Frontend & Backend Business Operations

Frontend & Backend – have you heard of these trendy business terms before?

These words describe two groups of business operations that matter for the overall success of a brand.

Frontend refers to the business activities in direct involvement with your people.

Backend refers to the business activities that take place behind the scenes, away from the people.

A company might even hire new team members for one area of business operations, either a frontend or backend employee.

For example, at DropMock I would be considered a Frontend team member.
One of our lead programmers, Karim, would be considered a Backend team member.

Let’s breakdown what group specific business tasks would match with.

Blog Content: Frontend
Website Design: Backend

Teaching on a webinar/livestream: Frontend
Setting up the webinar/livestream: Backend

Posting on Social Media: Frontend
Taking the photos: Backend

Selling a program: Frontend
Creating the program: Backend

Promoting a freebie: Frontend
Making the landing page: Backend

Does that help break down the differences between the two types of operations?

You can see how they work together for the success of your brand!

Your personality & skillset probably has you lean towards a favorite set of activities you enjoy more and/or are better at doing. For example, I love working on the Frontend of business. Can I do Backend activities? Definitely. In my coaching business currently, I’m doing it all solo! I’m doing things like Live Coaching Sessions on the Frontend & then writing & sending emails to my list on the Backend.

Once your business has reached a specific point, most business owners will hire out the tasks on the front or backend that they would prefer not to continue doing themselves any longer. This is usually beneficial because then you are more free to focus your attention on the tasks you are best for!

Do you prefer Frontend or Backend business tasks? Do you have a favorite task for each group?

Let me know in the comments below!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene