Instagram just got easier for business owners

I totally get it, there are lots of social media platforms competing for your time, energy & attention.

Instagram is super popular among online business owners for its creative content, personable connection & selling potential.

I’ve been a huge advocate for this platform because I’ve seen tremendous brand awareness growth & paying client relationships as a result of consistent dedication to using Instagram.

There have been a couple of new updates & features added to the platform lately.

If you haven’t had a chance to see them for yourself, keep reading this blog post & we’ll let you know what they are.

Update #1: Viewing & Replying to DM’s via your DESKTOP

– As a busy business owner, this is surely a new feature to get excited about! Connecting with your community just got so much easier. Instagram has a new update that allows users to view & reply to direct messages on their desktop. If you prefer to keep your phone away from your work space during creative hours, but still want to reply to potential customers or clients quickly, being able to pull up the Instagram website & answer messages on the laptop keyboard is a huge advantage!

All you have to do is go to your Instagram homepage, click on the paper airplane appearing icon in the top right corner…

& volia…your inbox of messages will appear & you’re able to start replying to your community!

Update #2: Watch LIVE streams on your desktop

– Did you know in the past month, Instagram Live has seen a 70% increase in use? During a time of uncertainty, people are utilizing creative outlets like the power of live streaming to stay connected! Now you have the ability to multitask while listening in on livestreams! Emails get done & you get to learn from your favorite guru! You can both watch & comment on livestreams from your desktop.

If you thought that was good, your content creation just got easier too!

There is now a new button that lets you share a LIVE stream as a recording to IGTV.

You can keep that valuable LIVE stream content on your Instagram feed for your community to refer back to, just like how you can share a replay on your FB business page! This is HUGE and I know I’ve been waiting for this. It’s going to save so much time!

Update #3: New Instagram Story Texts

– I use Instagram Stories pretty much daily to connect with my community & sell my services. Recently, new text styles & design graphics have been added. I love this new update because there are many new fonts to choose from that match my branding style much better than what was previously available to use!

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Your friend,
Madyson Greene