How to make a professional Gmail signature

Are you working towards making your brand or business an extra level of credible, professional and personable?

Earlier this week while I was corresponding with an upcoming DropMock podcast special guest, I realized the end of her emails ended with a professional headshot & links to her website and social media profiles.

It looked amazing so I decided to create my own Gmail email signature as well!

In this blog post, I am going to show you the simple steps for how I did it. If this has been on your mind to do for awhile, take fast action because it’s pretty easy to set up but truly looks fantastic!

Step 1: Open up your Gmail inbox

Step 2: Look in the top righthand corner for the gear icon

Step 3: Click on settings

Step 4: Stay in the general tab & scroll down close to the end of the page

Step 5: Find the area that says “signature”

Step 6: Make sure you’ve selected “signature” instead of the “no signature” option

Step 7: Use the center text box to create a unique, professional signature

Step 8: You can add a headshot, text and even clickable links

Step 9: Scroll to the bottom of the same page and click on “save changes”

Step 10: Compose a new email to test what your signature looks like

Here are a few helpful tips that I would like to mention…

1.) Make your signature photograph consistent with your brand! Whatever photo you use on social media would be a best option for this!

2.) Don’t include more than two clickable links. These links will turn bright blue & it won’t look as professional the more you have in your signature.

3.) I wouldn’t advise putting all of your social media links in the signature. An example of this would be,,, Choose only one or two that you want to focus on! There’s just not enough space for every single link! I chose to include my website my Instagram username.

I hope this blog post is super helpful & that you’re able to create a unique signature that fits your brand or business!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene