How to be your own videographer

Most talented videographers can make thousand of dollars off of one video project.

Videography is a booming business in 2019. That really is no surprise considering how many brands and businesses are trying to build their online presence and create engaging content for their audiences.

However, when you’re in the beginning stages of building a business and becoming an entrepreneur – there usually isn’t much money to cover the cost of hiring a videographer!

Luckily, if you’re not afraid of a little hard work – you can totally make your own engaging, creative videos for social media.

In this blog post, I’m going to share with you a step-by-step process that I created for being your own videographer! I’m currently working on a video project for my personal brand. I’m playing videographer and creating a motivational marketing video.

If you have a dream or a goal for your business, here’s a little pep talk from me to you: where there is a will, there’s a way! If you really want to make something happen, you’re going to figure out how to do it even if the odds are stacked against you.

That’s why I decided to be my own videographer and put together my own content.

Here’s step-by-step what I’m doing & what you can begin doing too! Once the project is completely finished, I’ll definitely share it with you!

1.) Vision Board It
– Strategize and imagine what the end project would look like. Try your hardest to take the idea that’s in your head and put it on paper or a bulletin board of pictures and words. This is your story board for the video!

2.) Clip It Into Three
– Whatever the video project consists of, you need to break it down into smaller chunks to work with. This keeps things structured and organized. Start by thinking of what content or clips you’ll have in the intro, the center and the outro.

3.) Script It
– Once you’ve divided your project into three pieces, you need to write a general script. This can really help your idea come to life when the audio/voiceover script is ready to go! You can always go back and make changes but this is a good time to speak life into your vision & get the wheels turning.

4.) Film It
– This is the hardest part of the entire process. You have to go play videographer! My best advice is to get a daily clip. This daily clip is ten seconds that you are going to add to the final video project. If you want to create one marketing video like this each month, if you’re getting one clip a day, by the end of the month you’ll have almost 30 different clips you can use to put the project together! Based on what you’re vision board & script is will tell you what clips you should be gathering each day.

For example, by motivational video has clips of me working hard, enjoying life, running errands, working with clients (ex…) so each day I know I need to gather a ten second clip that has to do with one of those things!

I’ve been using my IPHONE for all of my video clips. Feel free to use whatever equipment is right for you! One of the reasons videographers are so popular is because of how incredible crisp, clean and clear their video content appears on camera. So be sure to have good lighting & even audio quality!

5.) Go get it
– As the end of the month or your project deadline approaches, you’ll need to begin editing & putting all the pieces together! IMOVIE is a great video editing software for beginners & I’ll be honest with you, YouTube has so many great tutorials about using IMOVIE and adding special affects and features to make your project look more professional! This step is all trial & error. If you get frustrated while editing, take a break, review your vision board from the beginning of why you started working on this project in the first place and then go back and get at it again.

I hope this blog post provides helpful information and even inspiration to help you continue to build a brand or business that you love.

Your friend,
Madyson Greene