How to make your business stand out in a saturated industry

If you’re reading this blog post than you want to be the needle in a haystack. You want to be the ruby slipper. The icing on the cake. The business everyone wants to find & be connected with because it’s unique, it’s the best of the best and it provides real, tangible results as a product or service!

I want to share with you three pieces of advice on how we can make our businesses stand out in saturated industries. Because it’s true, there are toonnnsss of photographers, real estate agents, graphic designers, coaches (ex…) but YOU are the determining, bright & shiny factor that can take your business to the next level, regardless of what industry you’re in. No one sells homes like you do. No one can motivate people like you can. No one can take pictures like you can. No one designs just like you. Use it to your advantage!

How you can stand out in a saturated industry…

1.) Care about your community.

  • No matter if your community is less than 100 people or 10,000 people – you need to over deliver on value. Exceed their expectations of what a business will do for them! I heard a great point the other day about how if you can’t manage $5,000 well what makes you think you can manage $50,000 even better? Same idea with our community. If we can’t serve & impress the 100 people we have, how would having 10,000 solve that problem? Show genuine care for the people in your community. Teach them, love them, give to them & impress them by being the best in customer service & genuine connection.

2.) Be a real human.

  • Yes, it’s important that you make it very clear that you are the expert in your industry. You want your people to trust you as the go-to authority figure that they should 100% go to in your line of work. However, we also need to build a know, like & trust factor on who you are behind-the-scenes. Aside from your professional life, who are you? Do you have a family? Do you love working out? Is dance your thing? Do you have pets? Use these personal things to build a bond with your community. Let them see who you are outside of work! Be real with them.

3.) Do what your competition isn’t doing

  • Most people will tell you to look at the successful and imitate what they’re doing because success leaves clues. I do agree! BUT, look at someone who’s around the exact same level in your industry. How can you stay ahead of them? Because the people are are running at the same pace as you, they are your competition. What content are they not putting out? What are they missing in their sales strategy? What books aren’t they reading? What topics aren’t they teaching on? Who aren’t they talking to? Fill in the holes of what they aren’t doing in their business & make sure you get it done & do it well before they have a chance to!

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Your friend,
Madyson Greene