Creative ways to use DropMock during COVID-19

Are you staying focused on hitting your business goals even during a time of uncertainty?

The DropMock Team is proud of you for showing up, being a leader & staying committed to your impact & income.

In this blog post, you will learn a few creative ideas for using the DropMock platform for your business during this time!

1.) We’re open

– Use a template to let your community know that you are still open for business! If you have new hours, be sure they know when you’re open & closed throughout the week.

2.) Announce the rules

– Given the uncertainty, what rules does your business temporarily have in place? Do you have limits on what customers can buy or how many people can be in the store? How far apart do people have to be? Do they have to use hand sanitizer before entering?

3.) Share factual state information

– Has your state recently published updates that your community would find important? Re-share that information in your own design, being sure to link where the updates are from so they can check out the official source for themselves, especially on such an important topic.

4.) Your team is prepared

– Take behind the scenes photos of your team keeping your business running efficiently! Are they cleaning door handles every hour? Using gloves at checkout? Cleaning the inventory? Monitoring the amount of people in the store? Give your community reassurance that you genuinely care.

5.) Have some darn fun

– Give your community a break from the uncertainty & overwhelm by having fun with them! Run a gift card giveaway or raffle off a product/service you offer! Share a funny video or cute picture that has nothing to do with the current hot topic!

Which video or image mockup idea are you going to get creative with first?

Let us know in the comments below!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene