DropMock Update: Buzz Video

DropMock: YouTube Buzz Video

Finally our DropMock Buzz Video debuted to YouTube last March 24, 2016. In this two minute video, we have showcased what DropMock is. First part of the video was focused on how DropMock works and the second part was dedicated on how we conceptualize and execute DropMock. This video is making raves at the moment because of its content overlay with a hip and upbeat music.  Here are some positive feedback we received to date:

Fantastic Idea and high level of commitment here by Lee Pennington and his team to share with others just what goes on behind the scenes in the IM space Lee Pennington is a committed, hardworking IM that truly demonstrates the ethical and transparent approach to his work and the products he creates. Follow him on his new blog and watch just what goes on behind the scenes during the creation of his new software DropMock.

— Jon Moorhouse

I see you’re pushing the boundaries again… This looks remarkable and I know without doubt it will be.

Behind the scenes – well there’s a tremendous amount of work like you say… and revealing every bit of it has to be a first.

— Mark Bishop

Love THIS! I think we’ve been looking forward to something like this for a while. Glad to see you’ve come this far mate!

—  Neil Napier of KV Social

We are definitely honored by these positive comments and we are extremely happy that we were able to share to you our hard work whilst working on this project. Happy watching….!