How to make an Instagram Reel

Instagram reels are short fifteen (15) – thirty (30) second videos.

Think of reels as Instagram’s version of TikTok content.

This is the latest video feature available on the Instagram platform. As a result, profiles that are producing reels will be pushed out by the algorithm which will result in great organic growth for your content/account.

In this blog post, I’ll walk you through the steps to creating & sharing your first Instagram reel.


1.) Open up Instagram. Click on your story in the top left hand corner. 

2.) Now the story feature is open. Look to the bottom of the screen where various feature options are at. Swap to the REELS tab.

3.) Now you have the reels feature open and you can begin creating.

Do you see those six icons on the left side of the screen? Here is a breakdown of what each of them are for…

From top to bottom…
1.) Switch from a 15 second or 30 second video length. You have to set this before you begin filming!
2.) You can choose a song to add to your video content from the IG audio library.
3.) You can speed your video up or slow it down.
4.) You can add a filter/background to your video.
5.) You can touch up you/your video. (I’ve never actually used this button.)
6.) You can set a 3 second or 10 second timer that will count down before starting to record your video.

4.) After you have filmed your video (or chosen a video from your camera roll) you’ll continue to the next page. Here you will get your finished video content ready to be published to your profile.

First, choose a cover for your video. This is what people will see on your profile. You can upload a cover from your camera roll or choose a frame from your video.

Second, write out your caption. Explain what the video is about. Add hashtags here too. What’s nice is that on TikTok you have very limited caption writing space. What I love about reels is I can write paragraphs if I want to!

Third, I would encourage you to turn on the “share to feed” button. This will put it on display on your profile.

Once you have completed these above steps, you can click on the SHARE button at the bottom of the page to put it out into the world.

You could also save the content as a draft if you want to post it later on. (or let’s say you didn’t quite finish the above steps, you could draft it to finish it later)

5.) The photo below are the reels that I have created on my personal Instagram. You can see that some of the videos have got thousands of views! I’ve noticed that when the lighting is real good, my video gets pushed out to more people.


I hope this was helpful!

Let me know what questions you may have in the comments below.

I could also do a LIVE webinar training on this if you’d like.

Producing Proud People,
Madyson Greene