How to be more productive: PQO

Do you want to stop procrastinating and get more done?

Do you want to fill your time with valuable tasks that deliver results?

In this blog post, I am going to teach out about PQO and how you can apply it to both your personal and professional life to increase productivity!

P.Q.O stands for prolific quality output. It has to do with productivity and how you can use this technique to get more done & get results.

Think of a goal you have personally or professionally. In order to achieve that goal, you have to focus on the fundamental, basic things that help you to achieve it. That help to make you great in that specific area and reach fulfillment by hitting your goal.

PQO is doing the basic, moving needle things in life or business on the daily that over a sustained period of time, deliver you results or greatness in a specific, desired area.

There’s a quote that says, “if you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” The world’s highest performers, the most successful people in life or business, know where they are heading. They have a direction for their life and intentionally know what their goals are.

PQO is focusing on the most productive outputs, the most productive and intentional actions you can take each day that get you closer to your goal. It’s not about overnight success, it’s about sustained success. PQO helps us to find out who wants it bad enough. Who is willing to do the basic, mundane, almost boring work every day to get a desired result over time?

Think of the American basketball player Michael Jordan. He did not become a professional overnight. He obviously first had to go outside to a basketball court and learn to shoot hoops from the right side of the court, the left, close up and far back.

Even to this day as a professional, I’m sure he still goes to the court and practices shooting hopes. Why? Because that’s a needle-mover in his career. That is and was a fundamental action that was non-negotiable if he wanted to achieve the goal of becoming a successful basketball player.

My question for you today is what action should you be performing every single day to drive results in your life or business? What productive action should be a non-negotiable for you to be performing?

Your friend,
Madyson Greene