How to connect with an ideal client/customer on Instagram

There are many ways to connect with ideal clients/customers online.

On the Instagram platform, an effective way to build connections is to utilize #hashtags.

In this blog post, I will walk you through the steps for connecting with potential clients/customers on the Instagram platform through the hashtags feature.

This lead strategy does require manual effort but it is a genuine way to meet new people who could become a paying client/customer of yours.

I would encourage you to follow this process for a few minutes (15-30) every work day.


1.) Go to search tab on Instagram. The icon looks like a magnifying glass.


2.) Click on the search bar at the top of the page. Type in a hashtag that is relevant to your ideal client/customer. Think about what hashtag they would be using on their pictures and videos. Click on one of the hashtag options that appear.


3.) Now that you’ve clicked on one of the hashtag options, you will arrive at its’ homepage. You can see that there are X number of posts/people that have used this particular hashtag. You can choose to follow or unfollow the particular hashtag. If you follow it you will get posts in your home feed from people you don’t even follow but have used that hashtag recently. I’d recommend it!

4.) Click on the recent tab on the hashtag home feed. You will see all of the posts/people that have used that hashtag recently. Most often, the accounts who have used your chosen hashtag are going to be your ideal client/customer! For example, most of the accounts who use #militarywife are going to be military spouses, my ideal client.

5.) Your final step is to now click on some of the posts that are available under this recents tab. Go ahead and like some of the pictures/videos posted, even if you don’t follow the account. Leave comments on a few of them! Go check out some of their profiles and even follow the ones you would say are your ideal client/customer.


Since you are engaging on someones content, they are going to get notified that you liked their post, left a comment or started to follow them. That person might reciprocate the engagement on your recent post(s). They might even follow you back if they like what you’re about!

Repeat this process daily. You will find new posts to engage with and new profiles to follow!

Producing Proud People,
Madyson Greene