How to build a strong customer service reputation

Do you want to build a strong customer service reputation?

In this blog post, we are sharing five helpful ways to build up credibility in this area of your business.

1.) Praise your community

– If you haven’t yet, be sure to read the book “how to win friends & influence people” by Dale Carnegie. His sixth secret of success is to remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language. We should take this advice to how we interact with the people in our online communities. Next time you make a post, tag a few friends. When you see once of your customer or clients doing something amazing, brag about them in your group! Call them out in a positive way that will put a smile on their face and the fact that YOU wanted to talk about THEM. Cheer on their success as much as you want them supporting your own.

2.) Set up automatic FB replies

– With how many notifications you’re bound to get each day as an online business owner, I would encourage you to set up an automatic message to be sent out whenever somebody contacts you through FB messenger. You can do this through you Facebook Business Page Settings. It could a note as simple as, “Got your message. I’ll respond soon!”
This shows how much you care about whoever is reaching out & identifies you as a professional.

3.) Respond to your social media comments

– Definitely engage with people who are taking the time to read & watch your content! If someone comments, “wow, I loved this video.” Your job is to create more conversation to build the know, like & trust factor. Oh & because the algorithms are big fans of consistent interaction! So reply to the comment with, “Thank you for taking the time to learn more about XYZ topic! What is your biggest takeaway?” 

4.) Answer your DM’s

– Similar to Facebook Messages, DM’s on Instagram are a pretty big deal. You have immediate access to an ideal customer or client. It’s just like a phone number! It’s personal to them & they might not talk to just anybody. If people trust you enough to reach out with a question, go ahead and give them one of your best answers! If they are replying to your stories, how awesome that they are taking the time each day to hear what you have to say or stay up to date on what you’re doing in life & business. I personally answer every DM that I receive. It’s a place where I can build genuine friendships that into the future can transition into sales & opportunities!

5.) Show up & over deliver on your commitments

– Again, people buy from brands that they know, like & trust. You build that reputation with time, care & commitment. If you said you’re going LIVE on Wednesday, hit that button! If you’re sharing 3 helpful tips, give them four! Find a healthy balance with this that you’re most comfortable with. Obviously life does happen & things come up, but your community will understand & be there for you because you’ve built the reputation when you could of showing up for them!

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Madyson Greene