What are features & benefits?

Have you heard the following sales advice before?

“Highlight the features & benefits of your product/service!”

This can be helpful business advice if we know how to tangibly apply it & truly understand what it means to highlight these two assets of our individual offers.

In this blog post, we are going to break down the differences between features & benefits and give you practical examples of how to actually apply both assets for marketing your offers.

I’ve heard Dan Lok say, “A feature is what your offer does. A benefit is what your offer does for me.”

Said another way: Features tell customers what. Benefits tell customers why.

Feature: Here is what you get from my offer.

Benefit: Here is why it matters that you get that.

People pay to get their problems solved. They will buy products or book services to get a better result than they currently have, personally or professionally.

We need to show our ideal clients/customers why our offer is what their hard earned money should go to because of the value that our product/service will provide for them.

Consider this…

Features = Facts

Benefits = Feelings

Let’s show a tangible example.

Say you are selling a pillow. A unique, special feature of your pillow is it changes temperature.

Changing temperature is a feature. It is a fact about your product that it can change temperature.

Changing temperature is something our product does. Now, we need to be able to explain why a pillow that can change temperature is beneficial for our ideal client/customer.

They know what our pillow can do but why does it matter and why should they care?

We can change a feature into a benefit by asking the question: “SO WHAT?”

Our pillow can change temperature. (Feature)

So what?

You can sleep comfortably. (Benefit)

Let’s use another example.

You sell video coaching.

You coach your students online. (Feature)

So what?

You can become confident on camera from the comfort of your home/office. (2 Benefits)


Using the information from this blog post, consider how you are going to highlight both the features & benefits of your offer to increase your sales!

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Producing Proud People,
Madyson Greene