How to make your videos more interesting

As online business owners, we should want to continue to improve the content we create & share with the world.

Having both entertaining & educational video content is vitally important to your business’ success in the current media culture.

In this blog post, you’ll find four tips you can begin implementing to make your video content more interesting for your viewers.

1.) Add Intro Film

– This is specific for your YouTube & IGTV type of content that requires editing in advance. You could create a thirty second intro to highlight who you are & what you do and add it to the beginning of your video content during editing. Intro film will build the anticipation, increase your brand awareness & highlight your expertise. Another name this goes by is “B-Roll” & that’s when you take engaging footage from the exact upcoming video your viewer is there to watch and use it as the starting footage.

2.) Use Props

– You want your viewers eyes to be on you & the educational or entertainment value you are providing. People can quickly get distracted or move on to consume somebody else’s content if yours doesn’t give them a strong incentive to stay. Props can be a powerful tool for peaking your viewers curiosity. If you’re teaching something, you could pull out a white or chalkboard, show powerpoint slides or hold up index cards. If you’re entertaining your viewers, you could tell a story from the specific location it happened at or you could hold up props that help to tell the story in a meaningful way. Your hands can even be good props for either style of video! Keep the movement and emphasize your points using strong motions!

3.) Change The Style

– If you are producing consistent video content & are still seeing a decline in views, it could be because your audience is looking for a strong change! If you usually produce LIVE videos, change it up and film content in advance and then upload it to your platform of choice. If you usually produce YouTube videos, go LIVE on Facebook instead. If you traditionally use your laptop for LIVE streams, try using a mobile style! Film IGTV vertical content on your phone. Start showing short previews of longer YouTube content as an incentive for them to go and watch it on your channel. Are you usually sitting in your videos? Stand up & walk around! Do you tend to be inside while filming? Try creating your content outside!

4.) Create Client/Customer Content

– You need to ask yourself if the educational or entertaining content you are producing is going to be best for your ideal customer or client. Sometimes we make the mistake of creating the video content we want, when it needs to be about the people who are in your community & what they are coming to you for. You are here to be of best service to them! You might not be getting people to watch your videos because it’s not what they need right now. This is why niching down is talked about as a great asset to building your brand because when you have created a brand avatar & people who fit that description start following & engaging with you, you can create content specific for them and know that it’s helpful & fun and that they love who you are & what you do.

What do you think is missing from your video content?

I hope this post inspires you to make the small but impactful adjustments to your video content!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene