How to help your clients better

Do you want to improve the services you offer?

Do you want to help your clients better?

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through a beneficial exercise that will help you get better connected with your ideal client & what his/her needs are.

The best question you can be asking yourself is: What is my ideal client GOOGLING?

What is my ideal client worried about at night?

What are they having late night conversations about?

What are they trying to figure out?

Let’s practically apply this.

Take out a notebook and open to a fresh sheet of paper.

I attended an online event recently and they had us do this same exercise!

It was the first time I ever thought curiously & wrote intentionally about what my ideal coaching client is probably searching up on Google.

At the top of  your paper write the golden question: What is he/she Googling?

Turn on a three minute positive song or a three minute timer and write out potential answers until the music ends or alarm goes off. You might pause here and there but the goal is to keep writing without hesitation!

Let’s say you’re a Real Estate Agent.

What would a potential client be searching on Google that you could be creating social media content about? That you could be filming a video on? That you could make a freebie focused on? That you could make into a sellable offer?

I think of these potential Google searches…

– How do I know when to sell my house?
– How do I stage my house for an open house?
– Homes in the X market for sale
– Is having a Real Estate Agent a good idea?

The photo below is the first page of what I wrote during the virtual event I attended answering the question of what my ideal coaching client is probably spending her time Googling. These are some of the things she is up at night thinking about or having late night conversations with her partner about!

Can you see how listing out the questions your ideal client probably has can help you get creative in regards to what content your business can be creating to attract & serve him/her better?

The first question I wrote down was: how do I accomplish my goal(s)?

My next question needs to be: what content can I create on the topic of “how to accomplish my goal(s)?”

This exercise is how you can improve the services you offer, the content you create and how you can help your clients better!

Producing Proud People,
Madyson Greene