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At the beginning of the year, the DropMock Team decided to launch a company podcast as a new way to inspire & equip you with the inspiration & tools you need to create a life & business you love.

The podcast is an incredible asset for ambitious entrepreneurs. It’s important to consume the content that sets you up for success & our hope is that if you are working towards making more income & impact with your business, that this will be a show you listen to for guidance on how to make that happen.

We record & publish a new podcast episode or interview every week. The latest content is published on Friday’s!

You can find the DropMock Podcast on SoundCloud, iTunes or Spotify.

Listed below are the current available podcast interviews that you can listen to.

We’ve interviewed both men & women from many different industry’s & will continue to bring incredible people onto the show to help you grow as an ambitious entrepreneur.

Interview One: Chris Reynolds

– Chris is on a mission to help entrepreneurs and high-performers take their brain power, performance and productivity to the next level. He is the host of The Business Method Podcast, where he interviews high level entrepreneurs & high caliber people to help you scale your business rapidly.

In his interview, we talked about the four-hour work week, getting started with no other options, giving back, being productive & setting yourself up for success in 2020!

Listen to his interview here.

Interview Two: Anna Rova

– Anna Rova is a feminine embodiment coach & is on a mission to redefine what female success really is. Lately, Anna has been transitioning her coaching to help women give themselves permission to find fulfillment in their love & family life, not just in a masculine career.

In her interview we chat about how Anna became a coach coming from a marketing background, what’s really holding women back from finding true fulfillment these days, how men & women are different in life & the workplace & so much more!

Listen to her interview here.

Interview Three: Holly Gillen

– The episode to listen to if you want to level-up our businesses with the power of video!

Holly is known as the “go-to video gal” & teaches video development to high performing leading ladies who want to save time on both sides of the camera. She started working professionally in video in 2008 & has worked on projects for the SunDance Channel, HBO, Sony Music &

In her interview, Holly chats with us about the power of a strategy, what big video mistake we need to avoid, IGTV vs YouTube and what’s popular for video in 2020!

Listen to her interview here.

Interview Four: Parker Stevenson

– Parker is a managing partner at Evolved Finance, a bookkeeping & business education company that is dedicated to helping online entrepreneurs create profitable & healthy businesses.

Before joining Evolved Finance, Parker worked for Adidas, a US product manager, for a 50 million a year footwear category. Founded in 2010, Evolved Finance began as a small, boutique bookkeeping firm & is now the go-to financial team for some of the most successful online businesses in the industry.

If you want to show up better for your business’s financial health, listen to this conversation with Parker. We chat about the difference between bookkeeping & accounting, what a profit & loss statement is, how can we better prepare for tax season & more.

Listen to his interview here.

Interview Five: Jamar Diggs

– Jamar Diggs is the Founder and CEO of J Diggs Media, a social media consulting agency for coaches, consultants, and experts looking to turn their social media followers into paying clients. Through his strategy sessions and workshops, he’s inspiring clients to raise their business standards and work only with people who charge their batteries. People choose Jamar when they are tired of the hustle and are ready to build a magnetic social media strategy to get leads on autopilot.

We chat about why it’s important to have a social media strategy, what mistake he keeps seeing business owners making with their social content, why video is a valuable asset to growing your brand, how we can avoid being to “salesy” & so much more!

Listen to his interview here.

Interview Six: Bri Seeley

– Bri Seeley helps entrepreneurs build tailor made businesses to monetize their genius. She helps you transform into the entrepreneur you dream of becoming and truly grow your business.

Bri has trained close to 5000 people around the world, wrote a best selling book called Permission to Leap & hosts a podcast called Success Diaries.

She has been featured on the Today Show, Forbes, NBC, INC & Success magazine & more!

In her interview we chat about why so many entrepreneurs fail, what mistakes newbies make, why strategy & authenticity are vitally important to your success & what she’s learned on her journey of fashion designer to top ranked entrepreneur coach on Google.

Listen to her interview here.

Interview Seven: Jessica Thiefels

– Jessica believes in the power of organic content marketing. Her company is on a mission to help entrepreneurs create content that is tailored to their audience & educates potential customers, drives traffic to their site & positions them as an authority in their space.

If you want to know what organic content marketing even is, how you can improve your website traffic, how you can reduce marketing stress, if collecting leads is valuable to online success – don’t miss this conversation.

Listen to her interview here.

Interview Eight: Mike Goncalves

– Mike G is on a mission to make a global impact on the way small businesses & start-ups operate, grow & succeed.

His unique approach & high energy coaching helps build individual competencies that cultivates a purposeful, passion driven spirit within every person at an organization, helping them see their role in the company in entirely new ways.

This episode is such a powerful conversation about changing company culture & developing yourself as a leader!

Listen to his interview here.

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