You decide on a date/time to have the call and you both show up.

I’ve been in this industry a couple of years and have hosted these types of calls myself and have got on them with other coaches too. From my personal experience, I’ve learned some valuable things that I want to bring to your awareness so that you can make the right decision for you and your coaching business on whether or not you should offer this type of call for your potential clients.

At this point in my online coaching business, I no longer offer these type of calls.

I found that the con’s outweighed the pro’s.

Here’s why I came to this decision…

1.) It didn’t feel right to me to get someone on this call for the main purpose of telling them the price of my offer. Many coaches won’t directly put out the investment cost of their offer on their website or mention it in captions because they don’t want ideal clients to be turned away by the cost. However, I’m noticing it also turns potential clients away to not be able to see the price of working with you when they want to see it! The main reason coaches aren’t directly advertising their pricing is because if they can wait and tell you on a call, they are in control of the conversation and will be able to close the sale with useful tactics. They’ll be able to justify their prices, showcase the value of who they are/what they do and create conversation/relationship with you for a higher chance of closing you in as a client. I don’t need to get you on an hour long video conference call just to tell you that working with me for X amount of weeks is X price and here are my X payment plans. I think that information should be known before getting on a call showing an interest in a coach/client relationship. Why not be transparent and confident about your pricing in advance so that the people who do reach out to you are individuals who are able to make that investment and already understand what your rates are going into a video call with you?

2.) I think it is a waste of valuable time for both me and the potential client. Again, why should we spend time going back and forth to set up a day/time for us to meet for a whole hour when you just want to know about my coaching offer and the pricing of it? Why not disclose that information in advance so that on introductory calls, you have seriously interested prospects talking with you and you are using the time together in a valuable way instead of in a wasteful one. Can you imagine spending a couple hours everyday on a video call with a potential, ideal client? That time would really add up! I actually know of coaches who have hired out this role for their coaching business because it is so time consuming.

3.) I don’t have to privately prove my value to a potential client. If someone really wants to work with you and someone loves what your offer/program is, they’ve probably been in your corner of the internet for awhile. They’ve gotten to know you from the content you’ve been creating and sharing online. You want to work with the individuals who are raving fans of who you are and what you do. If someone is reaching out to you about coaching, they don’t need to be sold to because they’re already sold! Usually people just want to know the price. They want to know what it would look like financially to hire you. They love you and now they want to know how to hire you. You can have a quick, valuable text message conversation and get the same result as you would on an hour long introductory call. You could send them the link to your landing/sales page where they can automatically sign up if the details on that page work for them. Boom, a sale! You didn’t even have to set up that discovery call. You don’t need to spend time trying to convince someone to hire you. Let them see for themselves why you would be the right coach for them to work with. There will be some people who “ghost you” after you tell them your pricing whether that was through a text message or a video call. I would rather have only wasted five minutes texting someone before that happens instead of an hour on a video call. (plus let’s add in 30 minutes of prep before the call and 30 minutes of review afterwards)

There are both pros and cons to offering introductory calls. I would encourage you to host or join a few so that you can get practical, personal experience with what I have been saying.

I am curious to hear your thoughts on this topic. I want to know if you do/don’t offer these calls and why you made that specific decision to do or not to do it. Share down in the comments below!

Producing Proud People,
Madyson Greene