Top 10 DropMock HD Video Templates You Should Use Next!

Hey Friends! The DropMock platform has an array of incredible features! There’s Image, Video, Scene, Pitch, HD, Canvas, Movezz & Vertical! You have plenty of content resources for personal or professional / commercial use!

One of my favorite DropMock tools is Kinetic HD.

I love this tool specifically because I can customize and create social media commercials for products, services or even announcements!

Here is an example video that I created with an HD video template called “music shop.”


Pretty cool, huh?! I created that mini social media commercial to promote a recent blog post I had wrote for the DropMock community. You can do the same thing!

In this blog post I want to share with you the top 10 Kinetic HD video templates that I suggest you use next:

1.) “Music Shop”

2.) “Land Owner”

3.) “Tune up”

4.) “Land Holdings”

5.) “Street Show”

6.) “Summer Adventure”

7.) “Fashion Show”

8.) “Winter Collection”

9.) “Sports Rules”

10.) “Tour Guide”

Comment down below which template you’re going to use next!

Your Friend,
Madyson Greene