Get people to watch your videos by doing this…

1.) Use clear & compelling titles & captions

– Convince your ideal customer or client that your video is worth watching because they will get (X, Y, Z) from the content. In your TITLE – tell a potential viewer what content you will be covering & make it sound enticing!

Let’s say you’re in real estate. A video title for a LIVE stream or YouTube video could be…

– Where the real estate market is going in 2020

– I sold X number of homes this year. Here’s how…

– Do you want to move to a new home?

Then in your caption…

– Prepare for the highs & lows of the industry this year

– If you want to increase the number of clients you deliver results for, try what I’ve done

– Is it time for your family to down size or upgrade? Find out now.

2.) Choose thumbnails that you would click on

– It’s always valuable to put yourself in your client or customers shoes to get a different perspective. If you were searching on YouTube for a specific topic & came across the thumbnail that you’ve designed – would you feel compelled to actually watch the content? Does the thumbnail POP on the search page with all the other results?

And a bonus question, does your thumbnail relate to your branding message? Is your biz logo on it? Do the colors & fonts match the vibes that you’re going for & the environment you’re trying to create for your clients/customers?

3.) Get to the point

– You’ve probably heard this before, people have the attention span of a goldfish. We have places to be & things to do! When people are on social media scrolling or looking up information on YouTube and come across your video, are they going to be bored within seconds of your content? Or are you starting it off with something powerful & engaging? Don’t drag on your intro & greeting (something I need to work on!), instead get to the actual content. That’s what they want!

4.) Be intentional about the quality

– The visual & audio quality of your video can honestly make or break the viewship of your content. It’s one thing to make do with what you have when you’re first trying things out, but once you’re committed & want to grow – it’s time you have a professional setup. Fixing your video quality could honestly be as simple as adjusting the lighting or moving to another room in your house, stopping the dryer in the background or putting the kids down for a nap! Make little adjustments here and there and watch the professionalism increase!

5.) Mix it up

– Let’s say you’ve been doing LIVE streams or YouTube videos for awhile now. Maybe it’s time to give your audience something different! What new content could you create? Ask them what they would like to see next! Could you change up the location of where you usually film? Maybe design a new office background or switch rooms in the house. Switch from desktop to mobile! Do you tend to wear the same thing? Try a new outfit! Bring on a guest. Give your community something different to consume!

What kind of video are you going to film for your business today? Which tip are you going to focus on applying?
Let me know in the comments below.

Go create a life & business that you love.

Your friend,
Madyson Greene