How do I get more clients or customers?

Are you disappointed with your stagnant business results?

Do you want to increase your impact & income?

Create more demand for your products or services?

Have consistent clients or customers begging you to take their money?

In this blog post, we will be sharing valuable advice that when you apply, could sincerely help you go from stagnant to successful in your business.

Here’s how you can increase the amount of clients you work with or customers who buy from you.

1.) Pitch your offer AGAIN

– Do not worry if you’re posting about what you offer “to much” or that you’re being a “bother.”

People have such a short attention span, even though you posted about your offer 24 hours ago – they’ve already forgot!

People see so much content each day, there’s a chance they scrolled on by yours & didn’t even see you posted about an offer yesterday!

Current marketing statistics estimate it takes seeing your offer an average of 16 times before an ideal customer or client will make the final decision to buy.

Want more clients or customers? Make more valuable offers.

2.) Apply your childhood advice

– Were you ever out on the playground as a child when your Mother would say, “Go play now, go make a new friend?”

When did we stop taking this practical life advice? A huge component of business is building relationships!

We should make it a daily responsibility to connect with someone brand new. Could they become a potential customer or client? Totally. They could also present a valuable opportunity for you one day! Or simply become a genuine, supportive friend. Regardless of the outcome, we should take this childhood advice & go out of our way to connect with someone new.

You don’t need to go to a traditional networking event to make this happen. There are millions of people on Facebook. There are so many people you are mutual friends with! You can even message one of your current friends & ask them who they know that you should be connected with. We are walking & utilizing gold every day & sometimes we take that for granted or easily overlook the opportunity because of how “common” it’s become.

Make a new friend today.

3.) Shift your focus

– Too often, we focus on our desired outcome instead of the required process. We want the results without the work. Right now, you’re so focused on the outcome of getting more clients & customers, that you’re taking focus & energy away from the process that will actually create that result.

You’re also probably thinking of the customers & clients you don’t have, instead of the few that you do have or have had in the past. You’re giving off desperate vibes! People can absolutely feel that!

You need to move from desperation to consideration. Take the focus off of the clients or customers you think you need & switch to a focus on the potential customers or clients that you can genuinely serve & better their lives because of who you are & what you do. You should feel so confident in what you offer, that you feel obligated to let more people know about it & a pressure to get it in their hands!

4.) Create consistent content

– Do people know that you even exist?!

Make sure you are showing up as an industry expert on social media. Create valuable, informational posts, make sure you are going LIVE & filming videos for various platforms & are pitching yourself over & over again!

You can’t make mundane posts twice a week & expect people to come knocking at your door.

You need to convince them, through you content, why your door is the one they want to be knocking on!

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Your friend,
Madyson Greene