How to use the new LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn recently released a new feature to its professional oriented platform: LinkedIn Stories

This feature is following in the footsteps of other social media platforms such as SnapChat, Facebook & most notably, Instagram.

Stories allow users to share “in the moment,” temporary content with their audience.

As with the other platforms mentioned, LinkedIn Stories will also last for 24 hours on your personal story before disappearing.

I have always loved the story feature on platforms because it allows you to connect with your community in a more approachable, down-to-earth, personable way.

Since LinkedIn is a professional oriented platform with users who are extremely career minded, I believe the new LinkedIn stories will…

1.) Allow professionals to be personable

– Even career minded, ambitious individuals have a behind the scenes life outside of work. With LinkedIn Stories, these individuals will be able to share who they are & what they do personally outside of who they are & what they do professionally.

2.) Allow employers to identity if someone would fit their company culture

– I definitely think that LinkedIn stories will help with hiring! You’ll be able to connect with someone’s personality, attitude, experiences, body language, opinions & values much more effectively through personable story content.

3.) Allow creators to share content easier

– Story content is a quick and effective way to share valuable, engaging content with your community. Not much editing, if at all, has to be done to share a story.


The image below is a mobile view of the new LinkedIn Stories.

Everyone you follow/are connected with on the platform who has posted story content will have the colorful blue ring around their profile picture. You can add to your story by clicking on the plus sign on your profile photo.

What benefits do you think will come from the new LinkedIn Stories feature?

Your friend,
Madyson Greene