How to make a Facebook Featured Photo

Do you want to utilize your personal Facebook profile for increased brand awareness & lead generation?

Most business owners create & promote only on their Facebook business page, neglecting to realize that their personal profile can be an asset for their brand!

There are clever ways you can begin transitioning your personal profile on Facebook to speak well of who you are & what you do as a professional, without turning your timeline into a daily selling spree.

In this blog post, I want to walk you through the steps to creating a Facebook Featured Photo.

This is a great way to begin utilizing your personal profile to support your business goals.

1.) The Featured Photo

2.) Choose your goal

– What would you like your featured photo to promote about who you are & what you do? Most non-business owners simply choose pictures of their friends & family to feature, big moments in their life. You want to think strategically about a business goal you have & how you could get people to know about it simply from viewing your timeline.

Here are a couple ideas…

– A product or service coming soon/available now
– A Facebook Group
– A Blog
– A Freebie
– A Podcast
– An Event

3.) Go to CANVA

4.)¬†Create a graphic of 1080×1080

5.) Design your graphic to match your goal

6.) Go to your personal profile on Facebook

– Scroll down to the left bar tab that typically displays your personal information.

7.) If you don’t have any featured photos currently chosen, then you should see a button “add to featured” underneath the “edit details” button.

If you do have featured photos already selected, then you will click on “edit featured” to change out the images.

8.) Upload your designed graphic


9.) Once uploaded, confirm that you have the “featured items are public” option on at the bottom of the tab. Then click save!

10.) Preview your featured photo from your personal timeline.

Isn’t this a clever way to make your personal profile more useful?

What goal will your featured photo help to support? Let me know in the comments below!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene