Five Live-Stream Content Ideas

Are you running out of creative content ideas for your Facebook or Instagram LIVE videos?

In this blog post, we are giving you five fresh topic ideas for your next live stream.

Time to get out of that creative rut!

Content Idea One: Promote your product or service with a client testimonial or special guest

– If you want to change up how you promote, share a client review or even better, bring on a past client or customer who can talk all about your product or service and the experience they had with your business!

Content Idea Two: Recommend books or podcasts that your audience should check out

– Take a few minutes and share with your audience what you’ve been reading or listening to! This is a personal way to build connection! Even better, you can tie in that they should buy your book or listen to your podcast!

Content Idea Three: Share a valuable life building lesson

– What has life or business been teaching you lately? Do you remember a lesson from your childhood that could inspire your audience? Build that know, like & trust factor by sharing something that’s special to the man or woman that you’ve become!

Content Idea Four: Tell them your best tips on a specific topic

– What topic do you know quite a bit about? What topic have you recently learned something on? Share about it with your community! How can you relate it back to your brand or business?

Content Idea Five: Show a trial or tutorial

– Can you show your audience how to use one of your products or how to book one of your services? It’s been shown that people are more likely to buy a product if it’s recommended by a friend or if they’ve seen a video all about it! Show off, it’s powerful!

Feeling inspired again?

Now quiet on the set because you’re going live!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene