How to have a great call with an ideal client

Are you a service based business owner who is ready to take on an increase in clientele?

Do you want to talk with potential, ideal clients on a discovery/introductory call before making the coach/client relationship official?

In this blog post, I will be sharing several helpful suggestions on how to make that a great call for both of you.

Not every service-based business offers complimentary, initial consult calls.

If this is something you prefer and have chosen to offer as the first step in working with a potential client, I would encourage you to consider the following things.

1.) Don’t focus on the $ale

– Keep the attention on the individual who has noticed how valuable you are and is interested in exchanging their hard earned money for your education & experience. This is about them, not about you. You want to go into the call okay if they decide to work with you but also okay if they decide not to work with you. You’re neutral either way! Instead of putting your focus on profiting from this individual, reframe your thinking to how can I impact this person, even through a short consult call.

2.) Use their first name

– If you haven’t, read how to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie. He says, “A person’s name is to that person, the sweetest, most important sound in any language.” When possible, use the individuals name with expression! It will connect the two of you and make them feel more comfortable and reassured when talking to you about something important like growing their business, selling their home, becoming confident on camera (ex…)

3.) Highlight previous conversation(s)

– Tie your past correspondence with the present conversation y’all are having. What has he/she shared with you before? Where did he/she say they live? What did he/say say they like/dislike about X? What is he/she looking for in a coach? Take what they have already told you and use it to start & build this new conversation. It will also show the potential client that you care about the things you tell them, even the small details. Casually bring what has already been said to what is being said now and connect the conversations. It will show you payed attention then and are paying attention now.

4.) Identify how your product/service will help them

– Overall, this should be a key intention of your discovery calls. You are mutually trying to determine if you would be a good fit in an official coach/client relationship. You are interviewing the client. The client is interviewing you for the role as his/her coach. You are asking questions to determine if your offer, your particular product/service, is or isn’t the best fit for the individual on the call. If it isn’t what they need to get their desired results, hopefully you will show integrity & instead of suggesting buying your product that isn’t going to successfully help them, let them know there is someone better or a better offer out there in the marketplace that would be a better fit for their current needs.

5.) Don’t force an immediate decision

– If the individual wants to take until the end of the week to determine their final answer on if they want to invest into you & your service, respect that! They are going to be giving over their hard earned money! I would want them to make a decision they feel good about and I want them to have confidence that my offer and who I am is what they are looking for and can actually help them. I really think if someone wants to buy from you, 24-48 hours later isn’t going to change their mind. They can sleep on it and see how they feel in the morning without the pressure of being on camera with you, they can talk about the decision with an important person in their life, they can review what they are looking for, confirm they are financially able to make it happen (ex…). Respect that they might want space to consider their options and even look at other coaches/offers besides you/yours! Going back to what was mentioned in the first suggestion, you are neutral about whether they choose you or somebody else. So why not give them a couple days to contact you again?


What do you think of discovery calls with potential clients? Are you a fan? Why or why not?

What would you add to this list? Do you wish something different had been done on a discovery call you were personally on?

Producing Proud People,
Madyson Greene