What is a content compass?

Do you struggle with deciding what type of content you should create & share across social media?

Do you feel stuck with what topics you should write and/or talk about?

In this blog post, I am going to teach you a strategy that will hopefully help you go from confused to clear with your social media posting!

I like to call this strategy “The Content Compass.”

A compass has four points: north, south, east & west.

Your content compass is going to follow that structure and have four points to represent north, south, east & west.

This strategy is all about adding you to BYOUsiness.

You want to pick FOUR topics that are relevant to who you are personally that you can use to create connection with your ideal clients/customers.

These four topics you select, can be changed when necessary, but will help you write captions, film videos & create content easier than “winging it”  and being random, spontaneous & insecure will.

Let’s say you’re a Real Estate Agent for families looking to upgrade to a bigger home.

Your content compass might look like…

N: Your Family/Experiences

S: Your Fertility Journey

E: Your Book Obsession

W: Your Love Of Fitness

Let’s break this down.

You decide your family & your experiences together will be your North Tier. This works well because since you are a Real Estate Agent specific for families who need a bigger home, this will really connect you with your ideal client.

You decide to share about your fertility journey (as your South Tier) as a way to emotionally connect with other women in your community and again, since you want to work with clients who have families, this is a powerful connector! Plus, even as an expert & leader you are showing something personal & of vulnerability!

You decide to share about your love of books as your East Tier. You are going to show your Amazon book orders, what you pickup from the Library, the cozy reading corner you sit in at night, your favorite site to buy bookmarks from, what you learned from X book and more!

You decide to share your love of fitness as your West Tier. You are a busy Real Estate Agent, Wife & Mom. The gym is where you practice self care and where you create the energy you need to show up well in your positions. You’re going to show your community your workout routines, the supplements you take, the meals you make for your family, your physical progress (ex…)!

Do you see where having a content compass is valuable?

After you have chosen four topics relevant to who you are, your personality, your lifestyle (ex…) you can take that specific tier & break down into specifics that you can talk about in your social media marketing to build a community of people who feel like they know you, who really like you & who trust you both as a person & Real Estate Agent.

Of course, you will still have to remain consistent with creating credibility content, that is specific to what you do professionally. But the content compass takes the best of both worlds & ties it all together with a bow so that your content works for you, not against you!

Was this helpful? What questions do you have?

Producing Proud People,
Madyson Greene